To date, the most popular posting on this blog has been the “Long Gone But Not Forgotten Restaurants of Schaumburg Township.”  That posting produced just a slew of comments and fond remembrances.

As a followup, I thought I would make mention of several restaurants advertised in a May 1, 1974 issue of The Record.  This newspaper was brought in to the library by a local contributor to our Local History Digital Archive.  There was a wonderful article on Mayor Atcher but one of the sidelights was the full page of  restaurant advertisements.

Their Restaurant of the Week was Beef ‘n Barrel which was mentioned in the earlier comments.  While not precisely in Schaumburg Township, it was in Schaumburg Village on Algonquin Road.  It was known for its Beltbuster, a half pound hamburger with french fries and slaw, and the Manhandler, the drink of the day whose recipe changed daily.  A bowl of peanuts could also be found on each table and Freddie Fredericks entertained children and parents on Sundays with magic tricks and balloon sculptures.

Then, there were the restaurants that were never mentioned in the Comments–The Big Banjo, Pinocchio’s and The Magic Pan.  The Big Banjo was located right here in Towne Square and served pizzas, ribs and chicken.  They also offered movies and live entertainment, including folksingers–music that was popular at the time.  How did they offer movies and what types would they have been?  This was in the day of 16 mm so I can’t imagine how much fun it would have been to run that projector!

Pinocchio’s was in the Weathersway Shopping Plaza on Roselle Road.  They were advertising a Breakfast Special for $1.95.  Imagine!  In addition, they must have had some kind of soda fountain since they carried malts, sodas and sundaes.

Crepes were the specialty of The Magic Pan in Woodfield Mall which could be found between Sears and Marshall Field’s.  This must have been a slightly more upscale restaurant because they were featuring crepes filled with beef bourguignon.

Another article mentioned Barnaby’s getting a beer permit.  This was in September of 1969 prior to the restaurant being built.  The restaurant would have a seating capacity of 216 and was offering a limited menu of sandwiches and pizza.  It was also interesting to note that water and sewer had not been extended to that area on Golf Road so the restaurant would have to use well and septic instead.

Rack your brains.  Is Barnaby’s the oldest restaurant in Schaumburg Township?  Are there any others from that time period that we’re missing?



  1. debby miller Says:

    I’m not sure when it was opened, but what about the restaurant in what now is the Hilldale Golf Course.

  2. jane rozek Says:

    I did a little research and I came across three possibilities. First there was the Hilldale Club House, then the Dale House and later the Hilldale Manor. Would it have been any one of those three?

  3. Larry Rowan Says:

    I relocated to Schaumburg in 1969 to work at Western Electric inc. at the intersection of RT 53 and Golf Rds. Barnabys was one of the only area restaurants in ’69. Then came Beef and Barrel on 62 and Lums on Golf Rd. just West of Roselle. I do remember another Bar with a limited menu in 1969. It was located at the intersections of Golf and Higgins. It was called “Amber Rose” and it later was sold and reopened as “Ceasers”.

    Schaumburg restaurant History wouldn’t be complete without remembering that in 1969 a vegetable stand that also sold hot dogs and Italian Beef sandwiches stood operated out of an old van located in a closed gas station site at the old intersection of Higgins and rt 53 before the expansion of RT 53 in the early 70’s and before Woodfield. That hot dog stand later relocated to Higgins road just West of Plum Grove road and was the best hot dog joint in the NW suburbs….Hippo’s Hot dogs. Remember the great Chicago Style steamed hot dogs that were served with a frosted mug of beer. The beer was only 25 cents.

    • jrozek Says:

      I have heard many fond memories of Hippo’s and, in fact, it was still there when I moved to the area. To my regret, I never tried their hot dogs. I think I missed out on something.

  4. Jon Martin Says:

    Hippos was the closest to where we lived at the time. (Lexington Fields – pre woodfield). I miss that place. Used to be a hangout to the point where off duty cops were hired to work in the kitchen in case of trouble.

  5. Carole Wockner Says:

    I loved Hippo’s. My dear dad discovered their original stand in the 60s and raved about their hot dogs with fresh farm cucumbers and tomatoes, celery salt, and those hot sport peppers. Then the restaurant on Higgins and Plum Grove that had all the Beach Boys music in the juke box and the frosty mugs of beer! So surprised to find them gone many years back on a nostalgic trip home from California coast.:( Used to drive out of my way for Hippo’s….. Sad they’re gone (but never forgotten…)

  6. Mark Vassmer Says:

    I recall Ceasers. The owner, Ceaser, ran the Dunkin Donuts just to the east where I worked a short time about 1971. There was also a Cal’s Roast Beef south of Dunkin where I worked. The managers were a very friendly pair of brothers from Greece.

  7. dandy Says:

    lancers restaurant between culvers and shell gas station
    corner of meacham road and algonquin roads

  8. dandy Says:

    also dont forget the old chinese restaurant that was in the plaza just west of beef n barrel

  9. Jeff Whyte Says:

    While technically in Hoffman, I remember the Ground Round as a favorite. I believe it was on Roselle between Golf and Higgins.

  10. Greg Wroblewski Says:

    The Chinese restaurant west of the Beef n Barrel was “leongs” my parents took me there for my 8th grade graduation, They let me order Mia Ties, God my parents were awesome.

  11. joe Says:

    there was a hippos on the corner by nerge and rowling in Elk Grove….did it have any affiliation with the original ? Its been gone for a while but i went there a few times and it did have a lot of hippo figurines like the old one. Does anyone remember when the original opened and finally closed ?

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