When the village of Schaumburg recently opened their time capsule commemorating their 25th anniversary, I was given the opportunity to browse through the items.  In addition to a vintage 1981 Village Street Map and a Village Zoning Map, I came across a special publication that was produced for the 25th anniversary that year.

One of the best things about these nice brochures are the ads that were submitted by various local businesses that helped pay for the publication of the brochure.  Two ads in particular caught my eye.  One was a full-page ad for a restaurant that was unfamiliar to me but I recognized the building and the location.  The name was Jonix and it was located at 795 E. Golf Road which puts it on the SW corner of Golf and Plum Grove Road.

The ad I found announced a new bar in the Schaumburg restaurant that specialized in “colossal tropical drinks, famous barbecue ribs, fresh fruits and super salads.”  The bar obviously did good business because they were open until 1:00 every day of the week except for Friday and Saturday when they were opened until 3:00.

According to an August 30, 1993 Chicago Tribune article, Copperfield’s opened in 1979.  It was my supposition that it’s first name was Jonix and it was changed to Copperfield’s around 1983.  This was confirmed in a Corporation Search of the Illinois Secretary of State’s website where a listing for Jonix Family Restaurant does indeed reveal that Jonix and Copperfield’s in Schaumburg were owned by the same party.  Jonix opened in 1979 and it became Copperfield’s in 1983.

When I first knew this restaurant it was Copperfield’s and, after doing a little research, I discovered that this was a branch of the original Copperfield’s in Berwyn.  In an ad in the Chicago Tribune from 1987, it mentions that they also had another location in Downers Grove.  In my day, these were known as “fern bars” because of all of the plants and wood and brass trim that decorated the interiors.  In 1999 the business became the Greek Village Taverna and existed at the location until early 2016.  Kouzina Greek Kitchen & Bar opened in its place in June 2016.

The other unfamiliar restaurant that advertised in the 25th anniversary publication was Sir Rodney’s Restaurant & Lounge.  It was located at 152 W. Higgins Road in Hoffman Estates, one block west of Roselle Road.  So, this building was just a bit west of Hoffman Lanes, on the same side of the street.

Their ad says they were open until 3:00 A.M. every night.  They provided “All You Can Eat Specials” that occurred Monday through Friday for those with a “big appetite but a small budget.”  On Monday they had fried chicken, Tuesday was Italian night, Wednesday was crab legs, Thurday was ribs and Friday was a fish fry.

Is anyone familiar with these two places–especially Sir Rodney’s?  Do you remember frequenting these places?  Who owned them?  Did you maybe work there?  Did you go to them for the night life or the food?  I can tell you that I had Pasta Alfredo for the first time at Copperfields.  As I recall, it was very good.  Please share any of your comments.

Jane Rozek
Local History Librarian
Schaumburg Township District Library


  1. Dave N Says:

    I think this is funny because in December I went to visit my Mother in Florida, who is retired there now. We were talking about old times and we brought up Jonix. I was a little boy of maybe 12. My Dad traveled a lot so my Mom and I ate out when he was on the road, to get out of the house and such. Jonix was a place we regularly went. If I recall there was (and may still be) a Ford dealership across the street. I think there is also a Honda dealer across from the other side now. We stopped going because I had an unfortunate incident at Jonix. I was gulping down a root beer, only to find a cockroach partially frozen in one of my ice cubes. YUCK… LOL..so we never went back. Its a shame because they had good food.

  2. George Petropulos Says:

    Jonix was named after the first name’s of the owners of the restaurant, John and Nick. We knew Nick from Berwyn where I grew up and went to Copperfield’s and it’s predecessor The Blue fountain quite a bit. My dad helped Nick and John open the restaurant in the early ’80’s. NIck, to the best of my knowledge, still has the restaurant in Schaumburg.

  3. joe Says:

    My wife and I had gone there when it was both Copperfields,and Jonix. I thought it reopened a greek place after that.

  4. Ed j. Says:

    I remember Copperfield’s very well. My wife and I ate there regularly. Great food and drinks, It is now the Greek Taverna. Ate there once, so-so.
    Don’t remember Sir Rodney’s at all.

    Anyone remember Caesar’s? It was between Golf and Higgins, just east of their intersection. Great place!

  5. Teri Cook Johnson Says:

    I remember Copperfields, but never ate there.
    I worked at Cork N Cleaver on Mall Dr. – it was next to Victoria Station. Worked there in late 70s while in college. It had great steaks, they raised their own beef in Colorado, aged them. Had great seafood. Big happy hour crowd for businesses in area, quite a few United flight attendants worked here also, during layovers.
    My husband was manager for a few years, which is where we met! (40 years ago!) They had several restaurants from California through mid-west and East coast.

    • jrozek Says:

      Hello Teri,

      Thank you for the details on Cork N Cleaver. This restaurant was a new one to me though others do remember it. Mall Drive has certainly seen a variety of restaurants over the years!

      Jane Rozek
      Local History Librarian
      Schaumburg Township District Library

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