The Poplar Creek Music Theater had 29 concerts their first year of operation.  Their second year proved to be even more successful.  They booked 45 acts during the course of what would be a very busy summer.  And, once again, they had several acts who booked on multiple nights.  In fact, Sha-Na-Na-Na even performed at Woodfield while they were in town. 

They also had some repeat acts from the year before.  They were:  Santana, John Denver, Jefferson Starship, Jimmy Buffett, Chuck Mangione, Beach Boys, Sha-Na-Na, Arlo Guthrie, Anne Murray, James Taylor, Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson.  Obviously, they were touring machines at the time who maybe enjoyed the outdoor venue?

Take a look at the list of concerts and the dates they were held.  Can you guess which concert attracted the biggest crowd?  If you have a guess, send in a comment.  Or, maybe you remember going to one of concerts.  Do you have a memory you’d like to share?  If so, make a comment.  The more, the merrier.

June 4                                   Paul Anka

June 7                                   Santana

June 10                                 Bob Dylan

June 12                                 Joe Walsh

June 13 & 14                       James Taylor

June 19                                 Jefferson Starship with Grace Slick

June 20                                 Beach Boys

June 23                                 James Galway and Cleo Laine

June 27                                 Waylon Jennings

June 28                                 Weather Report

June 30                                 Blue Oyster Cult and Humble Pie

July 3                                     Kingston Trio and The Association

July 10                                   Johnny Cash

July 11                                   Utopia

July 12                                   Victor Borge

July 13 & 14                         Cher

July 15                                   Marshall Tucker Band

July 16                                   Mac Davis with Alabama

July 17 & 18                         Moody Blues

July 19                                   Pete Seeger and Arlo Guthrie

July 22                                   Jimmy Buffett

July 24                                   Wayne Newton

July 25                                   Dionne Warwick

July 26 & 27                         Linda Ronstadt with Joe Ely

July 29                                   Chuck Mangione

July 31 & August 1            Dinah Shore

August 5                              Peter Paul & Mary

August 6                              Peter Frampton

August 7 & 8                       Willie Nelson

August 9                              Kansas

August 12                            Three Dog Night

August 14                            Foghat

August 15                            John Denver

August 16                            Anne  Murray

August 18                            Sha-Na-Na

August 20 & 21                  Donna Summer

August 22                            Ozzy Osbourne

August 24                            Pat Benatar

August 26                            Christopher Cross with America

August 27                            Allman Brothers Band

August 28                            George Benson

August 29 & 30                  Liza Minnelli with Joel Grey

September 1                      Doobie Brothers

September 2                      Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre

September 3 & 4              Journey

5 Responses to “POPLAR CREEK’S SECOND SEASON–1981”

  1. DaveL Says:

    My wife and I started dating in 1981 and attended three of the concerts that year. Linda Rondstadt, 3 Dog Night, and Donna Summer. Somehow we would get free promotional tickets from her employer. We still have some of the ticket stubs! What great memories!

    • LaurieL Says:

      Those tickets were given to employees at Good Shepherd Hospital in Barrington they were given the “unsold” tickets to fill the house. I can remember the overhead announcements last minute asking if there was any interested staff they should come to HR and claim the tickets, the most notice we got was 24 hours. and yes GREAT memories!!

      • jrozek Says:

        Wow, I didn’t realize Poplar Creek was “filling the seats” from the very beginning. They gave the library reduced- price tickets too. That’s how we saw Julie Andrews and Anne Murray on weekday nights.

        Thank you for your tidbit of history!

        Jane Rozek
        Local History Librarian

  2. Jim O'Hara Says:

    I think this listing is incomplete. On July 25, 1984, I saw Talk Talk and Psychedelic Furs play there. It doesn’t appear on the schedule.

    • jrozek Says:

      Hello Jim,

      I did a search for both bands in the Daily Herald for that year and they did not pop up as appearing at Poplar Creek. (There were a few listings.) There were no listings in the Chicago Tribune.

      Do you suppose that they were added into the line up at the last minute and it just didn’t make the papers? If you have a ticket stub, could you send a picture of it to me for verification and I’ll make the adjustment to the list?

      Thank you for making the effort!

      Jane Rozek
      Local History Librarian
      Schaumburg Township District Library

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