During Schaumburg’s 60th anniversary year of 2016, we will take a look back at the Schaumburg  you’ve known for the last six decades.  Every month there will be a posting on 3 village happenings for each decade the village has been in existence.  Maybe you remember some of the events and have something more to add to a few of the items?  Send in your comments!

60 Years Ago in 1956

  • Carl Mees, the Farm Adviser for The Herald, wrote that he had spoken to Mrs. Gertrude McNaught of Rolling Acres Farm on West Schaumburg Road at the International Dairy Show being held at the International Amphitheatre.  Mrs. McNaught, one of the gentlewomen farmers of the area, was showing her prize guernsey cattle and hoping to win a blue ribbon or two.  (The McNaught farm can be seen below.) 4926-arnold
  • The Chicago Sanitary District was planning a referendum to annex a number of villages into the district–including Schaumburg.  The purpose was to use the District for future sanitary needs rather than counting on their own village resources.
  • An announcement of the wedding of Nancy Bullamore, daughter of Delbert Bullamore who managed Lake Cook Farm Supply, to Orville Lichthardt was made in the paper.  They were married at St. Peter Lutheran Church by Pastor F. A. Hertwig.

50 Years Ago in 1966

  • Mor-Well General Contractors presented a plan to the Schaumburg Plan Commission for a $2,200,000 three-part-cluster complex to be built on the west side of Roselle Road, just south of Schaumburg Road.  The first phase would consist of developing 91 single family homes on 30 acres that would be part of the Timbercrest subdivision.  Phase two would entail the building of a combination school and park area on 18.26 acres.  Lastly, the third phase would see a 4-building 156 unit apartment complex complete with a swimming pool and a tennis court.  The plan was met with considerable opposition from both Plan commissioners and local residents.
  • A Yorkshire pig that was won by the Otis Schmidt family at a luau escaped and was wondering the cornfields and roads of the township.  Permission was given by the family to Larry Dworzynski of Larry’s Standard Station that the pig was his if he could find it.  After feasting in local fields for a few months, the pig had put on twenty pounds and was dressed out at 60 pounds.
  • The Schaumburg Jaycees sponsored a village flag and seal contest with the endorsement of the village.  Open to all village residents, the hope was that they would receive a number of good designs to choose from.  The winning design would be turned over to a professional art firm that would spiff it up so that the Jaycees could then present it to the village for official approval.  (Schaumburg’s eventual seal and flag are shown below.)  schaumburg-flag

40 Years Ago in 1976

  • President Gerald Ford made an election stop at Woodfield Mall on October 26 while campaigning for the presidency.  A tour and a rally were scheduled for 7:30 p.m. with Ford expected to speak at 8:25.
  • The following restaurants in Schaumburg were looking for help in October:  William Flagg Restaurant at 795 E. Golf Road, Barnaby’s Restaurant at 134 W. Golf Road, Red Lobster at 680 N. Mall Drive, a new McDonalds in Woodfield Mall and the Brass Kettle Restaurant.  (Barnaby’s Restaurant is shown below.)  Barnabys 9
  • Arthur Treacher’s at 650 W. Golf Road was sponsoring their Tuesday Budget Banquet that featured “deliciously krunchy Fish & Chips plus creamy coleslaw and your choice of beverage.”  The regular price was $2.09 with the Tuesday special being $1.69.

30 Years Ago in 1986

  • Lion Photo on Golf Road was having a Halloween special at both their main store in Schaumburg and at their other 15 stores.  Their specials were the Maxxum 7000 camera for $339.95, the Minolta Freedom III camera for $179.95 and three-packs of Kodacolor VR film ranging from 5.95 to 7.95.
  • Spring Valley Nature Sanctuary was holding a Halloween Ghost Jaunt on a couple of evenings of the month.  A crowd must have been expected because advance registration was required for both residents and non-residents.
  • George Longmeyer, former village manager for Hoffman Estates and, more recently, assistant village manager for Schaumburg began his new position as Village Manager for Schaumburg in early October.

20 Years Ago in 1996

  • The village of Schaumburg announced that they would become a sister city to Namerikawa City, Japan in the upcoming months.  At the time Schaumburg was home to 15 Japanese companies.  Village officials were also attracted to the fact that a number of corporations made their headquarters in Namerikawa City.
  • The Schaumburg Township District Library announced it was ready to buy property in Town Square and begin construction on a new building that promised to be a focus of the redevelopment of the 26-year-old shopping center.
  • The Engineering and Public Works Committee approved an agreement with 34 subdivisions operated by homeowner’s associations to reimburse them for hiring contractors to plow their streets in the upcoming winter.  The village would continue to salt all of the streets.

10 Years Ago in 2006

  • The Woodfield Trolley Service, begun in 2000, was extended for an additional three years with plans to continue its route from the Convention Center, PACE Northwest Transportation Center, Woodfield Mall, Streets of Woodfield, Woodfield Village Green, IKEA and Roosevelt University.  (Woodfield Trolley is below.) woodfield-trolley
  • Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani and former Illinois Governor Jim Edgar appeared in Schaumburg at a fundraiser for Republican David McSweeney who was challenging Melissa Bean for the 8th Congressional District seat.
  • Village officials dedicated the theater at the Prairie Center for the Arts to Maggie Atcher, wife of former Mayor Robert Atcher.  Going forward, the venue would be called the Maggie Atcher Theatre.  Mrs. Atcher helped form the first cultural arts commission and was a major force in the creation of the Prairie Center.

Jane Rozek
Local History Librarian
Schaumburg Township District Library

The Woodfield Trolley photo is graciously used from the Chicago Northwest blog.  

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