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October 20, 2019

This is the first in a series of items taken from select issues of The Record which was published every Wednesday at 5 Hoffman Plaza in Hoffman Estates. The newspaper covered all of Schaumburg Township. Copies were lent to me by Jack Netter whose mother wrote for the paper. Unique, interesting articles, ads and press releases will be shared below.

  • Tentative plans were confirmed by F & S Construction for a motel to be built along Higgins Road at the corner of Grand Canyon Boulevard. It was slated to be near “the bowling arena to be constructed by the Bowling Proprietors Association of America.” The motel “would be used to house the persons who will come to Hoffman Estates to participate in the national bowling tournaments that are expected…”
  • It was reported to the Hoffman police that a bird was intimidating a woman’s 6 year old child. The police followed the bird to a local house and determined it was a pet. The owner said the bird was harmless except that it had a penchant for eating buttons off of children’s shirts.
  • During a winter ice storm a couple of weeks prior, many homes in Hoffman Estates went without power. An editorial states that “many residents of Schaumburg…opened their houses to Hoffman Estates families who were without heat and light, and…volunteered their services to the Hoffman Estates village board in notifying residents of the emergency measures the board had taken.”
  • In an article announcing a slate of Village Board candidates, Mayor Atcher of Schaumburg discussed Frank C. Wiley’s candidacy. “He credited Wiley’s friendship with Northern Illinois Gas Co. as starting the industrial development and subsequently Wiley has been the man who brought Schmidt Iron Works, Terry’s Frozen Foods and Reliance Insurance Co. into the village.” (Can anyone tell me where Terry’s Frozen Foods was?)
  • Mary’s Music School in the Golf Rose Shopping Center offered lessons on the guitar, drums, clarinet, sax and accordion (!) as well as sales on guitars and drums.
  • Jupiter Cleaners at 3 Hoffman Plaza was offering a 20% discount for February only on household goods cleaning including draperies, slipcovers, bedspreads and blankets. Their ad says CALL US or Bring Your Items to Either Location. (Does this mean they did a pick up and drop off service?)
  • Kelley Paints (which was located in the old Schaumburg Bank building at Roselle and Schaumburg Roads) was offering a one cent sail. A gallon of their very best latex paint was $6.98 and .01 for the second gallon.
  • The Help Wanted classified ads were separated into Male and Female ads. Male ads were for service route man, salesman, welders, tool designer, accounting trainees while female ads were for secretaries, department manger in the fabric & yarn department at Zayre, beauty operators, office girls, bookkeepers and “girl friday.” One ad, in particular, caught my eye. “Library Clerk: Part time, 3 evenings and Saturday weekly, some college preferred. Call Schaumburg Public Library, 529-3373 after 1 p.m. for an interview appointment.”
  • A brief editorial was written on who the new schools should be named for. The District 54 School Board put out a request from the community for suggestions. The Hoffman School principal suggested Paul Engler, a deceased former school board member. Jim Anderson, the columnist suggested the following political names:  John F. Kennedy, Eisenhower, Roosevelt, Truman, Hoover, [Adlai] Stevenson, [Wendell] Wilkie, [Richard] Nixon, [Alfred] Landon, Barry Goldwater and Lyndon Baines Johnson. Other well known names mentioned were: U Thant, Martin Luther King, Chuck Percy, Everett Dirksen, [Paul] Douglas, [Otto] Kerner and [William] Stratton. Local names thrown into the ring were Bob Atcher, Ed Pinger and Scott MacEachron. It is interesting to note that the board did eventually use Dwight D. Eisenhower, Adlai Stevenson, Everett Dirksen and Hoover–though the latter began as J. Edgar Hoover and was later changed to Herbert Hoover. You can read about District 54 school names here in an earlier blog post.
  • Larry Plote was appointed the new superintendent of public works for Hoffman Estates. He grew up in Palatine Township on a farm that was worked by his father and grandfather. He attended St. Peter Lutheran School and Palatine High School and began contracting with the village in December 1961 as an operating engineer for heavy equipment. He was then asked to become the first man in the “street department” until his appointment as superintendent. Plote rented a farmhouse and five acres for his family on Roselle Road, just north of the tollway. According to the article, he raised and cared for the ducks that lived in the summer on Lakeview Pond in Hoffman Estates.

Jane Rozek
Local History Librarian
Schaumburg Township District Library


January 13, 2019

It was a proud start for The Record on November 29, 1962 when Volume 1, Number 1 of the newspaper appeared on the doorsteps of all homes in Schaumburg Township .

Designed initially as a weekly, it was published every Thursday by Associates Publishing Co., Inc. of 186 Bradley Lane in Hoffman Estates–which was the home in Parcel B of editor, David R. Mann. Richard N. FitzGerald served as the Managing Editor and Rod Botts as the News Editor.

Other employees on The Record’s staff were Jack Fiddes, Jack Dempesey, Bill Oas, Joy Botts, Rod Botts, Les Gargan, John Medved, Darrel Mitelheuser, Bruce Drake and Sam Blandina.

Various articles in the first issue were written on the following topics:

  • The Hoffman Estates Jaycees taking first prize for their snowman float in the State Street Christmas parade.
  • Terry’s Finer Foods and Schmidt Iron Works purchased acreage in Schaumburg’s Industrial Park south of the tollway.
  • There was a possibility that F & S Construction would have to halt construction because Citizens Utilities Company did not have enough water to serve the area. Their next building project was slated for the area west of Jones Road and it was a completely different watershed. (Parcels A, B and C all empty into Salt Creek. The new area they were exploring emptied into Poplar Creek.)
  • District 54 Schools held nuclear disaster drills at 11:00 a.m. on Tuesday, November 27. “The drill was a complete success.”
  • The architectural firm of A.J. Del Bianco and Associates was employed by District 54 to build additional schools. They had previously designed Campanelli School.
  • A new township library would be in operation by the middle of December. They had rented a house on Roselle Road, just north of the Marathon service station. (It is shown below.)

Almost as interesting are the ads for various businesses that were willing to take a gamble on the new paper:

  • Hoffman Bowl
  • P&G Restaurant in Hoffman Lanes
  • Peckens TV on Irving Park Road in Roselle
  • Youngs Marathon Service at Roselle and Schaumburg Road
  • Buggy Whip (later the Easy Street Pub south of the intersection of Roselle and Schaumburg Road)
  • Sundance Ranch Western Wear on Golf Road at Roselle
  • Weathersfield Homes by Campanelli
  • Prospect Theatre in Mt. Prospect
  • Pabich Motor Sales–the new Rambler dealer–on Irving Park Road in Roselle
  • The Pizza Cottage on Irving Park Road in Roselle
  • Roselle Jewlers on Irving Park Road in Roselle
  • Hagenbrings Fabrics in Arlington Heights
  • Frank’s Hoffman Plaza Beauty Salon
  • F&S Construction’s 10 exciting 1963 model homes

According to Pat Barch, Hoffman Estates Historian, the newspaper eventually opened an office near the Thunderbird Theater in the Golf-Rose shopping center. In fact, the paper of November 15, 1972 states that they were in “temporary offices at Golf and Roselle Roads.” By that date the weekly paper had been purchased by Copley Newspapers and was now published on Wednesdays.

We do not know how long the newspaper lasted, but the library owns all issues of the newspaper on microfilm from the inaugural one on November 29, 1962 to April 4, 1973.

We are fortunate to have these because they came to us through Fred Downey who lived at 297 Pleasant Street in Hoffman Estates and served as mayor of Hoffman Estates from 1969 to 1973. His name and address are stamped on the front page of the issues.

It is my recollection that Roy Mansberger, who was head of Maintenance at our library in the 1970s and 80s must have known Mr. Downey because of his proximity to our Central Branch on Library Lane. He acquired the newspapers from Mr. Downey and passed them on to our Serials Librarian. She, in turn, sent them to the Illinois State Historical Library to have them microfilmed. In return, they gave us our own copies of the microfilm. This was a common practice that the Historical Library used for many years in order to acquire an extensive collection of local newspapers.

If you have any more details about this newspaper, the people who began it, where its offices were, and how long it was in business, please comment or send me an email.  I would certainly appreciate anything you can contribute.

Jane Rozek
Local History Librarian
Schaumburg Township District Library