Question markRecently there have been a few questions posed both to this blog and to our Reference Desk concerning local history in Schaumburg Township where we have not been able to track down an answer.  I’m hoping the greater, local history-loving brain out there can provide some assistance!

Question #1:  A reader of the blog is looking for the name of a guy’s clothing store that was on the first level of Woodfield Mall near the center court.  It was darkly lit and featured a lot of zippered clothing.  The reader also remembers the clothes being kind of pricey and trendy, as well as borderline Goth in style.  It was there in the mid to late 80’s and the patron thinks it had Street in the name…

Question #2:  Another reader of the blog is looking for a Woodfield Mall store she used to go to as a child for birthday parties in the high 1990s.  It was for little girls and, as part of the party, they would do your hair.  Plus, there was glitter everywhere! Then you could pick out certain make-up you wanted. Does anyone remember?

Question #3:  One of our library patrons is trying to track down any information on a young man who delivered newspapers for a short time in Hoffman Estates by horse and buggy.  The patron feels the time period would be around 1969 and that he was probably delivering the Hoffman Herald.  It did not last long because of the mess[es] caused by the horse but it was an interesting endeavor!

If you know any of the answers, please respond to this blog posting or email me.  Any clues are also appreciated!

Jane Rozek
Local History Librarian



  1. jrozek Says:

    Just as I sent out this blog posting, Dee responded with the name Libby Lu’s! It is now called Club Libby Lu and is still at Woodfield. Thank you for the question and the answer…

    Jane Rozek

  2. jkunzer Says:

    I believe the clothing store was called Merry-Go-Round.

  3. George Debbs Says:

    don’t remember the horse paper delivery guy. I delivered papers in parcel a in 1960/1961 as a kid.

    • jrozek Says:

      Thank you for responding, George, with a first person confirmation. I couldn’t track anything down in the newspaper–considering this would have been a great general interest story.

      Jane Rozek
      Local History Librarian

  4. Cheryl Koby Says:

    There was also a ice cream birthday parlor in the very early days called Farrells….they served up huge bowls of ice cream that a whole birthday party of kids would share….oh btw, does anyone remember Strauss Coin & Stamp from the early day? they were around when Gold & Silver went nuts in the late 1970s, early 1980s

  5. Scott Manning Says:

    For Question #1: The place that comes to mind for me is Chess King.

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