In 1963, the young village of Schaumburg welcomed the first grocery store–a Jewel–in the Weathersfield Commons Shopping Center at the corner of Schaumburg and Springinsguth Roads.  It lasted in this location until January 1989 when they opened a newer store down the road in Scharrington Square.

There have been many grocery stores in Schaumburg Township over the years–National and Byerly’s– to name a few.  Which are your favorites?  What stores are we missing?  Tell us what is/was special about the store where you shopped.


Jane Rozek
Local History Librarian
Schaumburg Township District Library


  1. Bruno Cattivabrutto Says:

    There was an Eagle at the intersection of Golf and Higgins, where Circuit City (Tiger Direct) is now.

  2. Larry Rowan Says:

    There has been much talk about the various restaurants that were along the segment of Roselle Road between Golf and Higgins, but does anyone remember the original businesses in the shopping center on the West side of Roselle Road? Among the largest was a Grants department store that burned to the ground in a spectacular fire sometime around 1971? Remember the one and only movie theatre in Hoffman Estates? It was later converted to an L Fish furniture store and sits vacant today behind the Kentucky Fried Chicken and tire stores.

    • Duane S Says:

      The shopping center of which you speak (Golf Rose?) had a National Tea supermarket when it opened. It also included a popular liquor store as well as a bakery. Also there was the “new” Snyder’s Drugs, theatre, and pool hall. W.T Grants which later became Service Merchandise.

  3. Larry Rowan Says:

    I need to correct myself! There was a second movie theatre in Hoffman estates on Higgins Road near Barrington Road.

  4. Bob Dohn Says:

    A footnote to the article about the Jewel store at Schaumburg and Springingsguth Roads is that in the late 1970’s it moved from its original location in the shopping center (shown in the photo) into an expanded store that included Osco Drug. The move was to a separate building in the shopping center that was built just for the Jewel/Osco. That building is now occupied by and Indian restaurant/banquet hall and a hair salon.

  5. jrozek Says:

    I did a little research on this and discovered in a Daily Herald article that the Jewel moved to the location Mr. Dohn is mentioning in 1972. The original location shown in the photo above then became a True Value Hardware store. So, let me get this straight, this original location is where the Walgreens and Schaumburg Restaurant are now? And it faced west?

    This is similar to the Jewel on Roselle between Higgins and Golf. It’s original location was where the Jockey restaurant is currently and also where the South Beach Club was. It faced south towards Higgins.

  6. Bob Dohn Says:

    My bad! Jane is correct in fixing the date as 1972 and not the late 70’s as I had stated. I should have know this, because at the time I worked for a company that helped to set up the new store and I was one of the crew. The location shown in the photo faces west and is adjacent to the current day Schaumburg Restaurant, along the south wall of the restaurant. It became a True Value Hardware store some time after Jewel moved into the larger space that now houses the Indian restaurant & banquet facility, and it remained a hardware store until not too many years ago. I believe, but am not certain, that the space is currently vacant.

    • Dan Says:

      I remember the Jewel at Schaumburg/Springinsguth very distinctly.

      The shopping center was built in two phases. The original Jewel in the first phase built opened in 1962 where True Value was as shown in the picture. It remained at that spot until November, 1970 when it moved to the newly built second phase. Its address was 91 Weathersfield Commons.

      Before True Value closed and the inside was remodeled, you could still see the lattice-trimmed ceilings from the building’s days as a Jewel.

      Neither Jewel at this corner ever had an Osco. It was not until Jewel moved west to Scharrington Square that it became a Jewel/Osco combo store. In the pre-1989 Jewel years before the Walgreens was built, Weathersfield Pharmacy was where our prescriptions were filled.

      The other thing I remember at the Jewel from 1970-1989 was the large amounts of graffitti on the west and south walls of the building. Actually if I recall correctly, the entire center had been tagged all along the back. Anyone remember this?

      Curious if anyone has any pictures of the 1970-1989 Jewel. I’ve seen the photo in this article plus an aerial shot of the center but never anything from 1970 on. I was lucky enough to take a few pictures inside the “old Jewel” before it became the India House but this was long after Jewel moved out.

      • Jane Rozek Says:

        I’m afraid the library doesn’t have any photos of the 1970-1989 era Jewel–either inside or outside. We would sure welcome any though! Please feel free to contact me at jrozek@stdl.org if you are in possession of any.

        It appears there’s some discrepancy as to whether there was ever an Osco at the Springinsguth location. Does anyone else want to chime in?

        I very much appreciate the local history interest. Should you be interested in receiving a periodic email detailing the more recent postings, let me know at the email above. I can add you to my list.

      • Dan Says:

        I am so confident that there was never an Osco at Schaumburg/Springinsguth that I will offer $1 million to anyone who proves me wrong 🙂

      • jrozek Says:

        I contacted the store manager of the Scharrington Square Jewel/Osco and, as he said, “You’re talking to the right person!” His first Jewel store job was at the Springinsguth Jewel in question. He said during the years that the store was open there was not an Osco. There was a General Merchandise Dept. and, it, like Osco was separate from the Jewel portion of the store. In fact, he was hired as the manager of that department.

        This was a lively discussion that yielded good information! Thank you.

  7. limewire Says:

    wow cool info bro.

  8. Bob Dohn Says:

    Does anyone remember A&P? There was one on Higgins Rd in a shopping center where Binny’s now sits. The original shopping center faced Higgins Road. When the site was re-developed in the 1970’s the new center was oriented towards Golf Rd., because the traffic count was so much higher.

  9. Dan Says:

    How about the Kohl’s (food store, not dept store like the Kohl’s of today) at Weathersfield and Roselle that later became an Eagle then a Dominick’s. A similar styled store with the curved roof was at Irving Park and Barrington in Hanover Park. Vaguely remember the store closed because the floor caved in at that location… take a look at the difference in relative height above the ground of the Burger King that existed with the Kohl’s building there and the height of the current Westview Center at that corner.

  10. Anthony Martini Says:

    While I do not have a photo of the Kohl’s to show proof, I can verify that this building had the same arched roof as all the other Kohl’s foods.I lived in Hanover Park on Longmeadow Lane. I was a bagger and stock boy at this store from 1977 until it’s close ( from my Junior year of High School at Conant and continued employment there when home from NIU in summers and Christmas break. The sinking and shifting of the store was very evident, there was about a 6 inch drop of the parking lot and the entrances into the store, so a they had to keep adding asphalt to the lip of the entrance so that we could continue to push in shopping carts without getting the carts stuck at the doorway. After that store closed , many employees , including myself were transferred to the Schaumburg Eagles location. The store faced Irving Park Road, which is different than the present shopping center faces ( Barrington Road)

    One piece of info in your article that is INCORRRECT , is the statement “By 1981 an Eagle and a Dominick’s were also operating in the Irving Park/Barrington Road area.” The Dominick’s was part of the Tradewinds Shopping Center from it’s inception. IT was there in the early 70’s when Tradewind’s was built along with the Tradewind’s Movie Theater , Zayer’s, Walgreens and the Walgreens hamburger chain next door to the Walgreens and next door to the Dominick’s , called Corky’s ( a name derived from the nick-name of Charles “Cork” R. Walgreen III). I remember walking to Dominick’s with my mom to shop and then going into Corky’s for their famous Corker Burger ( which was similar to a Whooper with a special sauce) . I think they ran coupons in the newspaper for them all the time. I am currently a Walgreens Corporate employee ( 27 years ) .

    My brother worked part-time at the Dominick’s from around 1972-73 ( graduated from Schaumburg H.S in 1975 ) thru college .

    The Eagle was on the Southeast corner of Irving Park and I’m pretty sure that was their before the Kohl’s also. True Value eventually took over it’s space. It was a much smaller store, it was in the same small strip shopping center as Kane Liquors.

    The South East corner had the best Drive-in around Tri- Village that was opened in 1964 by the Christopher family/brothers who lived in Hanover Park. There are many photos of this great eatery on Facebook supplied by one of the daughters.

    • John Says:

      Was it true that the freezer doors at Kohl’s did not close properly because the building was sinking?

      • jrozek Says:

        Hello John,

        You might want to read the posting I wrote on the Kohl’s store in Hanover Park. Be sure and read the comments. There are a few that shed additional light on the structural problems that store had. https://ourlocalhistory.wordpress.com/2011/05/22/kohls-food-store-hanover-park/

        Jane Rozek
        Local History Librarian

      • Anthony Martini Says:


        I started as a bagger, and over the years as my seniority grew, I was able to pull the opening hours “when home from the summers from college ” where I machine cleaned the floors each morning and occasionally steam cleaned the meat dept equipment with the butchers, I also worked the produce dept and was a stocker before the store closed. I never saw where the freezer doors did not close shut because of the shifting.

      • larryrowan Says:

        I am not sure about the freezer doors, however, I did see that there was a problem with the front doors being blocked by the shifting, heaving sidewalk in the winter/spring.

  11. John Says:

    Thanks for posting this picture. I worked for the Jewel on Schaumburg and Barrington for over 8 years. I remembered when the Jewel was located at the Indian restaurant. When I was hired, I was told that is was first located at the True Value location. This is the first time I saw a picture of this location.

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