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August 29, 2010

This neat photo fell into my lap after a Schaumburg Township History presentation I gave at Spring Valley Nature Center.  It is compliments of Jean and Bill Tucknott who are longtime volunteers.  (Double click on it and you’ll get a larger view.)

The central part of the photo shows the somewhat circular outline of the Pheasant Walk subdivision as it is being constructed during the spring/summer of 1977.  A total of 93 homes were approved for the subdivision that was originally called Arlingdale by the developer and is off of Roselle Road which is in the background of the photo.  (Notice that it is two lanes.) 

Hartford Drive is off of Roselle Road at the top of the photo.  It flows into the already constructed Weathersfield Homes with Holyoke Court being in the foreground.  (Notice the  round pool in one of the backyards.) 

The Pheasant Walk models are on Hartford Drive right before the turn off for the main part of the Pheasant Walk subdivision.  They are obvious with their already grassed yards.  The back part of the subdivision has a number of already constructed homes.  These are on Long Meadow Drive with a court opening off of it.   Yet to be constructed on Pheasant Walk Drive between the third and fourth house is Slingerland Park which is presumably named for Walter Slingerland, a former Schaumburg Village trustee who also owned the property where the Schaumburg Municipal Complex now stands.

On the opposite side of  Hartford Drive is the Pickwick Place apartment complex under construction.  It is interesting to note the Pizza Hut was already there on Roselle Road along with the strip mall that is also still in existence.  The other distinctive building of note is the barn that is currently owned by the Mennonite Church.  At this point the silos are still in place and the back view of the barn is neat to see.  Hidden in the trees on the opposite side of Roselle Road is what used to be the Emil Licthardt farm. 

This photo is a unique capture of a moment in time.  What else do you see on this photo that I haven’t spotted?