In doing research for the Kohl’s Food Store in Schaumburg, I discovered there was actually another store in the chain that was at 7500 Barrington Road in Hanover Park.  Thinking it was in the Tradewinds Shopping Center, I looked further and found that it was actually on the west side of Barrington Road in the appropriately-named Westview Shopping Center.  And, thanks to a number of commenters on this blog, I know it didn’t face Barrington Road the way the businesses today do.  Rather, it faced Irving Park Road.

It opened in August 1977 as the anchor store of the small strip mall.  They had their work cut out for them because an Eagle and a Dominicks were also operating in the Irving Park/Barrington Road area.  Needless to say, competition was fierce.

Unfortunately, Kohl’s store itself was also hit with structural problems.  Due to the unstable soil base beneath the store, the building began to shift.  A Daily Herald article from April 2, 1982 says, “The shopping center was built on marshland, and Kohl’s said the store’s foundation was cracking and the building was falling away from the parking lot.”

With no repairs forthcoming, the grocery store’s headquarters filed a lawsuit in November 1980, three years after the store opened, against the land trust that owned the shopping center.  The problems continued to mount with insufficient repairs being done.  Finally, the situation became so bad that refrigeration problems forced the store to close on November 28, 1981.

By April of 1982, the chain decided not to reopen the store.  After closing not only the Schaumburg store the month before but seven others as well in the Chicago area, it must have been obvious that the Hanover Park store and all of its problems were not worth the effort.

The store has since been torn down and the Westview Shopping Center has been rebuilt.  Maybe you can answer a question though.  Did the Hanover Park Kohl’s Food have the distinctively arched roof and entrance that the Schaumburg store did?  If you by chance have a picture, I would appreciate the opportunity to scan it for our collection.  Contact Jane Rozek at jrozek@stdl.org or 847-923-3331.

Jane Rozek
Local History Librarian
Schaumburg Township District Library


  1. Dan Says:

    I wish I had a picture of the center, but I do vaguely recall this strip mall and the Kohl’s store there after it closed. I may be incorrect, but I believe the building itself was not torn down until some time around 1986-87, and I do recall the Kohl’s store having the distinctive arched roof. The store itself faced south with the rest of the shopping center was in a upside down “L” shape with the Kohl’s store being the bottom (or top if it is upside down) of the “L”.

    Today, you can see evidence of the soil issue. Take a look at the height of the Burger King on this corner versus the current Westview Center. You will notice the Burger King that was built while Kohl’s was still there is on much higher ground than the new shopping center.

    Great article Jane, thanks.

  2. Larry Rowan Says:

    Dan is right on. Yes it was the distinctive arch design. I remember when the center was finally rebuilt, there were pilings sunk into the unstable soil throughout the parking lot area. It took a very long time. An engineer explained to me that that area was basically a swamp and even the parking lot had to be stablized on piers.

  3. Dan Says:

    I worked at the Hanover Park Kohl’s from 1978 to 1980. The store had the arched roof and was much larger than the Schaumburg and Bloomingdale stores that also had the arch. I believe the inhouse name for it was “Wide Elephant”.

    I think there was only one other arched roof store in Chicago chain and that was in Morton Grove.

    The store faced south and wasn’t as visible to the Irving/Barrington intersection as the Eagle and Dominick’s.

    I know I have a picture of the HP store somewhere (I will post once I find it).

    • jrozek Says:

      This is really good information Dan. I especially like the “Wide Elephant” name. That’s a very good, visual description.

      I remember the Schaumburg store and it was arched too. The photo that I have in the Schaumburg Kohl’s posting is actually of the Buffalo Grove store and, to the best of my knowledge, is still intact.

      If you can post a photo, that would be great. If you can’t get it to load, you can send it to me at jrozek@stdl.org and I’ll post it–giving you complete credit, of course.

      Thank you!

  4. Mario Says:

    I really like this site. The old Kohls store in buffalo grove is still intact as of last summer. It occurred to me that I regularly shop another old kohls store- bloomingdale- its Caputos now on lake street. I could be wrong but the outside is updated but if you go inside there are the arched windows and roof. pretty cool. I live in streamwood and know where the old Dominicks was at Irving Park and barrington rd and i know Ultra foods sits where Kohl used to be but where was the Eagle store in this same area.?

    • jrozek Says:

      I’m glad you like the blog! The Eagle store was at 1559 Irving Park Road in Hanover Park which is just east of the southeast corner of the intersection of Irving Park and Barrington Roads. It was on the south side of Irving Park where the True Value store was for years and where the Auto Zone is today.

      Jane Rozek
      Local History Librarian

  5. Bob ganski Says:

    Very interesting. I’m a retired truck driver from Kohls gro Warehouse in Milwaukee and we delivered to the Chicago stores all the years they were there. We delivered the first loads when they bought The Mayflower stores–about 5 of them. Don’t remember the year. I worked 30 years for them and retired in 1996. It was a very good company. Herb Kohl still sends me Christmas and Birthday cards. Thanks for the nice websight and pictures.

  6. Anthony Martini Says:

    I also worked at the Kohl’s grocery store in Hanover Park from about 1978 until they closed. ( thru H.S. 78-80 and then on breaks/every other weekend in college fall of 80 thru closing. A few of the managers at this store jumped over from the Dominick’s across the street. One of the grocery manager’s was my next door neighbor ( Rich Rosco) and the Store Manager ???? I think was Rob Gabries – the front end manger was also a former Dominick’s employee. When they closed many of the employees were transferred to the Schaumburg location at Roselle and Weathersfield Way and eventually we became Eagle Foods employees. The roof was definitely arched ! I remember getting carts and the parking lot had sunk so much there was a 3-4 inch gap at the door to get the carts over . They were continually adding asphalt to level it off so we could get the carts int he store. The store was extremely busy. It had a great bakery. I worked as a bagger, then in grocery and then in produce.

  7. jrozek Says:

    I remember the Kohl’s grocery store from either the late 70’s or early 80’s (not sure of the exact year we shopped there). The front did have the huge arch and I remember the operation of the store being similar to Aldi’s operation in which the customer bagged their own groceries. It was on Barrington rd. on the west side and was a little further north of Tradewinds shopping center. While it was 2-3 blocks north of Irving Park rd., the front did face toward Irving (or south). I remember when they put in the blacktop for the parking lot before the store opened. We would occasionally hang out near there at the arcade called “Just Games” or go to the Jack-in-the-Box near the corner of Irving and Barrington. Unfortunately I do not have any pictures of the area, which is why I was searching the internet when I came across your blog.

    Thank you for jogging my memory though!


  8. Bill Says:

    Paul’s comment about the Just Games arcade is a little off. The Just Games was actually in the strip mall just off the old Kmart at the intersection of Irving Park Road and Wise Road. Good times there! I remember the thrill when you got a top score for the month! Your name was written on a board on the game and you got a free play. One of the floor supervisors opened his own arcade in Bartlett but unfortunately it didn’t last long

  9. Anthony Martini Says:


    Youa re correct about Just Games being in the little strip mall just east of the K-Mart Shopping center. Paul is also off on the Kohl’s being like Aldi’s. Kohl’s had a entire group of baggers – the place was a made house on Saturday’s back then with every register having a bagger and sometimes 2 of us getting carts outside. Kohl’s was more like Dominick’s across the street in Tradewinds and was their direct competitior.

  10. Bill Says:

    Definately agreed. I worked at the other Hanover Park Domnicks on Lake Street in Greenbrook Plaza from 1977-83 and we felt that Kohls was in competion with us. I rember we had a floor manager named Don George who moved from our store to the Kohl’s when it first openned – he tried to recruit me to go with him but I declined. Next let’s get started on the Chicken Unlimited that was across the street from the Burger King on Irving Park Road. I live in Phoenix now but last time I was there I think it was a Midas.

    • Anthony Martini Says:


      You are correct on the Chicken Unlimited and Don George. The Midas, I think just closed or moved.

  11. Jennifer banach Says:

    I have a pic of it under water,….I will post…..store was in a bottom, faced Irving and tri village It was tore down, cub foods filled land and cubs built
    1985 1987 era

  12. randy schallau Says:

    My parents purchased a house in HP in 1961. It was in the first subdivision on linden ave. The problem with the kohls sinking was
    definitely because the land was a swamp. The builder 3H homes
    used that land as a dump site for the construction debris they were generating. Meyer concrete had a batch plant behind the site for quite a while and possibly could have been doing the same with there debris. Eventually the area was back filled with soil to bring the grade up to road level and developed it. We built a lot of tree forts from material we found there.

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