In the late 1950s a Standard Oil service station was built at 121 W. Schaumburg Road, just west of the intersection with Roselle Road.  The property was owned by a Florida businessman and Standard built the building, leasing it to an unknown entrepreneur for about six months.  When the lease came open, Larry Dworzynski of Waukegan, a salesman for Texaco who had always wanted his own business, took a jump and signed the lease.    It was 1960 and he called the station Larry’s Standard Service.

Not quite sure how things would go, he gave it a year and worked both jobs.  He hired a station manager who ran the business while he was selling for Texaco.   The station was full service with an attendant pumping gas, checking the oil and cleaning the windshield.  He provided a towing service and had two bays with mechanics to service the cars should other problems arise.  Two more bays were added by Standard sometime in the 1970s.  Business was good and the people of the Schaumburg area grew to appreciate and trust the service and repairs that Larry provided.

During the 1970s and 80s, Standard Oil began changing their stations to the Amoco name which was short for American Oil Co.   Larry’s Standard became Larry’s Amoco sometime around 1987 although an ad from September 1989, still refers to the station as Larry’s Standard.

Around this time, Larry became sick and, at the young age of 31, his son, Dan took over the business.  Pleased that his son was joining the business and before he passed away, Larry changed the name of the station to Larry and Dan’s Amoco.  When Larry died in September, 1990, Dan then became the sole proprietor of the lease.

This arrangement lasted until 1997 when Amoco decided that they would prefer the station operate as a mini-mart.  Rather than accept that plan, Dan bought the business from Amoco and the land from the owner and became a Marathon franchise in May 1998.  The name was updated to reflect the change and became Larry and Dan’s Marathon which it is still called to this day.

The business has been a vital part of the village of Schaumburg for over 50 years and, in particular, the Olde Schaumburg Centre.  They have supported the community from the beginning as can be seen in an ad they placed in the April 7, 1966 issue of the  Schaumburg Herald congratulating them on their coverage of the area.  They have been a sponsor for various sports in the Schaumburg Athletic Association, have been a site for blood drives for LifeSource, gave 20 turkeys to the Schaumburg Township Food Pantry and gave customers a break on their oil changes  if they, too, brought in foods to contribute.  They have even sponsored the Harper College Steel Band at the library’s summer concert series in Town Square.  And, in October of 2002, they were noted as the Business of the Month by the Mayor Larson and the village of Schaumburg.

Other gas stations and their owners have come and gone in Schaumburg Township but Larry and Dan’s has been an historic mainstay of the community from almost the very beginning.   And they still kindly provide pump service to drivers with disabilities!

This posting was written with the assistance of owner, Dan Dworzynski,, articles, columns and ads from the Daily Herald and the Winter 2002 issue of the Village of Schaumburg’s Cracker Barrel

Jane Rozek
Local History Librarian
Schaumburg Township District Library


  1. Ed Barczak Jr. Says:

    We moved to Schaumburg from Chicago in June 1967. I remember there was a Sinclair gas station on the NW corner of Roselle and Wise roads, which later became a Sunoco and eventually a Mobil. Wish I had some pictures. There was an Arco station at Springinsguth and Wise, which was closer to our house on Harvard Lane. I also remember the Union 76 station on Schaumburg Road, and the Texaco just west of there, which is now a Mobil.

    • jrozek Says:

      Wow, you do know your gas stations in Schaumburg Township! I, too, wish there were pictures of these stations. Where was the Union 76 station? In the Weathersfield Commons shopping center?

      Jane Rozek
      Local History Librarian
      Schaumburg Township District Library

      • Ed Barczak Jr. Says:

        The Union 76 station was next to the old fire station by the WC….it was previously a Pure station. I think there’s an old picture of the Pure station here, but not the 76.

      • jrozek Says:

        There are a couple of photos of the Pure Oil station that was, indeed, located in Weathersfield Commons. They are on the Local History Digital Archive which you can find here:

        Thank you for your interest!

        Jane Rozek
        Local History Librarian

  2. michael freier jr. Says:

    do you have any old pictures of the texaco at schaumburg and roselle during the 70s maybe?

    • jrozek Says:

      Hello Michael,

      I’m afraid the Schaumburg Township District Library does not have any photos of the Texaco in our archives. If anyone out there does, please contact me at I’d love to add them to our Local History Digital Archive.

      Jane Rozek
      Local History Librarian

  3. Jay Campbell Says:

    I remember the Pure Oil station on the NE corner of Golf and Meacham, on the same large property where Pure Oil had regional offices. The Pure offices stayed until mid 1994, but the gas station was knocked down before that.

  4. Edward Barczak Says:

    There was also a Standard/Amoco station on the corner of Wise and Irving Park, and a Zephyr station on Irving Park and Fenz Road, which is now run straight through by the Elgin-O’Hare IL390 expressway. Dad used to go there a lot in the early 70s to get cheaper gas.

    • Edward Barczak Says:

      Not Fenz Road…it was a small portion of Devon Avenue that wasn’t more than even a block long.

      • Edward Barczak Says:

        OK-need to get this right. Old maps show this short road as Nerge Road and not Devon.

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