The morning temperature on January 24, 1967 was 44 degrees and, later that day, it soared to 65.  Thunderstorms rolled across the area that evening but, by the following day, a low coming from the south and a high pressure system that swept out of Canada and over Lake Superior were beginning to converge.  By noon on January 26, 8 inches had fallen at O’Hare.  Snow continued to fall fast and furious and the situation became worse as the winds shifted and began causing serious drifting.    When the snow finally stopped around 10:00 a.m. on January 27, the area was at a standstill.  It was time to dig out.

This photo shows the driveway of a Schaumburg home on Weathersfield Way after heavy shovelling.   Is this what your house looked like?  How did your family handle the storm?  Did everyone make it home?  Was anyone stranded?  Did you run out of food?  Please share with us how the people of Schaumburg Township weathered the great snowstorm of 1967.

Jane Rozek
Local History Librarian
Schaumburg Township District Library


  1. Pat Barch Says:

    My husband was the last to come down Higgins Rd before the state police closed the road. I remember taking the kids sled and walking up to the A & P on Higgins Rd. (where Binney’s is now) and finding it open because the clerks & manager never went home. I had rope to tie the bags to the sled and made it home home ok. I’ll never forget that storm.

  2. Shirley Jones Says:

    Our section of Hoffman (parcel c, around St Hubert’s ) was without power for over 30 hrs. I was glad I had a gas cookstove rather than elec. like my neighbor who couldn’t even heat a can of soup. We tacked blankets over the open doorway to the dining area, so the warm kitchen, from cooking & baking, could be closed off & kept warm. My daughters thought it great fun to walk on top of the big drifts of snow that had blown off the roof, until the crust would break & imprison them in snow up to their chests, & Dad would have to pull them out. The girls spent the night in the kitchen, sleeping on webbing patio chaises, with folded quilts for mattresses.

  3. Jon Martin Says:

    I remember a woman who went into labor and a neighbor took her to the hospital on his snowmobile.

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