A few weeks ago I highlighted some photos contributed to us by Keith Wiener.  After such a great response, he graciously passed on more photos that he found in his father, Gus’s, collection.  These photos were taken with a Minolta 35 mm camera that he special ordered from Japan.  (Remember those days?)  Take a look below at these nice surprises.


This photo shows a couple of rows of construction equipment parked along Golf Road.  The upcoming project must have been a big one.


In this photo Woodfield Lanes is nearing completion in 1979.  The construction trailer is still there and the new sign is up.


This is the newly completed Carlos Murphy’s in 1984.  It looks so big!  And it’s fairly close to Golf Road–before the third lane was added.


In the last posting reader Dan commented that a Zayre helped anchor the Schaumburg Corners shopping center on the NE corner of Golf and Roselle Roads.  They opened as the 200th store in the chain on May 7, 1972.  [Daily Herald, May 11, 1972]  In later issues I found an ad from May 13, 1974 that refers to the development as the Zayre Shopping Center.  Another ad from October 24, 1975 mentioned the La Bussola Restaurant that was also located in the center.  Their specialty was something new–pizza in the pan.  Does this restaurant ring a bell with anyone?


By 1974 Zayre was struggling at this location and they approached K Mart about the possibility of taking their place.  According to Pat Gerlach’s column in the June 18, 1974 issue of the Daily Herald, K Mart initially refused because of the close proximity to Woodfield Mall.  When they finally agreed to move into the Zayre location, the shopping center was then renamed the K Mart Plaza.  While this photo was part of Mr. Weiner’s collection, it is not positive this was the same K Mart that was in this location.  The K Mart in K Mart Plaza kept the same appearance of the Zayre with its two-story look and mostly brick facade.  This one has more of a one-story look and an all windowed front facade.   [Commenter Dan mentions below that K Mart opened at this location on July 15, 1976.]

According to Dan, K Mart stayed in this location until 1994 and I think he’s got this right.  [Commenter Dan agrees with both of us and said that it closed January 30, 1994.]  The last time I could find them in a phone book was in the edition that was issued in September 1993.  [Commenter Dan also mentions that Baby Superstore opened in the west half of the building in 1996.]   Office Depot later took possession of the east half of the store and first appeared in a phone book in the December 1998 issue.  So the spot had its vacancies off and on over a four year time span.


Lastly there was the Walgreens and Dominicks–and I’m not sure when they hit town in this spot.  They were both in the 1982 phone book and I found an ad for Walgreens in a 1977 Daily Herald.  Dominicks left around 1996 and Walgreens left in 2004 when a brand new store opened on the northwest corner of the intersection of Higgins and Roselle.

Time passes fast and these stores come and go but it’s nice to revisit them through great old photos.  Thanks again Keith for passing them on!  They’ve been a delight for many.

Jane Rozek
Local History Librarian
Schaumburg Township District Library

P.S.  Thank you to commenter Dan for helping me add details to this posting.  It’s always nice to have this communal knowledge to add to our overall history!





  1. Dan Says:

    Hi Jane, great post and Keith, thanks again for the photos! My family frequented the stores in Schaumburg Corners, so I paid particular attention to things going on at this corner over the years.

    First, I can add some further details about the Kmart that was there. I had a discussion about the Kmarts in the area with Sonya Hene, who was the regional real estate manager for Kmart Corp in Troy, MI back in 2002, and she informed me that the Kmart at 16 E Golf Road opened 7/15/76 and closed 1/30/94. It was store #3335. Interestingly, 1976 was a banner year for Kmart where they opened 16 million sq. ft. of space in a single year.

    That’s about exactly when I recall it closed because it was right after Christmas. The stored stayed vacant until early 1996 when Baby Superstore opened in the west half of the building. Office Depot moved in later… 1997-98 would sound pretty correct according to my memory. The division of the building is why you see the addresses of the current Babies R Us as 16 East Golf (or 16-A East Golf) Road and Office Depot as 16-B East Golf.

    I believe both Dominick’s and Walgreens were original to the center when it opened in 1973. That Dominick’s sign with the individual letter boxes was used all the way until its closing in 1996 and was an early 1970s design. I remember back in 1996 when there was this Dominick’s and the brand new one in Town Square and it was ironic to have in the same town the newest Fresh Store prototype just a couple of miles away from a much smaller, 20+ year old store with signage that was 2 versions old!

    I would love to see some shots of the outlots of Schaumburg Corners from this era, which would be a Church’s Chicken and Amoco at this time. My dad remembers them building Church’s but doesn’t recall exactly when. He thinks it was around 1977 or 1978. Amoco was gone by the mid 1990s; I recall there being a legal dispute between Amoco Oil Co. and the Village of Schaumburg… either over wanting to build a c-store there or related to the upcoming widening of Golf & Roselle roads. Church’s closed in September of 1998 and the building was removed in February 2000.

    The shopping center actually played a role in the movie Normal Life which was filmed in 1994-1995. They actually used the closed Zayre/Kmart store in the film calling it the fictitious “Buy More”. If you watch the film and look closely, you can see that the main doors are soaped as they were done when Kmart closed. They used other locations in Schaumburg, such as the old Park Plaza and a drive by on Barrington Road where Scharrington Square is.

    Jane, I don’t think that shot of the Kmart is in Schaumburg Township. It’s too old of a Kmart design that was only used during 1962-1970. The first Kmart in the area was in Hanover Park and it had the second design with the arched facade. This photo looks like it could be the Lombard store on Roosevelt Road though. And the Walgreens moved from this corner to the present location at Higgins & Roselle in 2004.

    Thanks again to Keith for some great shots!! Keep them coming!

    • jrozek Says:

      Thank you Dan. I’ve updated the blog posting thanks to the great details you’ve passed along. I’ll look into the K Mart photo a bit more. I’m glad you enjoyed the pictures. Nice things happen on this blog!

      Jane Rozek
      Local History Librarian
      Schaumburg Township District Library

  2. Mark Says:

    The Walgreens original location was next to the A&P grocery store that was located on Higgins Rd.

    • Dan Says:

      Wasn’t that a Snyder Drug that had a license from Walgreens? I recall reading something like that on the blog here before.

    • jrozek Says:


      The A & P was in Golf Point Plaza on Higgins Road where Binny’s Beverage Depot is today. Let me run this past a couple of people and see if they can recall the Walgreens being next to it.

      Thank you,

      Jane Rozek
      Local History Librarian
      Schaumburg Township District Library

      • jrozek Says:

        Hello Mark,

        I ran this past our Hoffman Estates Historian who is very familiar with that area and used the A&P store while they were there. She said there was not a drug store in that strip mall and as far as she knows, the Snyder Drugs with it’s Walgreens affiliation was the first one in Schaumburg Township. Snyder’s was first located in Hoffman Plaza and then moved to the Rose Arcade next to the Thunderbird Theater.

        I hope this helps…

        Jane Rozek
        Local History Librarian
        Schaumburg Township District Library

  3. Mark Vassmer Says:

    I worked at that Zayre in high school. It had an auto dept on the west end. I worked in that dept briefly doing tire mounting, winter tire studs, spark plugs and oil changes.

    • jrozek Says:

      Wow, someone who worked at Zayre! Nice to know some of the small details you provided. I certainly didn’t know Zayre did auto work!

      Jane Rozek
      Local History Librarian
      Schaumburg Township District Library

      • Dan Says:

        They sure did. Interestingly, if you look at the bricks on the southwest corner of the building, you can see where they bricked in the auto service doors during the transition to Babies R Us. I don’t recall if K-Mart ever had auto service at this location.

  4. edh Says:

    The Kmart store also appeared in a movie, called A Normal Life which was shot in Schaumburg, Hanover Park and Streamwood among other suburbs. It is actual a pretty good movie based on a true story. I used to travel past that location daily in the late ’90s. I remember the building getting a new name very quickly and suddenly the parking lot being packed with car and a few days latter it was all gone.

  5. Dan Says:

    This month there have been developments to two long standing buildings on the southwest corner…. the former Hoffman Homes (later Myoda Computers) building has been torn down and the Wendy’s along Golf Road is being torn down and replaced as well. They just closed yesterday.

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