In the fall of 1988 Hoffman Estates finally opened this full-service post office building on Gannon Drive that was big enough to accomodate the growing population. Discussions actually began in 1982 but were put on hold until a proper site could be found.

Postal officials had gone through several plan revisions in the meantime. Construction eventually began in 1987 on the $2.9 million structure and ended with the red-brick building that today features beautiful arched glass windows and 21,000 square feet of space. When the facility opened, there were 75 full-time employees at the new office and they served all residents in the 60195 zip code and portions of 60194. Wayne L. Kuhlmann was the postmaster.

Before this permanent facility opened, a post office of some sort had existed in Hoffman Estates in multiple locations since the early years. In a wonderful article in the Hoffman Herald of January 19, 1967, the reporter accounts for the first four branches in Hoffman Estates, beginning in 1962. (Prior to that time, mail service was done exclusively through the Roselle post office.)

  • In November 1962 the first temporary facility opened at Frank Beauty Salon in Hoffman Plaza. It closed after eight months because it was so busy that Frank Vaccaro, the owner, could not keep up with the heavy traffic.
  • The next sub-station opened in the Clothes Basket (a laundromat) at 213 Roselle Road. It lasted until September 1964. It too closed due to the heavy volume of business.
  • The third location was at B&K Realty at the corner of Roselle and Higgins Roads. It opened in October 1964 and was coordinated with Joseph Boris of the realty company. Irene Hitzeman, Roselle Postmaster, suggested that most users try to visit Roselle whenever possible because of the lack of space in the realty office.
  • In February 1966 a newly built, one story, 3579 ft. substation opened in Hoffman Estates. F&S Construction, who built much of early Hoffman Estates, won the U.S. government contract for this venture. One article mentioned that it was “directly north of the Hoffman Plaza shopping center” and another article stated that it would “be 678 feet north of Higgins Road and 321 feet east of Roselle Road.” As stated in the comments below, this was a stand alone building that faced Roselle Road and was behind the first Jewel. According to Tom Rogers, a 39-year employee of the Hoffman Estates Post Office who retired in 2001, this building was called “The Vault” by the carriers who worked out of the building. In a Daily Herald article from September 21, 1972, a story on a new Jewel being built mentions that the six year old post office  would be torn down for the new store. (This would be the Jewel that is there today.)
  • After the relatively young, six year old building was torn down, a temporary home was needed while the next Hoffman Plaza location was prepared. Due to its temporary status, it was moved to a couple of store fronts that were a few doors down from Denny’s. (This was in the north wing of Hoffman Plaza.)  Mr. Rogers remembered that they were definitely there while Denny’s was being built. Denny’s opened in the summer of 1973 so this time frame matches up.
  • The next location was in the original Hoffman Plaza, close to the Currency Exchange and the Hot Dog Place–as shown in the photo above. If you look closely enough, you can see the water tower behind the tree. According to Mr. Rogers, they were in this location from 1974 to 1985. In fact, a Daily Herald article from January 3, 1974 states that Hoffman Estates’ new 3900 square foot branch post office opened that week in the south end of the expanded Hoffman Plaza Shopping Center. The location was “nearly twice as large as the former building and [employed] approximately 60 persons.” Allan Jacobson is listed as the manager.
  • The last location, before the official building opened in 1988, was at 1833 W. Golf Road. This appeared to have been at Poplar Creek Plaza at Walnut Lane–which is actually Schaumburg today. They were here until 1988 when the new, larger location was completed and opened.

My thanks to Tom Rogers for confirming and clarifying the many locations. It was great to have him help fill in the gaps!

Jane Rozek
Local History Librarian
Schaumburg Township District Library

[Credit for the top photo of the current Hoffman Estates Post Office is given to Post Office Fans.]


  1. scott kent Says:

    the 1966 office was in the hoffman plaza behind Acorn tire and Burger King They use to park their jeeps in that parking lot shared with Acorn tire.That store front picture you have posted is the hoffman plaza was behind Rogner Shell at Roselle and Higgins

  2. postofficefanscom Says:

    Nice article about the history of the Post Offices in Hoffman Estates, this is close the where I grew up. That picture was taken on a Sunday so I could get an unobstructed view of the building. Even on a Sunday I was waiting for cars to leave the from entrance to get this photograph.

    David W. Gates Jr.
    Author – Wisconsin Post Office Mural Guidebook

    • jrozek Says:


      It’s nice to have the actual photographer weigh in on the discussion! Thank you for providing one of the few photos of today’s post office. I appreciate your work.

      Jane Rozek
      Local History Librarian
      Schaumburg Township District Library

  3. Fred Says:

    Another excellent article. I thought i knew of all the locations but apparently not. I do not remember the 1833 W. Golf Rd. location.

    Where the building that was built February 1966, I would guess this would of been to the north of the Goodyear Tire store. If you would go 321 ft. East on Higgins Road from Roselle Road. Then proceed 678 ft North of Higgins Rd. That is where the post office was built.

  4. EARL MAURER Says:

    I think the 1966 building mentioned was a stand alone building behind the old Jewel store and faced Roselle Rd. This was probably 1001 N. Roselle Rd. based on the current addresses there. At that time the north facing stores and the building now Burlington, originally Wille Lumber, weren’t there. The “alley” that was/is between the north facing stores, (Hot Dog Express, etc), and the south facing stores, (currency exchange, Hardware store, barber shop, etc), was originally just the back doors of those stores. The Herald for 21 Sep 1972, page 4, talks about the plans for the “new” Jewel, etc. and the planned tearing down of the Post Office building. I think the second photo is the Post Office in a store front at the south end of an extension of the “old” Jewel building, and was probably used after the 1001 building was torn down. Maybe Mr. Gates would have a date that he took that photo. I don’t recall the Post Office at 1833 W. Golf Rd as that address would be in Schaumburg. (I couldn’t get a copy of the 1972 Herald article to attach here, sorry)
    I love the history articles about the area and its people.

    • jrozek Says:

      Good research Earl! When reading through the comments of you, Scott and Fred, the only thing I could determine about the 1966 location was that it was its own building–and not part of the extended shopping center itself. It’s amazing that it was torn down after a mere six years in existence.

      I, too, presume that the next location was the one in the photo near the Hot Dog Place.

      I also double checked the phone books in the late 1980s and those from 1986 to 1988 all list the Hoffman Estates post office at 1833 W. Golf Road. I don’t recall this location either so maybe someone else can make a confirmation?

      Jane Rozek
      Local History Librarian
      Schaumburg Township District Library

  5. Liz Kravcik Says:

    I remember when the current post office opened up. It was such a large space compared to the old post office at 1833 W. Golf. I can remember making several trips with my mom and sister to that post office on Golf Road. It was right in the corner of the Poplar Creek Plaza shopping center. I believe a children’s play place or daycare is located there now.

    • jrozek Says:


      Thank you for chiming in on this location of the Hoffman Estates Post Office. Some of us were beginning to think the phone book had the incorrect location!

      In checking Google Maps, I can see a Child Care location in the southeast corner of the Plaza shopping center, just down from Daruma. Is this the location you are remembering?

      Jane Rozek
      Local History Librarian
      Schaumburg Township District Library

    • Liz Kravcik Says:

      Yes, that is the location. Every time I go back to that shopping mall, I fondly remember walking into the post office located in the corner.

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