During Schaumburg’s 60th anniversary year of 2016, we will take a look back at the Schaumburg  you’ve known for the last six decades.  Every month there will be a posting on 3 village happenings for each decade the village has been in existence.  Maybe you remember some of the events and have something more to add to a few of the items?  Send in your comments!

60 Years Ago in 1956

  • The Roselle Garden Club donated a Hopa crab tree to Schaumburg School where it was quickly planted.  [I suspect it was this tree, given its location and age.  Maybe someone can tell me for sure?]Crabtree 2
  • The new Mobile Dial Exchange put in place by Illinois Bell required a new prefix for local users–TWinbrook 4 or TW4.  Direct dialing was only possible to the villages of Roselle and Bartlett.  All other calls went through the operators in Arlington Heights.  (Photo to the right shows the prefix being used.)Sunderlage
  • Thirteen boys and girls of Schaumburg Community School District graduated from eighth grade on May 29, 1956.  Diplomas were presented by Albert Straub, president of the School Board to Sheila Alsip, Mary Jane Becker, William Bowsher, Susan Garbrecht, Margaret Hamelin, Carol Kagel, Sharon Mahometa, Arnold Michaels, Penny Palumbo, Peggy Siedenburg, Spenser Troxell Dan Walsburg and John Dytko.

50 Years Ago in 1966

  • Blue lights for the cars of members of the new volunteer fire department were purchased at a cost of $180.  In addition, the Schaumburg Civil Defense unit approved an expenditure of up to $200 to outfit eight men with summer uniforms when working temporary police duty.
  • At a May 19 District 54 board meeting, a 6-1 vote approved the organization of two junior highs in one school.  Due to the lagging construction of Hellen Keller Junior High, it was necessary to double shift both Robert Frost students and Helen Keller students in the Robert Frost building.  Keller students would attend from 7-12:30 in the fall and Frost students would attend from 12:30-5.  [Can anyone remember this remarkable schedule?]
  • It was reported in the May 5 Herald that the Schaumburg Jaycees received their charter the prior Saturday at a dinner dance held at the Golden Acres Country Club on Roselle Road.  Louis Caple was made president and the board of directors were Richard McArthur, William Hannon, Denis Ledgerwood and Jack Larsen.

40 Years Ago in 1976

  • Schaumburg High School’s band boosters presented Maynard Ferguson, the trumpeter, and his band in concert on Tuesday, May 18 at 8:00 in the school gymnasium.Maynard Ferguson
  • It was announced that the long awaited opening of the Illinois Secretary of State’s driver testing station in the Woodfield Commons shopping center would be delayed until June or July.  It had been hoped the long awaited station would open in May.  The search for a northwest suburban location began in 1970 and this site was chosen because of “its central location and easy access from major roads and highways.”
  • The two Schaumburg Ponderosa’s–located at Irving Park and Wise Road, just east of the K-Mart, and on West Golf Road across from the Schaumburg State Bank–had a Memorial Day special of a $2.79 T-bone, a $1.99 Extra Cut Rib-eye and a Square Shooter (kids’ hamburger and fries) for .59.

30 Years Ago in 1986

  • A two-story, 1700 square-foot, landscaped, decorated and furnished home was built in the middle of Grand Court at Woodfield Mall by Pulte Master Builders.  Twenty two mall stores contributed to the decor and furnishings of the house.  The interior of the house was scheduled to be decorated in a traditional fashion through May 18 and then in a contemporary style through June 15 when the display ended.
  • It was announced by Service Merchandise that their five Mr. How home improvement stores would close in the Chicago area.  The Schaumburg store was called Mr. How Warehouse and was located at 905 E. Golf Road where Golfsmith and Bed, Bath & Beyond are located today.
  • St. Marcelline Catholic Church’s annual spring musical was a successful production of “Annie” with Becky Olichwier and Dannielle Kohl performing the lead role for seven alternating performances.  According to the Daily Herald, it was “directed by Gene Machinica and produced by Pat Stewart [and] the cast of 33 actors and singers turned in remarkably well-acted and sung performances.”  

20 Years Ago in 1996

  • Dominick’s Finer Foods opened a new grocery store in the Town Square Shopping Center at the northwest corner of Schaumburg and Roselle Roads.  It was the 80th store in the company’s chain.
  • The Schaumburg Zoning Board of Appeals unanimously approved the design of the new Schaumburg Township District Library to be built in Town Square.  The building will be 161,000 square feet and will be the second largest library in the state in terms of circulation.  
  • The Schaumburg Golf Club on Roselle Road served as a qualifying course for the U.S. Open.  Due to a heavy downpour on one of the days, a conflict occurred for a number of the players who were also enrolled in the Illinois PGA Championship.Schaumburg golf club

10 Years Ago in 2006

  • Wayne Schaible, the second superintendent of School District 54, passed away on May 21.  He began his tenure in 1958 as principal of Twinbrook School.  He was promoted to assistant superintendent and then superintendent in 1966.  He served in that position until 1983, overseeing the growth of the district from 7500 students to 16,000 and opening 19 new schools.  He was also a charter member of Prince of Peace Lutheran Church in Schaumburg as well as the Schaumburg Rotary Club.
  • The 19th annual Prairie Arts Festival was held on the rolling ground of the Schaumburg Municipal Center.  The event featured nearly 150 artists, three entertainment stages, a large food booth and a children’s arts and crafts area.   
  • An article was written about the Paul Schweikher home, located on Meacham Road and the only building in Schaumburg on the National Register of Historic Places.  The home was finished in 1938 and Schweikher lived there until 1953 when the house was purchased by Alexander and Martyl Langsdorf.  Schweikher was a locally renowned architect who left the area to become head of the Yale School of Architecture.  Alexander Langsdorf was a physicist with the Manhattan Project and his wife was an internationally known landscape artist who was most famous for designing the Doomsday Clock.

Jane Rozek
Local History Librarian
Schaumburg Township District Library

The photo of the Schaumburg Golf Club is gratefully used, courtesy of the Schaumburg Convention Center website.

The factual items for this blog posting were taken from stories that appeared in the Daily Herald and the Chicago Tribune.


  1. greeneyes4577 Says:

    If I remember correctly, Service Merchandise was never located at 905 E. Golf Road. Before Golf Smith and Bed Bath and Beyond, Handy Andy was located there. Service Merchandise was in the same location were TJ Maxx is currently located, in the shopping center on the southwest corner of Roselle and Golf. It later moved to the shopping center across from Woodfield Mall on Meacham and Golf where it was located until it closed forever.

    • jrozek Says:

      You are correct, 905 E. Golf Road was the location for Handy Andy–which I remember too. I double checked the 1985 phone book, though, and Mr. How Warehouse was also listed at that address. According to the Chicago Tribune article, Mr. How was only in business for one year in the Chicago area when they closed all their stores. So, it just came and went.

      Jane Rozek
      Local History Librarian
      Schaumburg Township District Library

  2. Bruce J Trivellini Says:

    I remember the double shift being later. I was in Frost class of ’70 and it wasn’t until our 8th grade year we lost the Hanover Park kids and had the double shift. It was only for part of the year though. I was also part of the delay in the opening of SHS! Some crazy school times there too.

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