One of the readers of the blog posed a question this week asking about a restaurant his family frequented while he was growing up in Schaumburg Township.  This would have been in the 1980s or 1990s and, according to the reader, the restaurant was in the same location as the former La Magdalena which was at 216 W. Golf Road.  This is location of the current Ziegler Maserati dealership at the corner of Golf Road and Valley Lake Drive.

According to the reader, the restaurant served great burgers and steaks and, as a unique feature, showed silent, black and white movies in a back room.

The following restaurants were at this location beginning in the 1980s:

Real Seafood Company (Opened in 1983)

Ristorante Chianti

Edwardo’s Pizza

La Magdalena

None of these rang a bell with the reader–or fit the bill as far as the menu was concerned.

I also suggested Ground Round as a possibility because their restaurants typically used the black and white movies as a gimmick.  The first Ground Round in Schaumburg was located on the west side of Roselle Road, between Higgins and Golf.  [Thank you to the commenters below for this tidbit.]  The second Ground Round was at 800 E. Golf Road on the northeast corner of Plum Grove and Golf and it closed sometime in late 1989 or early 1990.  The reader did not think these were the restaurant or the location.

Does this ring a bell with any of you readers?  What are we missing? If you have a suggestion, please make a comment or send me a quick email.  Both the reader and I would appreciate it. Thank you!


After reading the many comments below–and some that were sent to me that duplicate the comments–the reader who posed the question thinks it probably has to be the Ground Round.  He definitely remembers the food and the movies and Ground Round is closest to that description.

Many thanks to those of you who contributed.  It is always nice to be able to appeal to the greater blog brain!

Jane Rozek
Local History Librarian
Schaumburg Township District Library

Photo of La Magdalena used courtesy of




  1. Tom Rogers Says:

    What he describes does sound like the ground round. However I remember a ground round on Roselle road between Golf and Higgins. I believe later it was the Spring Garden. That is a little closer to where the reader may be thinking

  2. Anthony Martini Says:

    Down the Hatch was on Roselle Rd. Ground Round was on Golf Rd, just west of Roselle Rd. Must be the Ground Round…..Burgers, the silent movies and peanuts were there thing.

  3. Janet Moro Barron Says:

    I worked at Ground Round during summer breaks from college (80-81). It was on Roselle, just north of Higgins. I think there’s a KFC there now. We did do movies in a side room and had pretty decent burgers. If he remembers popcorn and peanuts, then it was TGR.

  4. Kris Says:


  5. Dan Says:

    I actually think this building was originally a Ponderosa Steakhouse.

  6. Amanda Brotko Says:

    Ok I believe edwardos pizza was built here i believe it was a new building for us. I worked there opening it and for years . Don’t remember anything before it

  7. Bruce J Trivellini Says:

    the reader maybe confusing Ground Round with Barnaby’s on Golf Rd. west of Roselle. Both had the same kind of decor. Neef and Barrel was on Algonquin Road…hard to get the two mixed up and I think Beef and Barrel was gone by the ’80’s

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