In cataloging some photos for our library’s Local History Digital Archive, I came across this unidentified street.

Schaumburg streetThe back of the photo mentioned that it was taken in 1990 and was a “Schaumburg neighborhood.”  It’s clearly a newer subdivision judging by the size of the trees and the bushes.  And, there’s a fairly substantial hill–for Schaumburg Township–in the background.

Not having any idea how to start trying to identify the location, I turned to Larry Rowan of Coldwell Banker, a neighbor of ours in Town Square.  Knowing how familiar the realtors are with the streets of Schaumburg Township, I was hoping they could pinpoint the street and/or subdivision for me.

Larry could tell it seemed to be a mix of homes where two subdivisions were merging together.   Liking a good challenge, Larry went on a drive and checked out his two suspicions.  And then checked some more possibilities.   None proved to be correct so he broadened his search to include Hoffman Estates.

After much driving through neighborhoods he discovered that this home was, indeed, in Hoffman Estates.  It is part of the URE Addition to Hoffman Estates that is west of Gannon and north of Bode Road.  The home to the left was a custom built home and the rest are all tract homes built mainly by Hoffman Homes.

Good find Larry!  Thank you!

Jane Rozek
Local History Librarian
Schaumburg Township District Library


  1. Kathy Says:

    I believe this street is Dovington Dr in Hoffman Estates. I lived on this street from 1984-1990. My parents built our house. It was 3 or 4 houses from Gannon. I remember the family that lived in the custom home in the front left corner of the picture.

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