During Hoffman Estates’ 60th anniversary year of 2019, we will take a look back at the Hoffman Estates you’ve known for the last six decades. Every month there will be a posting on village happenings for each decade the village has been in existence. Maybe you remember some of the events and have something more to add to a few of the items? Send in your comments!

60 Years Ago In 1959

  • Lowell Siff of F & S Construction announced that the company had purchased additional acreage for 1000 homes. While it currently did not adjoin the village in its location north of Golf Road and west of Roselle Road, the company intended to work towards an annexation to the village. They also planned to add on to the Hoffman Plaza shopping center and move from the Sam Hoffman house that the company was operating from. The plan was to move into new quarters on the Harmening farm at Roselle and Higgins Roads.
  • The Ben Franklin opened its store in Hoffman Plaza on October 1, 1959. The store was staffed by manager Robert Weise and 13 other employees, all who lived in Hoffman Estates or Roselle. It was noted that the store would carry notions, hardware, gift wrappings, cards, etc. in addition to infants’ and childrens’ wear, toys, stationery, jewelry and “the usual five and dime store items.”
  • Snyder Drug Store in Hoffman Plaza had the following sales: deluxe Halloween masks of molded rubber for .29, a $9.95 directronic portable TV antenna, a free pumpkin with a purchase of $1 or more, a box of 24 Curity disposable diapers for $1.98 and an electric blanket for $14.99.

50 Years Ago In 1969

  • Mrs. Ida Vogelei sold her 14-room house and 10 acres of wooded, grassy land at the corner of Higgins and Golf Road to the Hoffman Estates Park District. According to Park District board members she sold the property “for $15,000 an acre when she could have gotten $60,000 or $70,000 for it.
  • The two movies being shown at the Thunderbird Theater were “Me, Natalie” starring Patty Duke and “How To Commit Marriage” with Bob Hope and Jackie Gleason. (It is the brick building in the photo above.)
  • Peter and Paul’s Texaco at Bode and Roselle was one of the area Texaco stations offering an Early Bird sale for a 1/3 off on your second Firestone Town & Country tire. The second tire could be purchased for as low as $16.50.

40 Years Ago In 1979

  • Minnesota Fabrics at the Golf Rose Shopping Center was offering a sewing machine “tune up special” that featured cleaning, oiling and adjusting for $9.95 on October 16.
  • The Hoffman Estates Loyal Parents or “HELP” group of Hoffman Estates High School as they were referred to, were holding their annual citrus sale of Texas grapefruit and oranges for $7 each. Sales would benefit the Band, Modern Dance, Junior Class, Photography, Outdoor Adventure, Senior Class, Hero, Radio Club, Art Club, Intramurals and German.
  • A newly dedicated stainless steel structure, created by Robert Gadomski, a teacher at Hoffman Estates High School, was erected outside of the Hoffman Estates Village Hall to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the village. 

30 Years Ago In 1989

  • For a fee of $7, the Blackhawk Community Center was holding a “Ghostbusters” Halloween event that allowed children to make costumes, march in a parade and create a monstrous snack.
  • The Hoffman Estates Police Department was struggling to fill open patrol officer positions and found it necessary to hold open testing twice during the year for new recruits. It was stated in the Chicago Tribune by Police Sgt. John Gomoll that “It’s very unusual.”
  • Matthew Modine and Daphne Zuniga were starring in “Gross Anatomy” at the Barrington Square 6 theater along with “An Innocent Man” starring Tom Selleck.

20 Years Ago In 1999

  • Angouleme, the French sister city of Hoffman Estates, was forced to call off their planned sister cities festival scheduled for 2000, due to their failure to acquire a grant that would have provided the funding. Local officials in Hoffman Estates were disappointed because the last time any residents had gone to France was in 1994 when the Hoffman Estates High School Madrigal Singers visited the sister city.
  • The Hoffman Estates Village Board gave Valli Produce overwhelming approval to take over the old F & M Distributors store and a Caesarland pizza parlor. The plans were for the building to be totally renovated, the parking lot to be resurfaced and the structure to get a new facade.
  • Ruth Ball Macintyre, a former District 54 science teacher, passed away at Friendship Village in Schaumburg. She was a 2nd-grade teacher at the former Twinbrook School, a 5th-grade teacher at Fairview School and the former Blackhawk School. Mrs. Macintyre helped start the Spring Valley Nature Sanctuary in Schaumburg, where a park, on Aegean Drive, as pictured below, is named for her.

10 Years Ago In 2009

  • St. Hubert School requested an exemption from the Village Board on the requirement of installing a sprinkler system in the building. The cost of around $500,000 and the fact that every classroom has an outside door were the deterrents for the church.
  • Sherri Shepherd who appeared as a co-host on “The View” shared her life story of growing up in Hoffman Estates with Daily Herald reporter Jamie Sotonoff. She attended Churchill Elementary and Hoffman Estates High School, was a candy striper at Northwest Community High School and worked for Sears at Woodfield Mall in the catalog return department. She was “so jealous” worked at Merry-Go-Round!
  • Hoffman Estates Trustee Gary Pilafas became the first trustee to call in and attend a Village Board meeting via cell phone. The meeting ended at 10:40 a.m. Japan time on Tuesday versus the 8:40 p.m. time on Monday in Hoffman Estates.

Jane Rozek
Local History Librarian
Schaumburg Township District Library

Photo credit for the Ruth MacIntyre Conservation Area is given to the Schaumburg Park District.


  1. Fred Says:

    I do not remember Howard’s Family Shoe Center. Thank You Jane for this information. I was only 6 years old at the time, so its always interesting to find out “new” items that are new to me.

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