The History of Schaumburg Township blog recently had its fourth birthday.  Over the past few years random presents from readers have come our way and made the blog  more entertaining, interesting and informative.image-1[1]

Take, for instance, one of the first presents that arrived.  It was a wonderful, large interior photo of the St. John Lutheran Church that was built on Rodenburg Road in 1910 as a replacement for the original that burned down after it was struck by lightning during a thunderstorm.  The photo was in perfect condition and was one I had never seen.

Or, how about the picture a reader shared of the slide at Woodfield Mall?  With so many of our readers growing up during the early days of Woodfield, who wouldn’t get a kick out of that?big slide at woodfield

And, then there was the Super 8 film of Schaumburg Township, circa 1975, that was a generous gift of Jay Campbell, another one of our readers.  Not only did he contribute the video but he was also kind enough to gift the library with his collection of 1980s phone books for our area.  What a wonderful prize!

Are there other treasures out there?  Yes.  Definitely.  All you have to do is take a moment to consider you and your family’s place in our history—and that nothing is too big or too small to consider.  Maybe it’s a photo of Fairview School, or a local business like Hippo’s or the Marathon gas station at Schaumburg and Roselle, or an event such as the Septemberfest Parade or the opening of Woodfield.  Maybe it’s a brochure from your subdivision or a cookbook put together by the ladies of a local church or maybe it’s a calender from a business that’s been closed for five years.  It may seem like nothing much to you but it can be a whole new piece of the puzzle of our area’s history.Library

So, keep the library in mind when you are moving or cleaning house or closing a business.  Think of us when you open a box or photo album and discover a picture or paper you had forgotten.  Don’t discard something you’re sure we won’t be interested in.  Your tidbit could be our treasure.

History is in the eye of the beholder and it’s always intriguing to behold a piece you had forgotten or hadn’t seen in a long, long time.  That is the intent of this blog and  that’s what a gift, a scan or a copy can mean to a local history collection.  The Schaumburg Township District Library is here to add to the history of Schaumburg Township and with your help we can do it piece by piece, paper by paper, photo by photo.  Let’s see what surprises 2014 can bring!

Jane Rozek
Local History Librarian
Schaumburg Township District Library


  1. David Says:

    What was rhe name of the drocery store with the big apple on the sign outside, I remember it as a small child but ony remember it being in Schaumburg but cannot remember what street it was on.

  2. Kevin Franco Says:

    Every time I’m in Woodfield Mall with my family I point out the location where the slide was installed when I was a child. Of course such a fixture could not exist in today’s legal climate!

  3. Robin Mavis (Nee Glabe) Says:

    I was confirmed in St. Johns in the early 80’s. I’ve never seen this photo!. I recognize the alter because it was in the next building that was built (the one I was confirmed in). I guess now they have built yet another one. I moved to Minnesota in ’85 so I have only heard this second hand. I remember the walls of the building I was confirmed in was starting to bow and they had to put cables up between the walls to keep the building together! Lol.

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