The Local History Digital Archive has these two photos that are of unidentified streets in Hoffman Estates or Schaumburg.   The Hoffman Estates historian is fairly sure these streets are in the Highlands of Hoffman Estates.  It is obviously a neighborhood of split levels and raised ranches.  Can anyone help verify this or suggest an alternative?

P.S.  Aren’t those cars great?     Judging by their style, these photos have to be from the late 1950s or early 1960s.  Maybe some of you car buffs can help us distinguish a time frame!

***FOUND.  LOCATION OF BOTTOM PHOTO.  Due to the diligence of, Larry Rowan, a reader of the blog who actually drove the neighborhood, it has been discovered that these homes are on Jefferson Street—in the Hoffman Highlands.  See the photo below taken from the same perspective.   Many thanks Larry!  

***MORE DETAILS.  Marty Oliff, another reader of the blog, also confirmed that this is Jefferson Street in the Highlands.  He said, “It appears that the photo was taken looking north from Durham Lane.”   He also confirmed a possible time frame of the summer of 1961 since his family moved into 235 Jefferson on March 17 of that year.  According to him, the houses going past Frederick Lane and heading up the hill were being built at that time.

***FOUND.  ANOTHER POSSIBLE LOCATION OF BOTTOM PHOTO.  It was brought to my attention by Roger Tillander that this could also be Gentry Road in Hoffman Estates near Durham,  which is also in the Hoffman Highlands.  Amazingly enough, the house styles line up on a curved incline in exactly the same way.

***FOUND. LOCATION OF UPPER PHOTO.  Mr. Tillander also mentioned that the upper photo is from Amherst and Gentry in the Highlands.

***CAR IDENTIFIED?  Mr. Tillander thinks the light green car in the forefront is a ’54 Nash and that the others in the photo are also from 1954 and earlier.

Jane Rozek
Local History Librarian
Schaumburg Township District Library



  1. Duane S Says:

    Our family were some of the earliest residents of Hoffman Estates with my parents buying in Parcel A. I can still remember stopping along Golf Road and my father walking in the mud to inspect the progress on our new house before there were any permanent streets at our end of the subdivision. A real special memory was our visit to the models which were located on Ash Road near Golf Road. In order to reduce our boredom level as youngsters, my sister and I spent some time re-arranging the pins on the official map which designated which lots were sold, available, etc. We wondered later whether this might have changed the outcome for a few buyers.

  2. Steve Engelman Says:

    In the 1st picture, the car to the far right is a ’52 or ’53 Nash Rambler, and from what I can see of the other cars, there seems to be nothing newer than 1955.

  3. Marty Oliff Says:

    First Photo: I believe this is my block(flat section of Jefferson Rd in the Highlands). Looks like summer 1961. We moved into 235 Jefferson on March 17, 1961. Houses going past Frederick Lane and heading up the hill were being built. It appears that the photo was taken looking north from Durham Lane

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