Sedory 3

Sedory 2


The first thing you notice in these photos is the cute little boy standing in a grassy yard.  The next thing that might catch your eye is the young tree as well as the fact that there is a field in the background.  Amazingly enough, these photos are taken from the house at–what was then–290 Bode Road in Hoffman Estates.  The top photo looks due north towards Higgins Road while the other photo looks towards the northwest.  What is most revealing though are the fields, and the fact that there was NOTHING there in June, 1962.

The Sedory family moved into their brand new house in Parcel C in 1960 and had this young boy the same year.  Two years later they still had all of that scenery on Bode Road to enjoy.  Looking a bit closer in the left photo, there are a few houses to the east of their house and in the other photo there appears to be a farm in the distance.  Even still, all of that open space commands the photos.

The photo below was taken a year later in 1963 and it is evident that there have been more houses built in the interim.  Daniel Sedory, contributor of the photos, recalls a road being built parallel to Bode in 1963.  Given the distance, it seems it might be Alcoa Lane.  Development was coming…

Sedory 1

Two years later in 1964, the houses were going up across the street.  Dirt and construction refuse was part of the process but you can also see the inclines on which the houses were built as well as the power lines in the background.  Clearly some grading had been done by F & S Construction to create the small slopes.

Bode Road photo


This photo was taken the following summer in 1965 and looks west towards Washington.    The views and the fields were gone, taken over by brand new homes, trees, roads and, most importantly, families.


Sedory 4

Watching a street grow year by year in Hoffman Estates is an interesting process.  Having photos available that catch that process in detail is fortunate.  Thank you Daniel for passing them along!

Jane Rozek
Local History Librarian
Schaumburg Township District Library



  1. Fred Luft Says:

    These are great pictures. Thanks for sharing. Wondering what the person has in the box on the cart they are pulling and where they would be going?

  2. Daniel B. Sedory Says:

    Hello Fred, Originally there were front wheels and steering ropes attached where the boy is pulling the “cart” and the cardboard box was simply to give passengers the feeling of being in a ‘covered wagon’.

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