During Schaumburg’s 60th anniversary year of 2016, we will take a look back at the Schaumburg  you’ve known for the last six decades.  Every month there will be a posting on 3 village happenings for each decade the village has been in existence.  Maybe you remember some of the events and have something more to add to a few of the items?  Send in your comments!

60 Years Ago in 1956

  • Pure Oil gained approval from the Cook County Zoning Board of Appeals at a hearing at Schaumburg School to change the zoning on their property from farming to business use.  The 62-acre tract would scheduled to hold a new office that would accomodate 1000-2000 potential employees.Pure Oil
  • 100 young 4-H’rs were in attendance at Schaumburg School for the Schaumburg 4-H Agricultural Club’s achievement night and Christmas party.
  • The home of Mrs. Minnie Kastning that was across Roselle Road from the Turret House, burned to the ground Monday, December 10.  Mrs. Kastning was rescued from the home by firemen who were alerted to the fire at 2 A.M. by a passing motorist.

50 Years Ago in 1966

  • The Illinois State Chamber of Commerce announced that the three largest new building facilities in Illinois for the year 1966 were the $395 million dollar accelerator being built at Fermilab, the nearly $30 million dollar foundry being built at Silvis and the 674,000 square foot Motorola plant.  The latter was the largest facility being built under one roof.
  • Final approval was given by the District 54 board to purchase and install 5 mobile classrooms in the district.  They were expected to alleviate crowding at Fairview, Campanelli and Hillcrest schools.
  • The Schaumburg Jaycees were selling Christmas trees, wreaths and accessories at the Weathersfield Commons shopping center at Schaumburg and Springinsguth Roads on Saturdays and Sundays before the holiday.  In addition, Santa was expected to be there to greet the kids!  (The photo below shows Weathersfield Commons at a later date when the Jewel Food Store had been moved from its first location.  When the shopping center opened–and when the Jaycees sold their Christmas trees in 1966–it was originally located where the True Value is at the back of this photo.)weathersfield-commons

40 Years Ago in 1976

  • In a Chicago Tribune article on Woodfield at Christmas, a variety of stores were mentioned:  Two-Plus-Two Jewelry, Sears Roebuck, Puppy Palace, McDonalds, I-Natural Cosmetics and J. C. Penney.  The same article stated that the mall was so crowded during the season that employees parked at Pure Oil and were shuttled across Golf Road to the shopping center.
  • The a capella quintet named Stormy Weather was scheduled to perform on December 19 at B’Ginnings, the Schaumburg nightclub on Golf Road.  They were noted for performing “doo-wop” or “street corner” singing.
  • The Chicago Tribune reviewed a new Asian restaurant in the Woodfield Commons Plaza at Golf Road and National Parkway called Fu-Lama Gardens.  They offered not only Chinese cuisine but Szechuan, Japanese, Polynesian, Cantonese, Mandarin and Indian specialties.

30 Years Ago in 1986

  • At their new store at 130 W. Golf Road in Schaumburg, CompuMat was featuring “the most advanced personal computer in the world.”  It was a Compaq Deskpro 386.
  • The Woodfield Plitt Theatres were showing the following movies at the beginning of December:  An American Tail, Star Trek IV, Peggy Sue Got Married, The Nutcracker, Children of a Lesser God, Firewalker, Crocodile Dundee, The Color of Money and Something Wild.
  • The following older subdivisions were targeted for street lights in the near future:  Lexington Fields Estates, Meadow Knolls and Pleasant Acres.  An increase in vehicle sticker fees was being considered as a way to pay for the lighting.

20 Years Ago in 1996

  • It was announced that the Winkelhake Farm on the southeast corner of Higgins and Plum Grove Road would be sold for development to Cambridge Homes.  The property was the last farm in Schaumburg and had been owned by the Winkelhake family since the original land grant purchase in 1846.winkelhake-farm
  • Medieval Times decided to freshen up their act a bit by garbing their knights in armor instead of chain mail and adding a court sorcerer, new pyrotechnics, high-powered stereo system and new bright and colorful costumes.  The business opened its first castle in 1983 in Kissimmee, FL.
  • The Schaumburg Sister Cities Commission planned to send a group of health care professionals to the sister city of Schaumburg, Germany to view their country’s outlook and practices in the medical field.

10 Years Ago in 2006

  • Santa Claus was temporarily kept from his chair in Woodfield’s Central Court for an entire day when a decoration suspended from the ceiling caught fire in the early morning hours of December 11.  He was back in place the following day.
  • Elio’s Pizza at 977 W. Wise Road was having their grand opening special and offering 50% off any pizza or pasta on Tuesdays.
  • The Village of Schaumburg began a new, annual tradition of selling a Christmas ornament that depicts a local establishment.  The tradition was established as part of the village’s 50th anniversary celebration and the first ornament design was the Turret House on Schaumburg Road.Turret House

Jane Rozek
Local History Librarian
Schaumburg Township District Library

The photo of the Weathersfield Commons Shopping Center is used courtesy of  the former Profile Publications of Crystal Lake.
The photo of the Winkelhake farm is used courtesy of Spring Valley.

The factual items for this blog posting were taken from stories that appeared in the Daily Herald and the Chicago Tribune.





  1. kesoundman Says:

    Happy Holidaze Jane, I ran sound for Stormy Weather @ B’Ginnings , on a Sunday night, December 19th, not the 18th. The “Band” did not show up for sound check by 5:00 P.M, and the club manager Dino and I talked about docking them,. The guys showed up, with no equipment, and I asked them “Where’s your gear” ? The band leader replied, “Our gear is right here”, pointing at his face, “We’re an A cappella group,, voices only” ! We did a sound check in 10-15 minutes, and they sounded great, very memorable night, great guys, great songs, taking us back to the 50’s, “In The Still Of The Night” 60’s, “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” and some holiday songs as well, I thought you’d like to hear this story, and correctly identify the actual day/date, All the best, again, great job Jane,,,

    • jrozek Says:

      Done! Thank you for the great story regarding Stormy Weather. What a nice touch you were able to add!

      Jane Rozek
      Local History Librarian
      Schaumburg Township District Library

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