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December 21, 2014


Topographical map 2

I recently came across this 1953 topographical map of the Palatine quadrangle.  In looking over it, I noticed the blue stream running through the portion of the map shown above.  This is the West Branch of the Du Page River and it doesn’t start in Campanelli Park as I mentioned here.  If you follow it, you’ll notice that it once started just south and east of the intersection of Schaumburg and Springinsguth Roads.  With the development of the Weathersfield subdivision, the land–and the stream–were graded at some point, moving the starting point of the river further south.

At the time of this map’s publication, the land where the stream originated was part of  the Ode D. Jenning’s farm.  Mr. Jennings died in 1953 and the property then passed into his wife’s hands.  You can see their long lane ending at a group of buildings.  Three of the buildings on this property still stand.  You know them as the Schaumburg Barn, the offices of the Schaumburg Athletic Association and the Jennings home which serves as a location for a non-profit organization.  For more information, read about Mr. Jennings here and his farm here.

You’ll also notice in this map that you can actually see some of the ridge of the continental divide.  It is the portion that is outlined in a darker brown next to the number 28.  In reading a topographical map, these darker portions indicate a higher elevation of the land.  There is another such site almost due south.  This is the path of the continental divide that creates the drainage pattern for the township.

The green blob that straddles Schaumburg Road is Sarah’s Grove, pre-development.  This area later covered Timbercrest, The Woods (both appropriately named) and Friendship Village.  The long lane that runs south of the grove started at Roselle Road and ended at the Engelking farm.  It was the origination of today’s Weathersfield Way.

The racing oval to the south was part of the Daisy Mayer farm at the time.  According to an oral history done with Ralph Engelking, this oval was built in the Depression as a training track for trotters.  The farm was called May Day Stock Farm.

You can see another oval almost due east across Roselle Road.  This farm belonged to Virginia Mansfield who was known locally for the horses she raised.  These were two of five racing ovals in Schaumburg Township.

Topographical maps give a wealth of data from elevation to swampy areas to schools to cemeteries.  We have a number of them in the library’s Illinois Collection map file that cover Schaumburg Township.  Feel free to stop by anytime and take a look.  Or maybe you see something else that catches your eye on this map?  Leave a comment and let us know!

Jane Rozek
Local History Librarian
Schaumburg Township District Library



November 2, 2014

If you enjoyed your geography or science classes, you probably know that the Continental Divide of the United States runs down the backbone of the Rocky Mountains.   The streams and rivers on the east side of the Rockies flow into the Atlantic Ocean and those on the west side flow into the Pacific Ocean.

Continental divides are naturally-occurring high spots that delineate how an area is drained of water.  Interestingly enough, Schaumburg Township has its own small continental divide that runs north to south down the middle of most of the township.  The divide and high point runs between Salem and Roselle Roads and is most noticeable driving east on Wise Road near Roselle Road.  You know you’ve reached a high point because it is possible to see the skyscrapers of Chicago from the road.Wise Road 2

Below is a topographical map of part of Schaumburg Township.  This map is part of the greater Palatine quadrangle and was redrawn in 1972.

Topographical map

If you zoom in, you can see that on the east side of the divide the small streams that run through that part of the township drain into Salt Creek and eventually into the Des Plaines River.  These would include the streams that run through Friendship Village, Town Square and along the southern border of the Schaumburg Golf Club.  Yeargin Creek, which runs through the Schaumburg Municipal Center property, also drains into Salt Creek as do the creeks that run through the Spring Valley property.

On the west side of the divide the streams are part of the Poplar Creek system that eventually drains into the Fox River.  You can find these branches of Poplar Creek as they flow through the Hilldale Country Club, the Hoffman Estates Village Hall property, Poplar Creek Country Club and in front of the St. Alexius property that is close to Barrington Road.

There is one exception to this continental divide drainage pattern in Schaumburg Township and that can be found in the southwestern part of the township.  The West Branch of the DuPage River actually begins in Campanelli Park and eventually flows into the Des Plaines River.  It drains south in Schaumburg along Braintree and then east along Syracuse Lane into Hanover Park.  It takes a southerly turn at Anne Fox Park, flows under Irving Park Road and continues along Longmeadow Lane into the Metropolitan Sanitary District Basin and out of the township.  Obviously, the continental divide does not come into play in this part of the township since we have an east-flowing stream on the western side of the township!

If you look at the map below, you can see the head waters of the DuPage River in Campanelli Park and the path that it follows through Schaumburg Township.

Schaumburg Map

Do you remember playing in these creeks as you grew up in Schaumburg Township?  Did any of them flood after big rains?  Or maybe your family had a pet name for the creek behind your house?  Feel free to share your stories about our township’s streams…

Jane Rozek
Local History Librarian
Schaumburg Township District Library