There were other places to get pizza in Schaumburg in 1975 but when Pizza Hut finally came to town, it was reason for a little rejoicing.  Even though it was a bit off the beaten path at the time of its construction–relatively speaking–it was exciting to welcome this well-known pizza chain to the area.

Classified ads for this location began appearing in the Daily Herald in July 1975.  They were looking for cooks and management personnel at their new location at 914 Roselle Road, just north of Wise.  You can actually see the building in this 1977 aerial photo.

Notice two-lane Roselle Road in the background of the photo.  Hartford Drive is the road that bisects off of Roselle and leads to the Pheasant Walk subdivision that is under construction.  Two doors down and to the left of Hartford Drive is Pizza Hut.  (It is noticeable because of its standard Pizza Hut roof!)  Fortunately, it was built far enough off of the street for the eventual widening of Roselle Road.


The building was built in the standard style of most Pizza Huts of the time, as you can see below.  It obviously had the prototypical red roof at one time.  That was changed at some point as can be seen in the more recent photo below.


The restaurant lasted for many years, serving pizza, salad and pitcher after pitcher of cold pop and beer.  It closed its doors in 2013 and sat dormant until it was torn down a few weeks ago in September, 2016.


But, isn’t it nice to remember date night in the booths or getting loud and raucous with your friends at a couple of tables with the jukebox playing the top hits of the day?  All while you waited for that cheezy goodness that was going to burn the roof of your mouth?  Remember when those pan pizzas first hit the menu?  Yummy.

Just a year later, another Pizza Hut opened at 1280 W. Higgins Road in Hoffman Estates.  This building can still be found three doors to the west of Hoffman Estates High School and is the location for Simply Stereo.  It has been modified so that there are now shutters on the windows and has a bright green roof.


All in all, two nice pizza bookends for Schaumburg Township!

[According to the Village of Schaumburg, the new owner of the Roselle Road location spent $700,000 to demolish the Pizza Hut and erect a Dunkin’ Donuts that is scheduled to open in the Spring of 2017.]

Jane Rozek
Local History Librarian
Schaumburg Township District Library

(Thank you to for the use of the Simply Stereo photo.)

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