1952        Schaumburg Township residents petition to withdraw their four school districts (51, 52, 54 and 55) from Hanover Township District 250.  They organize into Community Consolidated School District 54 and agree to be a part of High School District 211 of Palatine.

July 12, 1952         A special election is held and a seven-man Board of Education is elected to run the new district.

September 1952    Classes commence.
First- and second-graders attend old Schaumburg Center School at Schaumburg and Roselle roads.
Third- and fourth-graders attend Sunderlage School on Higgins Road.
Fifth- through seventh-graders use an Elk Grove School District facility on a tuition basis.
Eighth-graders attend a Palatine District 15 school on a tuition basis.

Dec. 20, 1952        A special election gives the Board of Education approval to purchase and construct a school site for District 54.

1953    On June 18, the Board of Education approves hiring an administrator of the new school (a teacher/principal) for the 1953-54 school year.

1954    Schaumburg School (now the Program Services Center on Schaumburg Road) opens Jan. 10, 1954, to children in first through eighth grades. Three teachers teach 87 students.

1955    By September 1955, 327 students are ready for fall classes.

1956    F. & S. Construction builds Twinbrook, the district’s second school, on land it donated to the district.

1957        The first full-time secretary to the principal, curriculum coordinator, art supervisor, part-time music teacher and part-time nurse are added.
Hoffman and Fairview elementary schools open.
A departmentalized program is set up during the 1957-58 school year for sixth, seventh and eighth grades at Schaumburg School (Schaumburg Junior High School).

1958      Blackhawk opens.

1959        Lakeview opens.

1961        Campanelli and Hillcrest elementary schools open.

1963    Total enrollment reaches 4,042 students.

1964        Frost Junior High School and Hanover Highlands Elementary School open.

1965        Churchill Elementary School opens. A model home near Fairview is rented for a district office.

1966        Dooley and MacArthur elementary schools open.

1967        Fox Elementary School and Keller Junior High School open. Enrollment reaches 8,743 students during the 1967-68 school year.

1969    Addams Junior High School and Hale Elementary School open. The district offices move to mobile trailers next to Keller.

1971    Aldrin, Armstrong, Collins and Dirksen elementary schools open.

1972        Muir Elementary School opens.

1973        Eisenhower Junior High School and Link Elementary School open.

1974        Einstein and Hoover elementary schools open.

1975        Stevenson school opens.

1976        Nerge and Enders-Salk elementary schools open. Blackhawk closes.

1977        The current Administration Center opens. Enrollment peaked at 17,427 students during the 1977-78 school year.

1978        Blackwell Elementary School opens.

1980        Mead Junior High School opens. Twinbrook closes.

1983    Hoffman School closes.

1985        Hillcrest School, Dirksen School and Keller Junior High School close. Enrollment dropped to 14,640 students.

1988        Hillcrest re-opens as an early childhood center

1989        Dirksen re-opens.

1991        Twinbrook re-opens as an early childhood center.

1994        Keller re-opens.

1997        Twinbrook closes again.

1998        First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton visits Stevenson School.

1999        Lincoln Prairie opens in the building formerly called Hillcrest School. Hillcrest had closed in 1998.

2010    Enrollment is at 13,680 students

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