Recognize any of these businesses from the early suburban days of Hoffman Estates and Schaumburg?  This week Pat Barch, the Hoffman Estates Historian shared a publication with me from 1964.  It was the Hoffman Estates Athletic Association 1964 Football Program.  

While most of the program was centered around the teams of the Hoffman Raiders and Commandos, as well as their cheerleading squads, the Raiderettes and Commandettes, a fair portion of the book was devoted to the sponsors of the two teams.  Take a look at some of the business ads that were included…

Tony's Marathon ServiceNotice that even though Tony’s was in Hoffman Estates proper–and certainly Schaumburg Township–the address was listed as Palatine.  This was quite common in the early days of development due to the fact that Schaumburg Township did not have its own post office.  In the instance of this business, their mail was probably being routed through the Palatine Post Office.

Schaumburg Transportation Co


Schaumburg Transportation Company was the bus service for many years for our school districts.  You can find a writeup about their history here.

Buggy Whip

This is a very cute ad for The Buggy Whip which, by this point, was in its second location.  You can read about it here.  Notice the TW4 prefix for the phone number.  TW stood for Twinbrook which was under early consideration as the name for Hoffman Estates.  The name was used in the naming of Twinbrook School, Twinbrook YMCA and Twinbrook Hardware.

Hoffman Estates StandardThere were quite a few gas stations on the main intersection corners of the early suburbs.  This station was on the NE corner of Golf and Roselle and was, ironically, in Schaumburg.

Stompanato SonsThis plumbing business had, not only TW as a prefix for one of their phone numbers but also had another number with the prefix of LA which stood for Lawrence.  Notice that that portion of Illinois Boulevard was also not listed as Hoffman Estates but, rather, as Roselle.   This area’s mail was probably being routed through Roselle.

Higgins and Golf Food Mart 1Higgins and Golf Food Mart 2







This business looks like it may have been an early grocery store or even a small convenience store.  The pink listing above is from the program guide whereas the ad to the right was one Pat Barch had in her collection.  Clearly the “Higgens and Golf” ad was from an earlier time.  Note that it has the TW4 prefix whereas the one above has the standard 894 prefix by this time.  (89 correlates to the letters TW on a telephone.)    Does this store ring a bell with anyone and does anyone know what part of the intersection of Higgins and Golf it was on?

Hoffman Estates Realty CoThis is the first business mentioned in Golf Rose plaza.  They probably had their fair share of traffic with all of the new construction going up.


Hoffman Lanes 2Hoffman Lanes was already in operation by 1964 and you can read all about this long-lasting bowling alley here.  What a run they’re on!


Neff ElectronicsNeff Electronics was in the same shopping center as the Rainbow Inn and later the Fireside Roller Rink.  Here are some memories of the Neff business as well as others that were on that same SW corner of Higgins and Roselle.

Dog n SudsAnd, then there was this early fast-food favorite.  Good thing the owner of the brochure didn’t like root beer!  You can also read in more detail about Dog “N” Suds here.  Like most of the businesses mentioned here, it was family run.

Ralston Electronics

This business looks like it was service-oriented and run out of the owner’s home.  Flagstaff Lane is in Parcel C of Hoffman Estates and is strictly a residential street.

Dern's Dairy ServiceThere were actually a number of dairy services in the area at this time.  Hoffman Estates and Schaumburg were booming with young children and families who may have had only one car so a dairy service that delivered milk, cheese and butter to the door was a godsend.  Maybe your family used another one?

Hoffman Estates LiquorIt’s interesting that this business was listed as being in the Golf Rose Shopping Center yet Hoffman Estates Realty was in the Golf Rose Plaza.  I’m fairly certain these were the same strip mall.  Does anyone think differently?

Golf Rose BakeryThis was THE bakery for Schaumburg Township for many years.  Was anyone else aware it had operated under a different name before it became Golf Rose?  And, as far as a closing date, the last time I see it mentioned as Golf Rose is in the 1997 phone book.

Ace Hardware

Just as Golf Rose Bakery was THE bakery for the residents of Schaumburg Township, this Ace Hardware was THE hardware store for many years.  It fortuitously opened in 1954 just as the building boom was beginning.  It was also a place where you could pay your Citizens Utility bill and even pick up light bulbs from the utility.


M'Gonigle and Sloan

Where there are young homeowners, there’s a need for insurance.  This was yet another Golf Rose business and it was still operating under the old LA9 prefix.

Rainbow InnThe Rainbow Inn had been a long-standing tavern by 1964.  It opened as the Rainbo Tavern in the mid-1920s and became the Rainbow Inn in 1936 under new management.  Food was served there but the main focus was the saloon side of things.  For a more complete look at the Rainbow’s interesting history, take a look here.

F and S ConstructionAnd, last but not least, were the developers of Hoffman Estates.  Not only did F & S develop and build the village but they were also heavily involved with the community–and their participation in the football program was just a touch of it.

If you have any comments or tidbits to add about any of these businesses, please share.  Your history is our history!

Jane Rozek
Local History Librarian
Schaumburg Township District Library


  1. Linda Hinkle Says:

    Maybe Pat Barch can help us with the great debate. Was there a dairy queen in the Barrington Square Mall ever?? Somehwere between 1977 and 1980 ??? Only open for a short time. Possibly 2 years?? A photo would be great. Thanks for any help. Linda Hinkle

    • jrozek Says:

      Hello Linda,

      You are right in the ballpark with your dates! I spoke to Pat Barch and a couple of other people who were in the area at that time. They could not confirm that Dairy Queen was in that location at any point in time.

      Taking it a bit further, I found ads for Barrington Square in the “Daily Herald” from 1978, 1979 and 1980 that included Dairy Queen in their shopping center. Those were the only years I could find anything. And unfortunately, neither the library nor the Hoffman Estates Museum own any photos of that store from that time. But, we have indeed confirmed their presence!

      I hope this helps.

      Jane Rozek
      Local History Librarian

  2. Fred Luft Says:

    Hoffman Estates Standard Service was in the NE corner of Golf Rd and Roselle Rd. The irony is that it was actually in the village of Schaumburg.

    • jrozek Says:

      Thank you Fred! I’ve updated the post.

      Jane Rozek
      Local History Librarian
      Schaumburg Township District Library

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