The District 52 School was located on the west side of Plum Grove  Road and south of the Jane Addams toll road.  This school was referred to as the Maple Hill School or the Kublank School.  It was located on farmland once owned by H. P. Williams and later by Henry Freise.

[In this USGS topographical map from 1935, you can see School No. 52 to the left, in the middle.  It is just north of Golf Road.] 

Since the Kublank farm was nearby, Rose Kublank taught at this school for nine years.  Was she the first person from Schaumburg Township to teach in a Schaumburg school?  [This photo of Rose is courtesy of  the Schaumburg Township Historical Society.]

Norman Freise [who was part of the German farming contingent] recounted his mother’s concern about his weakness in speaking and understanding English.  When he was five years old, she sent him off through the field to the English school (Maple Hill.)  He spent the year learning English with several of his cousins.  Was his mother’s concern influenced by World War I?

The next school year when he was six years old, Norman attended St. Peter East District School where they did their morning lessons in German and afternoon lessons in English.  Norman’s mother was pleased that he had a solid foundation of the English language.

Since this school was surrounded by German Lutheran families, it struggled to keep the attendance numbers high enough to warrant keeping the school open.  When the school was closed around the mid-1930s, the children in the attendance area were sent to the District 54 Schaumburg Center School.  The District 52 school deteriorated from lack of maintenance after the school was closed.

[It was still usable in 1952 though, when a legal notice was published in the May 30 issue of the Daily Herald, notifying the locals that an election would be held “in the Maple Hill School located on old Plum Grove Road, north of its intersection with Golf Road in Schaumburg Township, Cook County, Illinois, for the purpose of electing three school directors for the newly reestablished district known as Common School District Number 52, Cook County, Illinois.”  This was in preparation for the future consolidation that occurred later in the year.]

[When the one room schools were consolidated in 1954, they were sold at public auction.  The District 52 School, with attached property, was sold to Charles F. Beranek of Merry-Hill Farm, whose land adjoined the school.  Daily Herald, December 23, 1954]

Given that it was located on Plum Grove Road which ended at Wiley Road, it was vulnerable to vandalism.  In 1962 the school was destroyed by a fire of unknown origin.  This is the only Schaumburg Township one-room school that was razed by fire.  It is unknown if the school equipment burned in the fire or if desks, books and piano were removed after the school closed its doors.

The text for this blog posting is an excerpt from Schaumburg of My Ancestors by LaVonne Thies Presley, published in 2012.  The book is an in-depth look at Schaumburg Township around the turn of the nineteenth century.  

Her particular focus was the farm off of Meacham Road where her father grew up.  However, LaVonne also took the opportunity in the text to create a detailed examination of the formation of the public one-room schools of Schaumburg Township.  In the upcoming months a posting will be shared on each of those five schools.  But, first, an introduction to the formation of Schaumburg Township public schools

Jane Rozek
Local History Librarian
Schaumburg Township District Library

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