The National Trust for Historic Preservation sets aside the month of May to commemorate National Preservation Month.  The theme for this year is Celebrating America’s Treasures

Throughout our nation’s communities there are significant places that have contributed to our American experience.  It could be a battlefield, a ship, church or house museum.  The treasures can be obvious or they can be obscure.   Here in Schaumburg Township it could be a former farm, a business, a school or even one of our citizens!   

In an effort to comemorate both our rich rural and suburban culture, I am seeking your assistance in adding materials to the library’s Local History collection and our Local History Digital Archive.  We are continually on the lookout for photos, brochures, programs, old phone books, church and school histories and any other document that would focus on buildings, events and people. 

This does not mean items have to be 50 years old to be considered!  If it is a local political brochure from last month’s election or a program from a church’s dedication or a flyer for last year’s 4th of July parade in Hoffman Estates, we’re interested.

If you would like to donate the items to the library, we are happy to accept them.  If you would prefer to keep the items, we have scanning capabilities as well.  The important thing is to preserve our history and not let it slip through our fingers.  Please consider being a part of the collection process and contact us today.  

You can contact Jane Rozek, Local History Librarian, Schaumburg Township District Library at or 847-923-3331 or simply drop your materials off at the Reference Desk on the 2nd floor of the library.


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