Bicycle from ENGLAND



This is a prize of a picture that was sent to me by Daniel Sedory, one of the blog’s followers.  It is a great representation of 1960’s Hoffman Estates complete with new bike, old car from the 1950s and brand new houses along Bode Road.

It is obvious the photo was taken to highlight the new bike which, according to Daniel, was given to him by his parents in 1966 or ’67.  It was manufactured in England and was a 3-speed with the shifter on the right handle bar on top.  It was black and, as a result, Daniel referred to it as “Black Beauty.”  He remembers how quiet the bike was and remembers riding around the neighborhood after dark–and sometimes after curfew–without making a sound.  “Occasionally I’d be able to ride right up behind some kid my age on the sidewalk, say “Hi” and scare them cuz I’d been so quiet.”

The bike came from a bike store on Roselle Road and the day Daniel picked up the bike he rode it home.  Thinking the store might be Bike Connection just north of the intersection with Golf Road–and knowing it had been there awhile–I stopped by and talked to owner, Rick Johnson.  He said the store opened in the early 1970s so that notion fell through.  It might be possible that one of this blog’s readers remembers the bike store it might have been?

The backdrop of the photo then leads us to a car that looks to be from the 1950s.   I wasn’t too sure about the make and model until one of our readers told me it was a 1952 Mercury Custom sedan.  It looks neat sitting in the background.

And, then there’s the new houses that surround both the car and the bicycle.  According to Daniel, the photo was taken outside of, what was then, 290 Bode Road.  The Sedory’s were the first owners when this house was built in 1960.  This area of Hoffman Estates is part of the Parcel C development that was constructed by F & S Construction.   Curb and gutter have been installed along the streets and the grass is growing quite nicely but the tree is not yet mature.  It is still a very new street.

All in all it is a neat juxtaposition between new and old–and a great photo of early Hoffman Estates.  Thank you to Daniel for passing it on with so many details included.

Jane Rozek
Local History Librarian
Schaumburg Township District Library

My thanks to Rick Johnson at Bike Connection for providing me with details on the bike as well as the logo.  His helpfulness helped advance the story you read here.



  1. Thomas Whittle Says:

    The bike was a style that was called an English Racer. They had 3 speeds operated by a thumb shifter on the handle bars. The car parked on the street is a ’55 Pontiac.

  2. Thomas Whittle Says:

    Correction! The car on the street is not a Pontiac, it’s a Mercury. Maybe ’55 or ’56.

  3. Steve Engelman Says:

    ’52 Mercury Custom sedan

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