It was recently brought to my attention that the Carpet One business at 26 W. Golf Road, just west of the Roselle Road intersection, on the north side of the street had moved.  Knowing the business and the building had been there for a long time, I was curious as to how it got its start.

As far back as the October 22, 1969 edition of The Herald, it was possible to find the 26 W. Golf Road address.  An article from that date refers to “Pat Griffin, manager of the new Schaumburg Hardi-Garden Center.”  The phrasing seems to infer that the building was possibly constructed by Hardi-Garden Center.

Searching further afield, a 1968 article in Grower Talks, references the new Hardi-Garden Center franchise.  “This (Nashville, TN) is the home of the new Hardi-Garden Center franchise operation.  This is a new operation that provides garden centers retailing know-how and designs for the garden center layout.”  It’s interesting that only one year later, they recognized the potential growth for our area and opened a franchise in Schaumburg.

Judging by the ads in the paper, Hardi-Garden Center offered everything from bird feeders, bird houses, vegetable and flower seeds, fireplace logs, bushes, trees, fertilizer and gardening tools and flower pots.  They also carried seasonal Christmas items, decorations and, not to mention trees.  Plus, they carried pet supplies, tropical fish and aquariums.   They were a one-stop shop, just down the street from Slattery’s Garden Center and Nursery that closed in 1970.

It is difficult to know how long they lasted in this location but, by June 24 1977, a new business had taken its spot.  Lighting Creations and Carpet Creations were now occupying the building and advertising in The Herald.  They also obviously  recognized the amount of growth going on in the area and hoped to fill a need.

This is where it seemed a good idea to contact the store to dig a little deeper.  That’s when I found some good information from Carpet One’s owner, Mike Ryan.  He confirmed that the building was built for the Hardi-Garden Center by a local contractor.  When Hardi left the area, there was an attempt to continue as a garden center and that only lasted a brief time until it became the lighting/carpet store.

Mr. Ryan bought the business from the owner of Lighting Creations/Carpet Creations and opened his carpeting/flooring business on October 1, 1979.  He named it Carpet Creations which is what it remained until 1997 when they changed their name to Carpet One.   They are currently located around the corner at 1234 N. Roselle Road, on the west side of Roselle Road, just north of the Golf Road intersection.

I still have a few questions though.  Does anyone know the name of the contractor who built the building?  Or what the garden center was called after Hardi left the area?  Is there any other ongoing business in the village of Schaumburg that has been in operation longer than Carpet One?   If you can help solve these mysteries, it would be appreciated!

Jane Rozek
Local History Librarian
Schaumburg Township District Library


  1. Cheryl Koby Says:

    I have an early memory when I was 5 or 6 yrs. old I was at that store with my mother, (she just past away in March) and she did not remember this but I swear this is where I saw my first salt water fish. Did they ever sell marine fish there? I have been a lifelong aquarist, and that memory of seeing the beautiful neon blue and yellow fish is something I still remember at 53 years old.

    • jrozek Says:


      My condolences on the passing of your mother. Your memory, though, is fantastic! I did a bit more searching and, by golly, found an ad for Hardi Garden from November 21, 1969 that mentioned “pet supplies,tropical fish and aquariums.”

      Good job! And, thank you for the additional information!

      Jane Rozek
      Local History Librarian
      Schaumburg Township District Library

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