Our guest contributor this week is Pat Barch, the Hoffman Estates Historian.  This column originally appeared in the September 2015 issue of the Hoffman Estates Citizen, the village’s newsletter.  The column appears here, courtesy of the Village of Hoffman Estates.

Hoffman Estates homeIt’s been 56 years since the Village of Hoffman Estates was incorporated on September 23, 1959.  The struggle that went on in our community back then was not only fierce but at times down and dirty.  Those who opposed incorporation sent out flyers with inaccurate information about the high cost of taxes if incorporation succeeded.  They held meetings to try and convince the Hoffman Estates residents to reject incorporation.

The Hoffman Estates Homeowners Association was just as intent on winning over as many voters as possible with newsletters filled with facts and figures as to why incorporation was so important for the new village.  They gave statistics on how insurance rates would fall when the village would be able to establish its own police force rather than relying on the Cook County Sheriff’s Police force for help when crimes occurred.  Being responsible for crimes in distant communities kept them from quick responses to calls for help in Hoffman Estates.

Incorporating and setting up their own government was imperative if the community was to grow and prosper.  Construction was booming.  F & S Construction was building more and more homes.  Order and authority over the development of the future Hoffman Estates could only happen if the community voted to incorporate and then be able to determine its own destiny.

Annexation of property to expand the community wasn’t possible until incorporation occurred.  Schaumburg had incorporated in 1956 and began to annex land to successfully encircle and stop the growth of Hoffman Estates.  The checkerboard map of the two communities is a result of those efforts.

As I read more and learn more about the early struggle that the residents of Hoffman Estates went through, I realize how important the Hoffman Estates Home Owners Association was in educating and relentlessly pursuing their quest for incorporation.

It certainly didn’t come easy.  It took many mailings and meetings to convince the residents of the importance of incorporation.  Three votes were taken in 1959.  Finally, on September 23, 1959, we were incorporated as the Village of Hoffman Estates.    Success at last.

Pat Barch
Hoffman Estates Village Historian


  1. steve thomas Says:

    I remember my parents and friends parents complaining that Schaumburg was encircling, checkerboarding and choking off Hoffman. Poor Bob Atcher was often mentioned as our nemisis.

  2. Fred Luft Says:

    My dad Fred Luft Jr. was involved with the Hoffman Estates Home Owners Association (HEHOA). I have some of his hand written and typed notes regarding the incorporation discussions. Also some newspaper clippings.

    This was truly a fight on whether to incorporate or not. The earliest info I have was not a legal binding vote. This vote was done by the HEHOA by what is referred to as a “Supervised Secret Balloting” that took place on Nov. 1, 1958. The vote to incorporate or not was defeated 900 to 850. There is also an article about this vote in the Palatine Enterprise dated Nov 13, 1958.

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