Before the village of Hoffman Estates was even incorporated, it became obvious that the burgeoning area needed its own fire protection and ambulance service.  Up to this point, the Roselle Fire Protection District out of the village of Roselle had served the homeowners of Schaumburg Township.  Given the distance between Roselle and the future Hoffman Estates, residents of the area voted on April 1, 1958 to form the Hoffman Estates Fire Protection District.

The District was its own governing body with three trustees, a Chief and a Deputy Chief.  They operated out of a barn on the Hammerstein/Village property on Illinois Boulevard.  In 1959–the same year that the village was incorporated–a bond issue was approved that financed a brand new station on Flagstaff Lane.  It opened the following year in November 1960 and is pictured in the photo above.

It was capable of housing six vehicles and had a squad room, radio room, office and maintenance shop.  It was known as Fire Station #1 and its address was 160 Flagstaff Lane.  The first chief was Carl Selke and he oversaw a 30-man volunteer departmen.  The fire station is still in use today, although it is now known as Station 21 and the address has changed to 225 Flagstaff Lane.

The village of Schaumburg continued to use the Roselle Fire Protection District for more than ten years after the village was incorporated.   On February 20, 1966 the village board voted to disannex from the Roselle Fire Protection District and form the Schaumburg Fire Department.  Later that year, Fire Station No. 1, pictured above, was built at 1459 Schaumburg Road.  Campanelli Brothers Construction donated the land and the building.   The official date of separation occurred on July 9, 1967 with the Roselle FPD selling the fire station and the equipment inside to the Village of Schaumburg for the amount of &1.  A month later, Joe Zurick was chosen as the first volunteer Fire Chief of the department.  Some of the other men who served were Assistant Chief Alex Riofrido, Captain Frank Musil, and Lieutenant Keith Paul and a volunteer force of 20 men that included Del Raab and Rolland Fitch.

This fire station served the village well until 2006 when Fire Station One was relocated to a new building at 950 W. Schaumburg Road.  The old building sat vacant until late 2007 when it was demolished.  The site was eventually sold and is currently being redeveloped as a two-business strip mall.

In 1977, Elk Grove Village opened a new fire station at 676 Meacham Road.  The station was known as Fire Station #10 and was the third fire station built for Elk Grove Village.  This one was built, however, to serve the residents in Schaumburg Township on the west side of Route 53.  It was in use for nearly 40 years and was officially closed on February 15, 2018.  The building was razed and a new one is currently being constructed on the same site.  Completion is scheduled for some time in 2019.

Township residents are fortunate to be so well served by these fire stations within our boundaries.  Both Hoffman Estates and Schaumburg have additional stations that have been built in the intervening years but these were all the first for the various villages!

Jane Rozek
Local History Librarian
Schaumburg Township District Library

Various articles from the Daily Herald; the Hoffman Estates historical publication, Community From Cornfields; and the Schaumburg publication, Schaumburg Fire Department:  A Photographic Tribute were all used to create this blog posting.  

The photo of the first Schaumburg Volunteer Fire Department was graciously contributed by Rolland Fitch II whose father was on that squad.  We thank him for this wonderful addition to the blog posting.  




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