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April 29, 2018

This painting appeared at my desk the other day, compliments of the Schaumburg Township Historical Society.  While putting together another post on farm paintings of Schaumburg Township, this one had come to my attention but took a while to track down.  Now it was here.

Unlike most of the paintings in the other blog posting, we know the artist. Pam Bylsma, a Fremd art teacher, painted the scene in 1981.  The house was located on a farm that was bordered by Bode Road on the south, Knollwood on the west and Pennview on the north.  Sheffield Estates subdivision exists on this property today and was built during a period of years that extended from 1976 to 1978.

The painting was based on the photo below that was taken in the mid-1970s, before the house was razed.

Judging by the written location and a 1954 plat map, it appears that this was August Lichthardt Jr.’s farm.  Using earlier plat maps in the library’s collection, it is possible to see that the farm had been in the Licthardt family since the late 1860s.  Henry and Caroline (Wilkening) Lichthardt were the original Lichthardts on the farm.  They had five children–August, Anna, Clara, Martha and Edward.

Their son, August, inherited the farm and raised his family with his wife, Clara (Fasse) Lichthardt, who he married in 1905.  They had ten children of their own–Erna, August Jr., Beata, Adelia, Malinda, Henriette, Arnold, Bertha, Florence and a daughter who died in infancy.  Their son, August Jr. and his wife, Edna (Buesing), began working the farm in 1946 when August Sr. and Clara moved to Elgin.   Ten years later, in 1956, August Jr. and Edna sold the farm and moved to Wisconsin.  It is unknown who purchased the property but Levitt Homes eventually built the Sheffield Estates subdivision there.

This rather unique painting of the Quinlan & Tyson real estate office is also part of the Schaumburg Township Historical Society’s collection.  This building was on Schaumburg Road, east of the old Ace Hardware that sat on the southeast corner of the intersection at Roselle Road.

This photo shows the house being torn down with the rather iconic sign in the foreground.  The destruction happened in June 1980 when the realty company moved into a new Quinlan & Tyson building just a bit east of the house.  You can see that here.

If you’d like to read more about this company and their Schaumburg location, check out the blog posting I did before the painting was uncovered.

How fortuitous that Ms. Bylsma and artist Owens created these paintings of forgotten Schaumburg Township locations before they saw their demise.  We do have photos but the paintings are a more beautiful representation of a landscape that is no more.   If you have anything to add about either locale, please leave a comment below.  Details help!

Jane Rozek
Local History Librarian
Schaumburg Township District Library