Recently, one of the blog followers donated a Hoffman Estates Residence & Business Directory from the year 1969 to the library.  It contains residential listings as well as business listings and is a mere 15 pages long.  This directory was done before the addresses changed in 1978.4

Curious as to the businesses that existed back then in Hoffman Estates, I’ve pulled them out of the directory and posted them here. These are some tidbits I found interesting:

  • It’s surprising  just how many businesses were located in the Golf Rose Shopping Center.  That was a busy place in 1969!
  • There was actually a taxidermist in town.
  • Other than the schools, churches and other local government entities, the businesses that are still in existence are:  Hoffman Estates Currency Exchange, Hoffman Lanes, Jewel Food Stores, Hoffman Homes and Hoffman Estates Car Wash.  Or, did I miss one?
  • Why aren’t there any banks listed? 2

Maybe you frequented these businesses or maybe they were owned by your family members or friends?  Your comments are always welcome.

AAA Service–Heating and Air Conditioning

Ace Hardware, Schaumburg and Roselle Roads

B & K Realty & Insurance, 16 Golf Rose Shopping Center

B & K Telephone Answering Service, 16 Golf Rose Shopping Center

Barth, Carl Real Estate & Insurance, 102 Ash

Baskin Robbins 31 Flavors Ice Cream, 1-A Golf Rose Shopping Center

Bert’s Plantation, Golf Rose Shopping Center

Beth Tikvah Congregation, 275 Hillcrest

Blackhawk Elementary School, Illinois Blvd.

Bloodgood, O H MD, Golf and Roselle Roads

Boris, J.A. Insurance, Golf Rose Shopping Center

Bowling Proprietors Assocation of America, W. Higgins Road

Brass  N Glass Floral & Gifts, 6 Golf Rose Plaza

Bubley Insurance Service, 498 Devonshire Lane

Burger King, 50 Hoffman Plaza

C & D Lamberti Inc., 427 Glenlake Dr.

Camelot Studio, 168 Hillcrest Court

Cherry’s Shoes Inc., 21 Golf Rose Shopping Center

Church of the Cross United Presbyterian, W. Higgins Road

Cine-Mark Co., 233 Olive

Clothes Basket, The, 213 S. Roselle Road

Community Consolidated School District 54, 105 Audubon Pl.

Conant Jas B High School, Old Plum Grove Road

Corina Int & Dec, 254 Harper Lane

Crest Heating & Air Conditioning, 2 Hoffman Plaza

Deanna’s School of Dance, 23 Golf Rose Shopping Center

De Bruyne, Tom–State Farm Agent, Schaumburg and Roselle Roads

DeRamos, A, MD, Golf and Roselle Roads

Diamond Cue Club, 28 Golf Rose Shopping Center

Dog ‘N’ Suds, 225 S. Roselle Road

Du-Co Engineering Co., Golf Rose Center

Ed’s Sinclair Service, Golf and Roselle Roads

Electricooker General Foods, 372 Newport

Estates Liqrs, 4 Golf Rose Shopping Center

Ewert & Ewert Distr 211 Edgemont

Fairview School, Arizona Blvd.

Ferrin’s Taxidermy Studio, 633 Chippendale Rd.

1st Baptist Church, 300 Illinois Blvd.

Floss N’ Etts Sample Shop, 18 Golf Rose Plaza

Frank of Hoffman Plaza Beauty Salon, 17 Golf Rose Plaza

Franks Beauty Salon, 17 Golf Rose Plaza

Golden Acres Country Club, Roselle Road

Golf Paint Glass & Wallpaper Co., Golf Rose Shopping Center

Golf Rose Barber Shop, 1 E. Golf Rose Shopping Center

Great Lakes X-Ray Service, 102 Basswood

Higgins Roselle Plaza Shell Service, Higgins & Roselle Roads

Highlander Bus Mach, 100 Briarcliff

Highlands Baptist Church, 223 Northview Lane

Hillcrest School, Hillcrest & Fremont

Hoffman Estates Beauty Salon, 17 Golf Rose Plaza

Hoffman Estates Car Wash, 100 E. Golf Road

Hoffman Estates Currency Exchange, 6 Hoffman Plaza

Hoffman Estates Liq Inc., 4 Golf Rose Ctr

Hoffman Estates Organ & Piano, 29 Golf Rose Shopping Center

Hoffman Estates Park Dist, 161 Illinois

Hoffman Estates Pure Oil, Roselle & Higgins Roads

Hoffman Estates Realty Co., Cor Schaumburg & Roselle Rds.

Hoffman Estates Standard, Golf & Roselle Rds

Hoffman Estates Village, 161 Illinois

Hoffman Estates Village of Youth Comm, 161 Illinois Blvd.

Hoffman Estates Village of Bldg Comm, 161 Illinois Blvd.

Hoffman Estates Water Department, 161 Illinois Blvd.

Hoffman Home Values, 11 Hoffman Plaza

Hoffman Homes, Golf Rose Shopping Center

Hoffman Lanes, Higgins & Roselle Roads

Hoffman Optical, Golf Rose Shop Ctr

Hoffman Rosner Corp, Golf Rose Ctr

Hoffman School, Grand Canyon Pkway

Home & Business Painting Decorators, 178 Illinois Blvd.

Home Values Inc., Golf Rose Shopping Center

Honda of Hoffman Estates, 120 E. Golf

Irene’s Rainbow Kitchen, 201 S. Roselle

Jewel Food Stores, 10 Hoffman Plaza

Jims Citgo Service, Rt 58 & Roselle Roads

Jones R O & Associates, 2 N Golf Rose Shopping Center

Jupiter Cleaners, 3 Hoffman Plz

King Studios, 168 Hillcrest Ct.

Lafferty Stables, Roselle Road and Rte 58

Lakeview School, 280 Lakeview

Lewis, A L Crown & Bridge Lab, 451 Glen Lane

(To be continued next week…)

Jane Rozek 
Local History Librarian
Schaumburg Township District Library



  1. Cheryl Koby Says:

    Was there a Snyder Drug store in golf rose plaza in 1969 or did that come a couple years later?

  2. Daniel B. Sedory Says:

    I want a fact check about the year you said the addresses changed. I went to Navy Boot Camp at Great Lakes around March 1972, and sent my clothes and mail to the same address we’d had since 1960: 290 Bode Road. Then I was sent to California and was still mailing letters home all summer to that address. We moved in October 1972, so I don’t have any evidence after that. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if the Post Office made this change area by area rather than the whole village at the same time. Look up the name “Sedory” in your old 1972 phone books: What address is there? 290 (old one) or 625 (new one)?

    • jrozek Says:

      Good call Daniel! I did some investigating in the newspapers and discovered that the address changes were first discussed in 1976, formally proposed in 1977 by the village and enacted in 1978. The reason behind the changes was to conform to the state’s new 911 emergency system.

      According to an article in the August 25, 1977 issue of the Daily Herald, starting in June 1978, the post office would convert to the new system and new street signs and house numbers would be mandatory. The Post Office would deliver mail addressed to old numbers for about one year after that.

      Another article from October 28, 1978 starts “With the new address changes already in effect…”

      So, it looks like 1978 was the year.

      Thank you for the request. I have changed the blog posting to reflect the actual date.

      Jane Rozek
      Local History Librarian
      Schaumburg Township District Library

  3. Milosz Luzny Says:

    Hallo. Where is Harper Ln. In Hoffman Estates? I found building permit in my house from 1966. The Lot number is the same as my house lot # but the address is 222 Harper ln. I live on Hillcrest Blvd. Any Ideas?…..

  4. BobW Says:

    I grew up on Newport Rd. in Hoffman then moved and later the road name was changed to North Newport Rd. My understanding from those I kept in contact with, the addresses and road names changes to some extent. I can’t confirm that because I have not been back to my home town since.

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