Back in April, I posted some photos of matchbooks from restaurants of Schaumburg Township’s past.  Soon another frequent blog reader passed on some of the matchbooks he had in his collection.  You can see them below.

I’m not familiar with Perry’s and I had no idea there was a Connie’s or a Jake’s in Schaumburg Township.  And Lucky’s and John’s Garage?  Well, they were favorites for families visiting Woodfield.  Sante’s and Spring Cove were very traditional family restaurants.  Does anyone remember the similarly-styled, similarly-named Spring Garden on Roselle Road? Lastly, there was Hippo’s, the restaurant that strikes a cord with everyone.

Good things CAN come in small packages.

Matchbooks 1

Matchbooks 2

My thanks to Jay Campbell for passing on the matchbooks!

Jane Rozek
Local History Librarian





  1. larryrowan Says:

    Perry’s was located where the Snuggery is on North Roselle Road. Since construction of the building there have been 3 or 4 restaurants in that spot. I don’t recall eating at Perry’s……They were not there very long……I think they called themselves a “Steakhouse”.

  2. Jon Young Says:

    I remember going to ALL of these except Perry’s. Loved Lucky’s….the theme was so awesome and we ate at Sante and Spring Garden quite regularly. My family were big fans of the typical Greek coffee shop. If they served Athenian steak, we were there!

  3. dgszweda Says:

    Ate a Santes a ton of times.

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