Did you by chance live in Parcel C in early Hoffman Estates?  In the early 1960s?  Barn graphic

Daniel Sedory, one of the blog readers, and I are looking for a photo of the barn that still stood at that time just north of Alcoa Lane.  It was probably part of the Heide farm.  Or, if you want to go further back and are part of our German farm families, it might possibly be part of the Linnenkohl or Wille property.

Daniel was your average, curious boy at the time and even found this part of a German Lutheran paper while poking around in the barn.

Der Lutheraner

If your family lived on Alcoa–or even north of Golf Road on Amhurst Lane or Cambridge Lane–and you may have taken a picture from your backyard looking towards that barn, we would love to hear about it.  Maybe you had a pool set up in the backyard or were having a birthday party or family gathering and that barn was in the background?  Or, maybe you were taking pictures of your first, brand new home and wanted to proudly share the photos with family?  Or it could be possible you’re a Heide, Linnenkohl or Wille descendant and have some of the family photos of the old homeplace.

If any of these situations are the case and you’re willing to share the photo(s) with us, you can contact me at jrozek@stdl.org or 847-923-3331.  We appreciate any assistance you can give us!

Jane Rozek
Local History Librarian
Schaumburg Township District Library


  1. Daniel B. Sedory Says:

    Thank you very much for posting this Jane. I’m the Daniel she mentions, and apart from a couple issues of the 1915 papers in old German typeface, my brother and friends had a lot of fun running around the place, sliding down through ‘chutes’ and landing on bales of hay, trying to hide from each other, exploring all the different levels of the barn, etc. We saw, however, that others had been there for much different reasons, due to the empty beer or whatever bottles and other thinigs they left behind.
    Though I told him he shouldn’t have done so, one day my brother and a friend brought home some puppies they found in the barn. One of them became our family pet, so it would also be nice to have a picture of where she had come from.
    I have been putting together an online book of autobiographical pages my Dad wrote, and one chapter (27; see my web site link) has pictures from where we lived on Bode Road (290 back in the 60’s and early 70’s, but now 625 Bode Road). One pic shows that the first homes north of Bode Road and south of Golf/Higgins went up in the middle of that property on what would be either Alcoa and/or Baxter Lanes before any homes were constructed on the north side of Bode Road; between Washington and Western Blvds. that is.
    The barn (and house; which had construction equipment around it when we vistied there) would have been north of Alcoa Lane, but south of Golf/Higgins (near to that intersection).

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