In looking through a 1982 Community Profile of the former Northwest Suburban Association of Commerce & Industry, I came across the following photos of homes and apartments in Schaumburg Township.  I’m wondering if the collective brain could help identify the neigborhoods the residences are in?  If you can, please leave a comment below.  And, if you can identify them as Numbers 1 through 6, that would be very helpful too!

Jane Rozek
Local History Librarian
Schaumburg Township District Library

Photos are used courtesy of the former Profile Publications, Inc. of Crystal Lake, IL.

1.)  6



2.)  5




3.)  4




4.)  3




5.) 2







  1. Says:

    the only pix that looks familiar is #4 and the mansard roof in the background might be the doctors’ building on Golf Road.

  2. Ed Barczak Says:

    #2 looks like it could be the Colony Lake subdivision off of Salem Drive, across the street from Zocher Park, behind Keller Jr High.

  3. jim Says:

    #4 was my house in the white. Balsam Ct. Schaumburg Il.

  4. Steve Snediker Says:

    Some of the pics look like Dunbar Lakes, just south of Conant HS.

  5. Kelly Says:

    When I saw no. 2, I thought the same thing as Ed. Then, I noticed the lights/light poles in the background. I don’t think Keller had lights like that back then. Maybe a high school did?

  6. Janet hallam Says:

    #4 is The Woods. The White House is 332 Balsam Court.

  7. larryrowan Says:

    1. Looks like Schaumburg Lakes
    2. Is definately Colony Lakes
    3. May be Winston Grove in EG (sch twp)
    4. Is definately the Woods
    5. Is definately Winston Grove
    6. Is Stonebridge off Summit

  8. Jane Rozek Says:

    Thank you to everyone for your great responses! This has been most helpful. It was wonderful to put a subdivision name to each of the photos. And who knew that an owner of one of the houses would respond? Very cool. Many thanks!

    Jane Rozek
    Local History Librarian
    Schaumburg Township District Library

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