In researching the last two blog postings on the Kosnik and Sunderlage gas stations, it was impossible not to notice the other stations that were in the area.  Like the homes that seemingly sprang up out of the ground, gas stations did the same.  It makes sense, though, when you consider that all of these homes were developed in an area that was fairly remote and distant–in a suburban sense–from other town centers.  Thus the need for a gas station nearby.

While perusing a 1959 phone book that we own, I looked under the category “Automobile Service Stations” in the yellow pages.  Amazingly enough there were six located in Schaumburg Township.  As you can imagine, most were clustered in the Higgins/Golf/Roselle Road triangle.Sunderlage

They were:

  • Bud & Bob’s Pure Service Station, according to reader Jon Guiney, was on the northwest corner at Higgins and Roselle in Hoffman Estates.  Their ad said they were open every day of the week and offered the following services:  road service, towing, mechanical repairs, free pick up and delivery, brake service and generator and starter service.
  • Kosnik’s Service Station on Higgins Road at Golf.  You can read their story here.
  • Luck’s Cities Service at Golf and Roselle Road on the SE side of the intersection in the Hoffman Estates Plaza.  Myron Luck and his brother built the station around 1957 according to Myron’s daughter Cynthia.  They offered road service, tune ups, ignition, clutch and brake repair.
  • R & W Sinclair Service at Roselle and Golf Roads in Hoffman Estates.  They offered free pickup and delivery, road service, washing, minor repairs, tune ups and brake service.  According to their ad, R & W stood for Ron and Wayne.
  • Edward Sunderlage [station] at Higgins and Golf Roads.  They were an authorized Sinclair dealer and were opened every day of the year.  They did lube jobs and sold accessories and honored credit cards.  You can read their story here.
  • Tony’s Sinclair Service at Higgins and Golf Roads. that was a full service station.  They offered road service and towing, motor tune up, major auto repairs, lube jobs, accessories, batteries, pick up and delivery, and automatic transmission service.  They also had 3 service trucks that did the towing and pick up and delivery.

After looking this list over, I have a few questions and comments for the readers:

  • I find it remarkable that there were three stations at the intersection of Higgins and Golf:  Kosnik’s, Sunderlage and Tony’s.   Each station clearly had their own specialties and a loyal clientele.
  • Which brings us to another point…  Tony’s and Sunderlage’s were directly across the street from one another and they were both Sinclair stations!  Plus, there was another one at Roselle and Golf.  Clearly, this was a popular brand of the time.
  • Being unfamiliar with Cities Service, I quickly discovered that this was the precursor to Citgo.  Do you remember other Cities Service stations in the area?
  • Does anyone recall which corner Bud & Bob’s, Luck’s and R&W’s were on?

Feel free to add any other early gas stations of Schaumburg Township.  There were some in the Golf/Roselle/Higgins triangle that came later.  I’m also fairly certain there were others around Meacham Road.  Your clues will help!

Jane Rozek
Local History Librarian
Schaumburg Township District Library




  1. larryrowan Says:

    There was a gas station on the North East corner of Golf and Roselle that was probably the R&W station.

  2. Fred Luft Says:

    My earliest memory of any gas station was the Shell gas station at the NE corner of Higgins and Roselle Rd. It was owned by Ken Rogner and his dad I believe. Ken Rogner lived a few doors down from our house on Des Plaines Lane. This might of been around 1960 or so. Ken was also a volunteer fireman on the Hoffman Estates Fire Dept.

  3. Bruce Trivellini Says:

    SW corner of Roselle and Golf was the citgo…Lucks R&W was NE corner of roselle and golf. Used to pass by there everyday when I went to school at twinbrook…1960. I lived in Sunset Hills. There were two on the corner of Nerge and Roselle, Hank’s Texaco and Ken’s Union 76 then just another mile down the road was Dick’s Standard at Irving Park and Roselle. Also, Wise and Roselle had a Sunoco.

  4. Bruce Trivellini Says:

    Don’t forget there was a number of Clark Gas Stations nearby too. In fact the recently closed Frankly Yours hot dot stand on Algonquin was an old Clark gas station. On in down town Roselle across from the pizza cottage too.

  5. Bruce Trivellini Says:

    What information do you have about Old Settlers inn at Nerge and Roselle?

    • jrozek Says:

      Hello Bruce,

      I created a blog posting about the Old Settler’s Inn thanks to the Roselle History Museum. You can read it here: https://ourlocalhistory.wordpress.com/2011/12/11/old-settlers-inn/

      Thanks for asking!

      Jane Rozek
      Local History Librarian
      Schaumburg Township District Library

      • Bruce Trivellini Says:

        thank you Jane. I have a lot of old stories about growing up in the township. I grew up on Sunset Drive in Sunset Hills. If you ever need a topic to blog let me know.

        I would love to read more about the Piske brothers whose farm was on Nerge Road. They sold off the farm for the house piece by piece and put in the lawns! Plum Grove Road from Nerge to Schaumburg Road had quite the history…both real and legend. I do remember one alleged murder in Sunset Hills. Stillmack was their name I believe and it was rumored Mr. Stillmack murdered his wife. Do you have any information regarding that?


      • jrozek Says:


        I don’t have anything for you to read about the Piske brothers but LaVonne Presley and I did do an oral history with Ruth and June Piske who are daughters of Edwin and Theresa Piske. The Piskes were truck farmers for many years at the corner of Nerge and Roselle Roads. You can find the oral history on our Local History Digital Archive in the video section. http://archives.stdl.org/digitalarchive/digitalarchive.asp

        Hope you enjoy it!

        Jane Rozek
        Local History Librarian
        Schaumburg Township District Library

  6. Paul Linkevich Says:

    Pure and Arco stations at Schaumburg and Springsguth rd

  7. Fred Luft Says:

    Standard Oil gas station at the NE corner of Roselle Rd and Golf Rd. My first memory is around 1969. It was owned my Gene and Mike I think.

  8. Ed Barczak Says:

    The Sunoco at Wise and Roselle was a Sinclair when we moved to Schaumburg in 67. It became a Sunoco a few years later. There was a Zephyr station right where the Elgin-O’Hare crosses Irving Park. There was a Clark station on Wise Road right before Irving, and a Standard station right at Wise and Irving.

  9. Mike Legrady Says:

    I remember the Texaco on Roselle rd. just south of Schaumburg rd. it had the white painted tree in front.

    • jrozek Says:

      Mike, was this on the east side of the street next to what would have been the Buggy Whip tavern back then but is now the Easy Street Pub?

      Jane Rozek
      Local History Librarian
      Schaumburg Township District Library

  10. Jon Guiney Says:

    Bud and Bob’s Pure was at the northwest corner of Higgins and Roselle. Soon after Union Oil merged with Pure Oil, it became a Union 76 mini-mart, one of the first “mini-mart” stations in the area. I recall this mostly because my father worked for Pure/Unocal at the office on Golf Road near Route 53, and because of his employer loyalties, it was practically the only gas station we ever pulled into. (My memory of this may be a little faulty, I was fairly young at the time.)

    On a side note, the office building on Golf, the view of which was eventually blocked by the Woodfield Village Green, had a Palatine address because it was such a rural area at the time, even though it was within the Schaumburg village limits. I also recall that McConnor Parkway wsa named for one of the top executives of Unocal because they were instrumental in developing all that land across from Woodfield Mall, and they eventually sold the office building to Roosevelt University. There was another Pure/Unocal service station on the northeast corner of Meacham and Golf at the edge of that property that had quite a racket going because they had a contract with the corporate office to service all of the company vehicles.

    Is that office building even there any more? With all the highrises back there, I imagine it’s been long torn down. It’s been quite some time since I’ve been back there.

    • jrozek Says:

      Thank you, Jon, for responding about Pure Oil–and for clarifying where Bud and Bob’s station was.

      The additional details about Pure Oil are much appreciated too! I did not realize that McConnor Parkway was named for a Unocal executive so I did a bit of digging and discovered it was William S. McConnor who was Senior Vice President for Refining and Marketing.

      And, yes, part of the building exists as Roosevelt University. It’s my intent to do a posting on Pure Oil so look for some photos there of what remains of the original building. Thanks for the push!

      Jane Rozek
      Local History Librarian
      Schaumburg Township District Library

  11. Cynthia Luck Says:

    My dad, Myron Luck and his brother had the City Service (Citgo) on Roselle Road and the SW corner of Rt. 58. I think he built it in 1957. I will check with older brothers, Lannie and Glen to see what they remember. Thank you so much for this memory!!

    • jrozek Says:


      Thank you so much for the information from your personal perspective! I am happy to add those details to the blog posting. If you have a photo of the station, I’d love to include that as well! No one I’ve talked to remembers City Service stations so this is quite a unique look at Schaumburg Township.

      Jane Rozek
      Local History Librarian
      Schaumburg Township District Library

  12. Allen Clark Says:

    When I was 8-11 years old, my mother would drive to the Sunderlage Service Station quite often. I remember there was a guy who worked there who was somewhat retarded and I’m sorry I don’t remember his name, a lot of kids thought he was creepy, but I thought he was just being friendly (in a creepy sort of way). When I was in high school, I worked at the Shell station for Ken Rogner and as it turned out, Ken’s father used to be our milk man when we lived in Des Plaines before moving to H.E. At about that same time, My Mother Anita, being recently divorced, took a job at the Pure Oil/Union Oil headquarters building on Golf Road where she became the head telephone operator. Years later, Her boss died in the American Airlines DC10 Disaster as it left O-Hare field and an engine fell off, all on board were killed.

    • jrozek Says:

      Very interesting personal stories, Allen. I’m always happy to hear these unique perspectives on our local history. I don’t know that I’d heard of a Pure Oil/Union Oil executive who died in that horrible disaster. It seems it’s never six degrees of separation in the Chicago area but more like one or two.

      Jane Rozek
      Local History Librarian
      Schaumburg Township District Librarian

  13. Tom Helsper Says:

    The gas station that was near the Buggy Whip was run by an elderly couple named Brown. I’m pretty sure there was just one pump, and I can’t recall if they did repairs. It seems likely that they did. Old man Brown chewed out my father one Saturday morning for letting me operate the pump. It was probably justified seeing as how I couldn’t have been more than six or seven years old.

  14. jrozek Says:

    Young’s Marathon Service was on the northwest corner of the intersection of Schaumburg and Roselle Roads. Their phone number was TW 4-9846 according to an article from the Herald.

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