During Schaumburg’s 60th anniversary year of 2016, we will take a look back at the Schaumburg  you’ve known for the last six decades.  Every month there will be a posting on 3 village happenings for each decade the village has been in existence.  Maybe you remember some of the events and have something more to add to a few of the items?  Send in your comments!

60 Years Ago in February 1956

  • The new village was going to choose its first officials at a write-in election on February 10.  The slate was as follows:  Louis Redeker for mayor and William Frank, Ellsworth Meineke, F.C. Wiley, Walter Slingerland, Herman Winkelhake and Phillip Mueller as trustees.  Sara Meginnis was also nominated for village clerk.  All but Mr. Mueller lived on a farm.  Voting was to be held in the Schaumburg Center School.
  • Schaumburg Farmers Local Pure Milk Association will have its meeting Thursday, February 16 at Niemann’s Hall at 8 p.m.  All members are included.  (Niemann’s Hall was the name of the bar/restaurant that is now known as Lou Malnatis.)
  • $77.70 was collected in Schaumburg for the Mother’s March of the Roselle Polio fund drive.

50 Years Ago in February 1966

  • President Bob Atcher opposed the junior college site that was being explored at the northwest corner of Golf and Meacham Roads due to its enormous potential tax value.  (The Village of Schaumburg street map from 1968 shows the parcel that was being considered.) Schaumburg Map
  • Nearly 1200 boys are currently engaged in scouting in Schaumburg Township.  These figures were released in observance of Boy Scouts Week.
  • Schaumburg’s village board was expected to approve an ordinance creating it’s own fire department at a meeting on Saturday, February 26.

40 Years Ago in February 1976

  • Construction had begun on Friendship Village, a 640-apartment project on Schaumburg Road.  The 306 units in the first phase were expected to open at the end of the year and were 80% reserved.
  • A column in the February 6 paper featured the Magic Pan restaurant in Woodfield and their variety of crepes that included the Spinach Souffle Crepe with a filling of spinach in a white sauce with a sprinkling of Parmesan cheese on top.  All crepes were made on the “crepe wheel” near the entrance of the restaurant.
  • The Woodfield Ice Arena was advertising that “2 people could skate for the price of 1 through February 29.”  Teen and Adult ice skating lessons had also begun.

30 Years Ago in February 1986

  • Because it was too warm to build a snowman for the Greater Woodfield Winter Carnival, the snow had to be trucked in from other locations.  The state of Michigan graciously donated 100 tons and Villa Olivia in Bartlett manufactured as much snow as they could to build the 65-foot snowman.
  • The village’s Sister Cities Commission was sponsoring an “I Love Schaumburg” week with 30 different events planned.  Treasure maps were handed out and for every event attended, it was possible to get a stamp.  Those who collected enough stamps were eligible for a drawing of $1000 in silver dollars.
  • The village welcomed a new International House of Pancakes restaurant to 1821 W. Irving Park Road.  A coupon for a $2.49 Rooty Tooty Fresh n’ Fruity Breakfast was available in the paper.



20 Years Ago in February 1996

  • The Schaumburg Park District received $200,000 in federal funds to improve park land on Knollwood Drive, just south of Golf Road.  Plans were to put in a basketball court, tennis court and playground on four of the ten acres.
  • It was announced that the “Living Room” nightclub would open in the former space that had housed Walter Payton’s Thirty-Fours, Confetti’s, The Playground and Senior Phroggs.  The intent was to give baby boomers a mellower place to socialize.
  • The Miss Schaumburg pageant was expanded to include a Little Miss Schaumburg contest for girls ages 4 through 9.

10 Years Ago in February 2006

  • The Schaumburg Flyers baseball team held their sixth annual Flyers Fest.  Fans wearing jerseys enjoyed meeting the players, getting autographs and eating standard baseball fare at the concession stand.  Pitchers John Hummel and Chris Andel as well as infielder, Nelson Gord, were in attendance.
  • The Chicago Comedy Company at Streets of Woodfield broke from their improv routines to do something new and  put on the show “Nunsense.”  Starting with that show, they hoped to add a series of musical comedies to their lineup.
  • The second annual Chicagoland Snow Sculpting Competition took place at Roosevelt University and drew thousands of families.  The first-place sculture of a bear licking honey from a beehive was designed and created by a group of three artists from Madison, WI who won $1500 for their entry.

Jane Rozek
Local History Librarian
Schaumburg Township District Library

The factual items for this blog posting were taken from stories that appeared in the Daily Herald and the Chicago Tribune.


  1. Fred Luft Says:

    Around February 1959 before Hoffman Estates was incorporated, The Hoffman Home Owners Association had some of its members, one of which was my dad, go to the Schaumburg Center board members.

    They wanted Schaumburg to annex them into the village of Schaumburg. Needless to say this did not happen. The Schaumburg Center board did say that they were sure that at some time in the future the entire area would be one incorporated area. This info is from my dads typed written notes of this meeting.

    Who knows what the area would be like if Schaumburg would of annexed them back then.

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