While preparing a group of photos to be scanned for the library’s archives, I came across these two that were part of a collection donated by the family of John Sternberg, former longtime pastor of St. Peter Lutheran Church.  (Thank you to the Sternberg family!)

The photo below shows a group of parishoners of St. Peter’s enjoying some time at a bowling alley.  Judging by the clothes, the time frame is either the 1950s or the early 1960s.  Hoffman Lanes opened in 1961 and I’m hoping this photo shows their interior because that would be a neat addition to the collection.  It looks, though, like many bowling alleys of that time period so it could be any one of a number of bowling establishments.  Can anyone possibly discern which bowling alley it might be?


This  next photo obviously depicts a very new subdivision in our township.  Distinguishing characteristics are the very young trees in the parkways, the fact that there is curb and gutter edging the street, the subdivision is built on a slope and the car on the right looks like it was probably from the 1950s.  The back of the photo says ca. 1963.  Any ideas about which subdivision this might be?


As always, your assistance is much appreciated!

Jane Rozek
Local History Librarian
Schaumburg Township District Library



  1. Gregory Tazelaar Says:

    The homes, parkways, and slope of the street look like Highland Blvd looking North at Jefferson (what we called the top of the hill) in the Highlands. Probably 1960.

    • jrozek Says:

      Thank you Gregory! This helps. It was my belief that it was somewhere in Hoffman Estates too given the roll of the terrain.

      Jane Rozek
      Local History Librarian
      Schaumburg Township District Library

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