Quinlan and Tyson


This photo came to me courtesy of Pat Barch, Hoffman Estates Historian.   The back of the photo says, “Old brown house on Schaumburg Road, June 1980”.

I recognized the brown house as the Al and Marilyn Glade house.  It was immediately west of the Ace Hardware at Roselle and Schaumburg Roads in later years and west of the Fenz store in earlier years.  A number of families called it home, including Delbert Bullamore who ran the Lake-Cook Farm Supply that was in the small building next to what is now Lou Malnatis.  It was a short commute home.

The sign, though, for Quinlan and Tyson does not represent the brown house.  In my first posting I wrote that the sign indicated that the business was in the brown house.  One of the commenters below corrected me and noted that Quinlan and Tyson was, in fact, in the house to the west of the brown house.  In other words, it was two doors west of Ace Hardware.  I took a look at an aerial photo from this time period that we have on the Local History Digital Archive and confirmed his statement.  If you’ll notice in the photo below, there is a tree to the left of the business.  The aerial photo shows this tree and, more importantly, does not show a tree in front of the brown house.  Ultimately it means the perspective we see is looking east down Schaumburg Road, and the Quinlan and Tyson building is actually to the right and unseen in the photo.

Quinlan and Tyson 2

That being said, I felt a bit of research on Quinlan and Tyson was warranted.  I discovered that they expanded into Chicago’s Northwest suburbs in May 1969 “with offices in Arlington Heights, Palatine and Schaumburg.”  [Dreams, Money, and Ambition:  A History of Real Estate in Chicago.  Betsy Pegg, 1983]  Their address was 7 W. Schaumburg Road, which was on the south side of the road.  According to their sign this was the Schaumburg/Hoffman Estates office.  An ad (gratefully used from the Daily Herald) from that time shows a very similar looking house and sign.

I found newspaper ads for the agency through 1979 and then switched to our collection of phone books to follow their existence, tracking them through 1984 at the same address.    The 1984 date makes sense because, in January 1985, the Quinlan and Tyson name ceased to exist when they were bought by Merrill Lynch.

In Dreams, Money and Ambition, it is noted that, on September 3, 1980, “the new Schaumburg institute is officially opened.”  This meshes with the teardown date of June 1980 on the back of the photo.  The problem was trying to figure out what building took its place, since there is a gap between 1980 and the dissolution of the company in 1985.  Plus, there is the fact that the phone books continued to list the real estate office at the same address.

To give me a little perspective, I began exploring the Town Square aerial photos on the library’s Local History Digital Archive.  The only building that seemed to be in the proper location was the two-story, brown office building that sat immediately adjacent to the Ace Hardware on the SW corner of Schaumburg and Roselle.  With a little more digging through the Digital Archive, I confirmed the connection through the photo below contributed by L.S. Valentine.

The building was known as the Quinlan and Tyson building when it was first built in 1980.  It housed various businesses at different times, including Quinlan & Tyson Real Estate, Merrill Lynch Real Estate, Prudential Real Estate, William M. Dumich, C.P.A, and Donald Frostholm. In 1995 the Village of Schaumburg purchased the office building and demolished it in order to begin the redevelopment of a new Town Square.



Case closed.  Mystery solved.  And a huge thank you to Tim Legrady for clarifying the location of the first Quinlan and Tyson office.  I always appreciate the assistance of the readers!  If you have any other details on Quinlan and Tyson that you’d like to share, please do.  Adding to the history is always appreciated!

Jane Rozek
Local History Librarian
Schaumburg Township District Library




  1. larryrowan Says:

    Yes, I remember visiting the Q & T office many times. After it changed to Merrill Lynch, then Prudential they relocated to the newly redeveloped Town Square center and were bought By Coldwell Banker in 1998. Coldwell Banker operated it at that location (2 story location next to the Library and Dominicks) until Coldwell Banker moved to the free standing location in Town Square that had been a Blockbuster Video.

  2. DN71 Says:

    I remember them. What I did not know, until doing a little research, is Q & T was sued by the Chicago Bar Assoc. From what I read, brokers felt it was their role “to complete the documents required to close a transaction, including deeds, bills of sale, escrow agreements, affidavits waiving title objections, etc. The Chicago Bar Association sued, charging that the preparation of such documents by brokers actually constituted the unauthorized practice of law”. The case apparently was very important and has been used as precedence in other cases and is referenced on the IL broker’s exam. Never knew any of this!


  3. Tim Legrady Says:

    Quinlan & Tyson was in the house immediately west of the brown house west of the Ace Hardware.

    • jrozek Says:


      I very much appreciate your clarification of the precise location of the Quinlan and Tyson business. The angle of the photo threw me and it was only because you replied to the posting that I made the connection. Thank you for your assistance! If this information is going to be out there for the world to see, I always like to have it be as precise as possible. Many thanks,

      Jane Rozek
      Local History Librarian
      Schaumburg Township District Library

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