Our guest contributor this week is Pat Barch, the Hoffman Estates Historian.  This column originally appeared in the June 2014 issue of the Hoffman Estates Citizen, the village’s newsletter.  The column appears here, courtesy of the Village of Hoffman Estates.

With the closing of Burger King on Higgins and Roselle Rd, I’m reminded of so many of the restaurants we’ve had in our downtown area in the vicinity of Higgins, Roselle and Golf.  Please help with some you may remember by e-mailing me the places you ate at. Burger King

You’ll have to forgive me if I also include some places in Schaumburg, in the Higgins, Roselle & Golf  part of town we seem to be half in  Schaumburg and half in Hoffman Estates.  Some time you’re not sure what town you’re in.

As I look at my list I realize how many are gone.  Do you remember Derby Street on the southeast corner of Golf and Roselle Rd.  How about Cals Roast Beef on Higgins Rd. just west of Spring Mill Rd. They used to have a huge steer out in front.  It later became Arby’s.  Who remembers The Ground Round? That location has seen many different restaurants. At one time we had Naugles.  It had really good Mexican food.  That same location had a really nice restaurant called Spring Garden.  It had every kind of food you could think of from breakfasts to dinners and ice cream sundaes and sodas.  Do you know what’s there now?  It’s the Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant on the west side of Roselle just north of the Walgreens at Roselle and Higgins.  I think the first one was Ground Round followed by the others.

Another location was originally a small grocery store but became the Amber-Rose Inn, later to become Caesar’s Pizza, one of the best loved pizzas in Schaumburg and Hoffman Estates.  It was torn down and the most recent building is a doctors building (on the north side of Higgins Rd. just east of the intersection of Higgins and Golf).  You’ll find Dunkin Dounuts and a drive up coffee shop in this area.  That’s Schaumburg territory.

Other fun places to eat that are now gone were up and down Golf Rd.  I’m sure you haven’t forgotten Barnaby’s nor Dover Straits.  They’re some of the most recent to go.  These have been long gone.  Do you remember any of them?  Lums with hot dogs steamed in beer, Steak and Shake that became Entenmanns Bakery (that’s gone too), the Black Pearl, Arthur Treacher’s Fish & Chips or Baker’s Square.Matchbook 8

If you’ve lived here a long time and grew up with these restaurants, you’ll probably remember Hippo’s.  It was located in Schaumburg at Plum Grove Rd and Higgins.  It was here for many years but we have a McDonalds on that spot now.  Before Hippo’s built their restaurant, they started out as a hot dog wagon or truck at the Shell station that was located at the intersection of Higgins and Route 53 when there was a 4 way stop, no traffic lights, no Woodfield either.

One thing for sure, we never had a hard time finding a place to eat.

I hope you’re planning on coming to our Museum program on Sept. 27th from 1 till 2:30 pm in the village hall.  We’re calling it “Growing Up in Hoffman Estates or What I didn’t tell my Mom”.  We want to hear all the naughty things you did as a kid in Hoffman Estates during the 50s, 60s, 70s and more recently. Bring a friend who was your cohort.   We’ll have birthday cake for our 55th anniversary and share lots of good stories, ones that will curl you mother’s hair.   E-mail me at if you can come.

Pat Barch
Hoffman Estates Village Historian




  1. Melodee Isaacson Eggert Says:

    I remember most of those restaurants. But than I remember before there was a Hoffman Estates.

  2. Patrick Crane Says:

    I would like to send some photos please email how I can get you some photos crane699@yahoo .com

    • jrozek Says:

      Hello Patrick,

      If you’d like to pass on some local history photos, you can send them to my email address at My Inbox can accommodate a fair amount of large files so let’s see how it goes? We would appreciate anything you can send!

      Jane Rozek
      Local History Librarian
      Schaumburg Township District Library

  3. Dave Leeds Says:


    I was in a duo who played folk music many times at the Hoffman Ground Round in early 1977 when the chain featured live music on week ends. I have several pictures of the stage area and us playing. I remember very well that the Ground Round was next to the Kentucky Fried Chicken. I think the Walgreens has taken over much of the Ground Round area. Great web site.

  4. Marilyn Says:


    I just happened upon your post here and it got me reminiscing about a dive biker bar from the mid to late 80s, that I would frequent. There were live bands on the weekends and it was a pretty rowdy crowd. I believe the owners were Pam and John, and it was located on Barrington road at or near Higgins Road.
    Can you recall the name of this place?

    • jrozek Says:

      Hello Marilyn,

      Was it maybe the Break-Away Lounge? Their address was 116 N. Barrington Road in Streamwood.

      Jane Rozek
      Local History Librarian
      Schaumburg Township District Library

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