Yesterday I got a lovely gift in my Inbox.  One of the readers of the blog has saved multiple items from her childhood.  Lucky for us she loved the Beef ‘n Barrel restaurant so much that that she kept the menu.  And we’re double lucky that she gave me permission to put it on this blog.

beef 1

Beef 2

Beef 3You’ll notice that the Schaumburg restaurant is not listed on this takeout menu.  It came after the Elk Grove Village and Oakbrook locations.

Boy, though, you have to love the prices.  And the list of cocktails is quite old school.  But skip the specialties, I’ll take the Gold Rusher’s Onions!

If you’d like to read the original blog posting on the Beef ‘n’ Barrel, you can do so here.  A big thank you to our reader who took the time to send the scan.  We all appreciate it.

Jane Rozek
Local History Librarian
Schaumburg Township District Library

One Response to “ROLL OUT THE BEEF ‘N’ BARREL!”

  1. Larry Rowan Says:

    When I first moved to Schaumburg in 1969, the Beef n Barrel was one of the few Eateries in the North and East side of Schaumburg.

    They had great Lunch Specials that were “Expressed” for the nearby workers from Western Electric, Pure Oil and Motorola.

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