Pat Barch, the Hoffman Estates Historian, and I were discussing long gone but not long forgotten restaurants of Schaumburg Township.  Some of the ones we came up with were:

1.  Derby Street at the corner of Roselle and Golf Roads
2.  Copperfields at the corner of Golf and Plum Grove Roads
3.  Santes at the corner of Spring Mill and Higgins Roads
4.  Bill Knapps in the current day Dover Straits location on Golf Road
5.  Victoria Station on Mall Drive (see photo above)

Can you think of others that were your favorites?  Send in a comment and tell us what we’ve left out.

119 Responses to “FAVORITE DINING SPOTS”

  1. debbymiller Says:

    I don’t remember the name of the restaurant, but former village clerk Ginger Hayter co-owned a restaurant at the southwest corner of Roselle and Higgins Roads.

    • jrozek Says:

      According to Virginia Hayter’s oral history on the library’s Local History Digital Archive, the restaurant was called Captain’s Cove and shared a space with the Rainbow Inn. If you’re interested, take a look at the oral history at http://www.stdl.org/localhistory. Browse through the Videos and then the Oral Histories. It will be under her last name.

      • jrozek Says:

        A co-worker also reminded me of The Black Pearl, a Chinese restaurant, that was on the north side of Golf Road, just west of the intersection with Roselle. She also remembered that, prior to The Black Pearl, it was a Lums which was a family restaurant chain. The Spring Garden on the west side of Roselle Road between Higgins and Golf was also mentioned. It was torn down and the Walgreens was put up in its place.

        As part of this discussion, another employee and I began talking about the restaurants that had been in the KFC location on Roselle Road. He said when he moved here it was Mr. Sub followed by Jack in the Box followed by Naugle’s and the KFC. KFC tore the building down and constructed the new one that is presently there. Does anyone remember what was there before Mr. Sub? Or, do we have the order wrong?

      • jrozek Says:

        In mentioning the Spring Garden, it was brought up that the space was formerly occupied by a Down the Hatch restaurant. Can anyone verify this?

      • Larry Rowan Says:

        No, that is where the Ground Round was. The Down the Hatch was South of Schaumburg Rd on Roselle.

      • jrozek Says:

        Here are a few other restaurants my co-workers mentioned:

        JoJo’s on Golf Road at Valley Lake Drive

        Full House on Irving Park Road

        Golden Bear in Barrington Square, McDonald currently at site

        Mother Tucker’s on Meacham Rd

        Ground Round on Roselle Rd

        Village on Roselle, just south of Weathersfield Road, a favorite spot for lunch

        Cesare’s in that little wedge between Golf & Higgins Road, currently there’s a Starbucks

        Down the Hatch on Roselle Rd

        There was a Bob Evans on Golf Road. Some liked their chocolate cake.

      • jrozek Says:

        And here’s more:
        Jack-in-the-box, Shakees, the closest McDonalds was in downtown Elgin and I think it had the old fashioned arches. That was a treat to go there. Ground Round where you threw peanuts on the floor. Ponderosa Steakhouse and its self-serve kind of buffet. Woodfield had the ice cream parlor but can’t think of the name.

      • Scott S. Says:

        To this day there is still an open & fully operational Ponderosa Steakhouse in Aurora across from the Fox Valley Mall. The best buffet & I’ll never forget their “hot” food bar (est. 1984) & the always popular sundae bar.

      • jrozek Says:

        Other mentions sent to me were:

        –The ice cream place at Woodfield was Farrell’s.
        –Easy Street used to be the Buggy Whip. The Buggy Whip then moved to Weathersfield Commons at Schaumburg and Springinsguth Roads.
        –Beef and Barrel, now the Alumni Club.
        –Italiani’s, now TGIF.
        –Rusty Scupper.
        –Barry’s Ribs on Mall Drive.
        –Real Seafood or New England Seafood in the current La Magdalena location.
        –34’s, the Walter Payton restaurant.
        –Living Room
        –Johnny D’s on Golf Road.

      • Paul Kluxen Says:

        The Full House Restaurant that was near the corner of Irving Park Rd. and Barrington Rd. was Saint George and the Dragon Restaurant first. I loved this place as a kid. We got a free balloon and people in costumes were the wait staff as well as someone in a Dragon costume. I was only about 2 – 5 years old, but recall it quite clearly. Do you have any information on Saint George and the Dragon restaurant?

      • jrozek Says:

        I’ve certainly seen mentions of St. George and the Dragon restaurant but have very little information about the restaurant. After a brief search of the Daily Herald’s archives, it looks like the restaurant may have opened sometime in the late 1960s and closed sometime around 1975. I would have to do a more in depth look to see if I can narrow it down beyond that.

        Jane Rozek
        Local History Librarian

    • Scott S. Says:

      The KFC currently in that location, moved from it’s previous location that sat in the parking lot of the Valli Produce… which stood in between the Jiffy Lube & the now closed Saturn Dealer.

  2. Bruno Cattivabrutto Says:

    Cal’s was on Higgins east of where Golf and Higgins cross over. They had a huge plastic steer statue (the “Cal’s Cow”) outside which was on wheels and that they would pull in local parades. I wish we had a photo of that Cow! If anyone has one they shold send it to you.

  3. Bruno Cattivabrutto Says:

    Also the Hippodrome, on Higgins at Plum Grove Road, where the McDonald’s is today.

  4. debbymiller Says:

    Also, near where Cal’s was was Arby’s.

  5. Pat Barch Says:

    Down the Hatch is now LaLos Mexican restaurant on the East side of Roselle just south of the library. The KFC location has been so many different restaurants. The Ground Round once stood on the site. You could throw peanuts shells on the floor. The kids loved it.

    • jrozek Says:

      Thank you for your input! My contact said this was a Down the Hatch separate from the one on South Roselle Road. Do you think that is correct?

      • Larry Rowan Says:

        Down the hatch was the first use of the now Lalo’s building. After Down the Hatch left, a Steak restaurant occupied that site – I forgot it’s name, however, now it is Lalo’s.

  6. Scott Shepke Says:

    I don’t know if this qualifies for the Schaumburg Township (may be a part of the Hanover Park Township), but at the corner of Barrington & Irving Park Roads, once stood the Full House Restaurant. It then became a Blockbuster, was torn down after it closed & is now a Bank of America.

  7. Jean Dravet Says:

    I remember a Mexican restaurant that may have been in the building where Gaylord Fine Indian Cuisine is now, at 555 Mall Drive, south of Woodfield. I thought the name started with “La,” but I could be wrong. I remember going there in the late eighties/ early nineties. Does anyone remember the name of this restaurant?

  8. KButterworth Says:

    I remember the Little Caesarland on Roselle just south of Higgins. I think it’s a fruit market or grocery store now. It was like a big Chuck E. Cheese. It was in the shopping center behind what was just recently the Higgins Saturn dealer. I also miss terribly the Baker’s Square that was on the corner of Higgins and Jones/Salem Road. I loved their food, and had some good times there with friends and family.

    • Scott S. Says:

      The location You speak of is now a Valli Produce. It’s predecessors in order were… F&M, Little Caesars Funland & of course who could ever forget… Fireside Roller Arena! A true 80s icon!

      • Jack Says:

        And of course, before Fireside, it was a grocery… Guido’s, if I recall?

      • Larry Rowan Says:

        At that corner location back in 1968 or so was only a barbershop, and an all night bar. Progress struck and that was all torn down in favor of a large restaurant built at that corner…..higgins and Roselle. I think it was called Nick’s. After only 2 years or so, it misteriously burned down and sat as an eyesore for a year.

    • Larry Rowan Says:

      Barnaby’s was one of the oldest, still operating restaurants dating back to at least 1968. The old Caesers location was originally a restaurant called the “Amber Rose”. Beef and Barrell out on rt 62 underwent a couple of name changes and is now the “Alumni Club”. The Original Hippo’s on 72 and rt 53 grew into the later location on 72 by Plum Grove Rd in the Hippodrome Plaza and had great steamed hot dogs and $.25 frosted beers!
      Don’t forget the old Lums restaurant that preceeded the Black Pearl at that location.

  9. KButterworth Says:

    Just remembered another one! There was some type of family restaurant on the corner of Golf and Plum Grove Road. It’s the Greek Taverna now, but I remember right before the restaurant closed their sign advertised a “24oz. porterhouse steak.” We still talk about that sign when we watch “Man v. Food.” Never have gone in either restaurant so I can’t comment about the food.

    • Dave N Says:

      At that intersection there were a few places. I remember there used to be a place called The Jonex or something like that but even if spelling wrong the pronunciation is correct. That building housed many restaurants over the years. Diagonal across the street where I think a Red Lobster is now, used to be a Stuart Anderson’s Cattle Company which obviously by the name served steaks. It also was a Ground Round for a little while (didn’t last long and not be confused with the Ground Round that was over by Fireside Roller rink). I remember after that the Honda dealer used the parking lot for stock overflow and then Red Lobster went in.

    • Jennifer Castelán Says:

      The restaurant at Golf and Plum Grove was Jonix, later Copperfields, now Greek Village Taverna. I think it originally was a William Flagg’s.

  10. Bruno Cattivabrutto Says:

    Woodfield had a Wimpy’s in the late 70’s. Also there were a Jack in the Box, Naugles and a Mr. Sub in the spot where KFC was. There was also another Naugles over where the HP Branch is (or maybe on the spot where the Popeye’s is).

  11. Bob Dohn Says:

    Don’t forget Monday’s Restaurant, which was at the site of the current TGI Fridays, on Golf Road near Woodfield!

  12. Sharon Kimble Says:

    Anyone remember the Black Knight in shopping center by the bowling lanes. Used to have all you can eat crab legs on Friday nites. Used to go there after meetings – there would always be someone you knew. Also good place to take family without breaking the bank.

    Did anyone mention Dolly’s at Hilldale? Prime rib early on Fridays – would take my sons since it was reasonable and in the winter the fireplace added a cozy atmosphere.

    Not in our township, but Leong’s chinese restaurant on Algonquin was a good place.

    • Michele Says:

      My Mom Elaine and Step Dad Ralph owned the Black Knight. I still see the covered entrance everytime I go tanning next to it. brings back memories! Thanks ♥

    • Bo Butler Says:

      The Black Knight was great. My mother was a waitress and a hostess there for many years, until around 1978

      • Sue Says:

        I also worked at the Black Knight in the early 70s. Great crab legs and great entertainment with an accordion player named Mario. I was a food and cocktail waitress and got many opportunities to sing with Mario.

  13. LaVonne Presley Says:

    Although not a restaurant, the lunch counter at Snyder’s Hoffman Drugs was the place to eat for many construction workers in 1959. The drugstore opened in June 1959 and the lunch counter manager made sure that there were many worker friendly specials.

    Wasn’t there a Dog and Suds drive in south of Rainbow Inn? 1960s?

  14. Larry Rowan Says:

    I remember the Dog and Sudds that was on Roselle Road at the currentsite of Zippies just South of Higgins.

  15. jrozek Says:

    A couple of co-workers also mentioned the Village Restaurant to me. It was in the Weathersway Plaza near present day Frato’s and the Shelter Inc Thrift Shop. They fondly recall the fried shrimp platter they served on Fridays–and its affordability!

  16. brian scafuri Says:

    after down the hatch there was rockwells was the restaurant/bar on the southwest side of roselle and algonquin road called the tarragon?

    • jrozek Says:

      Tarragon Restaurant was on the northwest corner of Algonquin and Roselle Roads in Palatine Township. Their address was 1776 S. Roselle Road. Before it was torn down, it was Embers Charhouse. Hope this helps!

      • Dave N Says:

        And before it was Tarragon or Embers it was Coat of Arms. They sponsored my little league baseball team for Palatine South Little League.

  17. sue Says:

    Anyone remember The Stop restaurant (Gyros, hotdogs and Italian beef) in the Town Square shopping center? Or how about Barone’s pizza a couple of doors away?

    • jack Says:

      Yes I remember Barone pizza use to order there at least twice a week pizza was addicting it was so good even better than a couple other Barones I tried I know they changed their name at one point same owner don’t remember the name. I remember the Stop also nothing to write home about average at best frato was better.


  18. Lynn Says:

    What was the name of the restaurant after the Beef n Barrel but before the Alumni Club?

  19. Jon Martin Says:

    Sue – I remember the stop. I used to walk there from the library (where my mother worked) for lunch when there was no school. I was never that thrilled with Barone’s.

  20. Mike Says:

    Let’s not forget Leong’s Chinese Restaurant on Algonquin between Motorola and Harper College.

    • Bob Butler Says:

      Leong’s was the best. Their food was so good, and I have never found another place that had pressed Almond Duck. That was my favorite

  21. Shana Callanan Says:

    I miss the Baker’s Square (now part of the Nissan Dealership parking lot) at the NE corner of Jones & Higgins Roads.

  22. Dave N Says:

    How about Arthur Treacher’s Fish & Chips which was just down the street from Barnaby’s. A used car dealer opened up in it’s place (think it was called the “toy store” or something like that). A big building I went to pre-school in was also next door. Vogeli Barn or a name similar to that.

  23. Christie Says:

    Does anyone remember an Italian restaurant on Golf Rd. where the Champp’s currently is? (or very near to it, on that side of the road across from the Best Buy). It was there in the 90s I believe. It popped into my head recently (no idea why) and now is driving me crazy! Thank you!

    • jrozek Says:

      Hi Christie,

      We looked through a 1992 phone book and found what we think is your answer. It was Grisanti’s. Both addresses are listed as 955 E. Golf Road.
      Sound right?

      Jane Rozek
      Local History Librarian

      • Christie Says:

        I just randomly came across this page again and found your answer to my question from two years ago! Thank you, Grisanti’s was it! 🙂

  24. Larry Rowan Says:

    I think that you might be thinking of Johnnie “D”s that started on the South side of golf as a little Bistro, then closed and reopened across the street from Portillo’s in a new big space. Then they went bust!

  25. Anthony Martini Says:

    Farrell’s Ice Cream parlor in Woodfield !

  26. Duane S Says:

    Still hard to forget the disappointment when the Burger King went up near Higgins and Roselle Road. The rumor had been that a McDonalds was going in there. We had to drive to Elgin or Arlington Heights in those days to find McDonalds.

  27. Eydie Says:

    anyone remember cork & cleaver on Mall Drive?

    • Evelyn Says:

      Does anyone remember an elegant rib restaurant that played jazz music and had a blue canopy on the restaurant ceiling??? Driving us crazy that we can’t remember it. It was there in the 80’s?

    • Jack Says:

      Hello- I was jsut thinking about it today. It was called the Rib Exchange. It had live jazz, and the ceilling was hung with navey blue daisy patternd cloth. It was the best rib joint I ever have been to. Dolly’s in the golf course was nice as well. Best Wishes, Jack Fitz-William

    • Sensha Says:

      Located on the east side of Mall Drive on the south side of the mall, it stopped operations at least as far back as the mid 1980s. We used to eat there when I was up in Chicago for business.

      I also ate a lot of dinners at the Roy Rogers location in Woodfield. They were bought up by Hardee’s, after which the chain junked the Rogers line of roast beef sandwiches and kept only the horrid fried chicken. I haven’t eaten at a Hardee’s since…sob…

      We also used to eat at a steak and seafood place named Harry G’s, up on Algonquin Road. They were one of the earlier places to carry Dungeness crab long before you could find it away from the West Coast. Don’t know if they’re still there or not.

  28. Anthony Martini Says:

    How about Sandwich Italiano at Wise and Springinsguth. They had great Italian Beef and fresh cut fries. They’d load a paper lunch bag full of fries as an order. We’d walk home to HP from Addams Jr. H.S. and eat hot, fresh cut fries.

  29. Anthony M. Says:

    Corky’s in Tradewind’s Shopping Center at Irving and Barrington Rd. It was between the Walgreens and the Dominick’s in the 1970’s. It was owned by Walgreens .They had the Corker Burger that was named after Charles R. ” Cork ” Walgreens III. The most recent Walgreens to retire from the Walgreens board of directors (4 years ago ).

  30. Anthony M. Says:

    and of course there was the one and only TRI-VILLAGE Drive- In at Irving and Barrington Rds.! There are some great old photos on Facebook posted by one of the owners daughter’s Toni Christopher.

    • Paul Says:

      Tri village was awesome! I loved the way your fries were rolled up with your hot dog. It had such a distinct taste. Don’t forget Bon Gusto’s on Irving Park Rd. across from the old Kmart and Butera grocery store, practically next to what was a Woolco. There was also a SAMBO’S which became a Steak and Shake and an Arthur Treacher’s fish and chips. A Corfu restaurant, a Dunkin Donuts, McDonald’s and a Jack in the Box on Barrington Rd and A Jake’s Pizza by the Hanover Tap.

  31. Jeff Says:

    Can’t remember what it was called, but it was the restaurant shaped like the inside of a submarine inside Woodfield. More for the ambiance than the food. Also, enjoyed visiting the cookie factory inside Woodfield when I was younger.

    • larryrowan Says:

      In an earlier post in this blog regarding the original stores in WOODFIELD MALL, someone mentioned the “Submarine Restaurant” that had great hot dogs.

  32. Rosalind Wallace Says:

    How about Chicken City USA where you could get the best onion rings ever made.

    • jrozek Says:

      Where was Chicken City USA? No one else has ever mentioned it. Was it by chance in the strip mall on the NW corner of Schaumburg and Roselle Roads?

      Jane Rozek
      Local History Librarian

  33. Annie Says:

    I’m surprised that no one has mentioned John’s Garage in the Woodfield Mall. The salad bar was incredible, they had great food and really good drinks. (I had my very first “cherry bomb” there…. that was interesting !). When the ice rink was still there, you could watch the people skating while you were eating. I always felt like Woodfield and John’s Garage were ahead of their time back then. I was just a kid and was always amazed and excited to go to Woodfield and eat at John’s Garage. We LOVED to watch the skaters and would wait extra long for a table to open up by the windows. As a matter of fact, after my bridesmaids did their fitting for my wedding, (at Jessica McClintock), we all went to John’s Garage afterward. I was sorry to see it go !

  34. T-Bone Says:

    I was the 1st manager at Barnaby’s on Golf Road. I later was a chef at Caesare’s at Golf & Higgins. Loved Rosati’s Pizza. Lived on the corner of golf & Apple St. next to car wash.

  35. Abby Says:

    When we were little, our favorite restaurant was The Magic Pan. I think it was at Woodfield, but I was so young then that’s I’m not certain. There used to be a glass window through which we could watch our crepes being made. They had a dessert crepe filled with mint chocolate chip ice cream, and my sweet parents would let me get it as my breakfast. The Magic Pan was expensive, so we only went there a handful of times. It was such a special treat to go there and I have such happy memories of the place. I still remember the sad ride home after the last time we went there to eat and found it gone.

    I found this site while looking up The Black Pearl, which was my favorite childhood Chinese restaurant. I remember going back there when visiting my family sometime in the 90s.

    The pizza place we went to was called Shakey’s, and they gave you free popcorn. You could also reach deep into a treasure chest and get a little “prize.”

    Back in the 70s, eating out was nothing like it is now. It happened about 6 times per year in our family and it was really something special.

    Thank you for putting this page together! It’s a nice trip down memory lane.

  36. R Cornish Says:

    A few more. . .

    First, there was ANOTHER “Down the Hatch”. It was at the Northeast corner of Algonquin Road and New Wilke Road.

    Over in that same area – New Wilke and Golf – there used to be a breakfast restaurant where the Portillo’s is: called Mr. Hobo’s.

    There was also a Roy Rogers fast food restaurant inside Woodfield Mall – kinda similar to Cal’s, but they had a cheeseburger that also had ham on it. Wonderful!

    I miss the JoJo’s Monte Cristo. Bennigan’s is similar, but JoJo’s was the BEST.

    There were also a couple of e-restaurants on Higgins Road – just west of Hoffman High. I believe Stereo Studio used to be a Pizza Hut (pretty obvious from the building design) and the medical plaza next to it also used to be a family restaurant (short-lived)< but I forget the name.

  37. Anthony Martini Says:

    Sambo’s Pancake House was on north side of Irving Park Rd between Cumberland and Kingsbury Drive’s in Hanover Park. Probably between 1969 and 1972.

  38. Ashley Says:

    Lucky’s Diner in Woodfield Mall! I remember going there with my family a lot in the late ’80s and early ’90s. 1950’s themed restaurant, although being younger I don’t remember a thing about the food and just recall the fun, carefree ambiance and decor.

    On the same token, I remember Johnny Rocket’s at One Schaumburg Place and enjoying the similar 1950’s theme and burgers there very much – Despite the fact that One Schaumburg Place didn’t last very long :).

    Also, what was that nightclub at Meacham and Algonquin that was constantly in the local news for trouble stirred up there? I remember my older sister always wanting to go so badly but my parents never letting her because of the bad reputation it had and how frequently it was in the local papers for drugs, fighting, etc. I think it had a couple of different names.

    Similarly, I remember a nightclub in One Schaumburg Place called Venus that was in the local news once in a while for trouble there as well. Although I was nowhere near old enough to be going out to those places, I remember being fascinated with all the trouble they caused – Must’ve been much more fun to go out to the Schaumburg nightclubs 20 years ago than it is today :).

    • jrozek Says:

      The nightclub you might be thinking of at the intersection of Algonquin and Meacham was Toto’s and later Jackhammer’s. They frequently sponsored alcohol-free teen dances.

      Thank you for your excellent comments!

      Jane Rozek
      Local History Librarian
      Schaumburg Township District Library

  39. Maria Says:

    I’ve stumbled on this blog in my google search for any Grisanti’s Restaurants still in existence. I used to work there and loved the food. Does anyone remember The Skewer Restaurant in Woodfield.
    The first location they had was in the same wing at Farrell’s and The Magic Pan (upper level Sears). You could watch them slice the Gyro. Then they expanded to another location on the lower level Sears wing. They had the BEST Gyros sandwiches. Across the way was the German rest, The Black Forest.

  40. PeteB Says:

    What a great place,All of these posts bring back great memories..I remember almost all of these places mentioned.
    R Cornish Right in between the places you mentioned next to Hoffman high was the white Pantry and next to that My uncle opened up a fast food store front with catering called My favorite place eventually he closed the fast food front but still catered for many years until he sold the business. The best beefs EVER!..

  41. Silver Image Studios Says:

    How about Cal’s Roast Beef? They had a giant statue of a bull in front. It was on Higgins Rd near Golf Rd.

  42. Rather Says:

    It’s the Full House that was in Hanover Park on either rt. 19 or 20 still around?
    That was a great place!

    • Pete b Says:

      No WAY!..LOL it was gone long ago,The owner killed him self there..We went there for family events..It was gone in the 80’s the last time I was in hellinois there was a Block buster video in it’s place.

    • Paul Says:

      Yeah, it is gone now. My sister and I were just talking about that place. It started out as a Saint George and the Dragon. Full house apparently had the best salad bar.

  43. Marty Folan Says:

    Does anyone have a picture of either the Derby Street sign or restaurant? Many memories of nights there.

  44. Terry langkan Says:

    Someone mentioned snuggery before alumni club. Not sure about that. I remember eating peanuts with the kids and dropping shells on floor but didnt think it was snuggery. Anyone confirm?

  45. Nancy M Says:

    The Snuggery at Busse Rd and Algonquin, Mount Prospect. my husband and I had many dates there in the early 80’s. we often sat at the bar (one of them) in front of the fish tank.

  46. Cyberhymie Says:

    Someone mentioned the Poderosa. Does anyone know where it was?

    • jrozek Says:

      There were actually two Ponderosas in Schaumburg. One was at 1823 W. Wise Road, near the intersection of Irving Park and Wise, just east of the former K-Mart location on Irving Park.

      The other location was on the north side of W. Golf Road across from Schaumburg State Bank which was in Golf Point Plaza at Valley Lake Drive.

      Hopefully, this helps?

      Jane Rozek
      Local History Librarian

  47. Lisa Morris Says:

    Anyone remember if there was an ice cream shop on the corner of Roselle and Weathersfield Way in Schaumburg? I think it was next to American Heritage Bank in the shopping center with Sun Drugs in the mid 1970’s.

    • jrozek Says:

      It wouldn’t be Pinocchio’s, would it?

      Jane Rozek
      Local History Librarian
      Schaumburg Township District Library

    • Nikki Says:

      It was a Baskin Robbins if I’m thinking the right location. My cousin used to live in the Quad’s right by there (in the 70’s), when we were kids. Thats my favorite ice cream place & I now live in SC where there are NO 31 flavors to speak of 😦

      • Nikki Says:

        My Bad, I just looked at a map & I did have your location wrong. Something just rang a bell when you mentioned the drug store. I think there was a Baskin Robbins at Schaumburg & Carver. I’m guessing now, as I was from Streamwood and only like six-nine yrs old when my cousin lived over there. Also, I haven’t lived in Ill for over 20 yrs. OH, HOW I MISS THE FOOD!!!
        *The Full House~I do remember having the best cream of broccoli soup 😦
        *I also remember a place called 6 (six) Flags, in the Tradewinds shopping center that I really liked when I was a kid.

  48. martha Says:

    Pinocchio’s used to be my favorite place. (mid to late 70’s) All the servers were boys… college kids I think and there was a beautiful stained glass pinocchio in the front of the place. I just can’t remember where it was! They served burgers and sandwiches… maybe dinner selections – not greasy at all as they had no fryer. Anybody remember the location? My husband thought maybe part of the Reed Opera House but I’m not sure he ever ate there.

    • jrozek Says:

      There was a place called Pinocchio’s Pizza and Pub in Glenview on Milwaukee Avenue. Maybe that was it?

      Jane Rozek
      Local History Librarian

  49. Cooki Turner Says:

    No one mentions the original Airport Lounge & Restaurant at the Schaumburg Airport. A very popular place in the1970’s. They served the best barbecue baby back ribs in the entire area. It was run by Raymond & Carole Vaccaro.

    • jrozek Says:

      Hello Cooki,

      Thank you for that tidbit. I was unaware there was a restaurant at the airport before Pilot Pete’s. Doing just a little bit of online research, I did see a couple of “Daily Herald” articles that mentioned the restaurant and the fact that Mr. Vacarro also purchased the VIP Lounge in Wiseway Plaza at Wise and Irving Park Road. Good information to know!

      Jane Rozek
      Local History Librarian
      Schaumburg Township District Library

  50. Anthony Martini Says:

    Jake’s Pizza

  51. Glenn S. Says:

    Ok, I’ll throw in my 2 cents worth here to keep it rolliing. Growing up in Hanover Park since 1965 there were tons of changes.In 1973 4 5 0r 1976 Hanover Park made it into the guiness book of records for most fast food places within an small deemed area.per capita.. lol.
    BTW hi Tony and Paul.

    Sambos restaurant on Cumberland Drive and Irving Park Rd.
    The Embers Restaurant on Lake St where Cadillac Ranch was and Moretti’s Ristorante & Pizzeria is currently.
    Jack in the Box on the West side of Barrington Rd and North of Irving Pk Rd.
    Arthur Treachers Fish and Chips on Irving Pk. Rd. near Tradewinds shopping Center.
    Corky’s Restaurant in Tradewinds Shopping Center between Walgreens and Dominicks
    Winchells donuts across from jack in the box on Barrington Rd.
    Naugles had a restaurant on Irving Pk Rd
    Ponderosa in the Irving pk rd and wise Rd
    Chicken Unlimited ( yum ) west of Barrington Rd on Irving Pk rd
    And,,,,,,, across the street on Irving Pk Rd., THE GREAT TRI – VILLAGE RESTAURANT run by Tony and Lou and their awesome family.
    Steak and Shake was next to Tradewinds in the latter 70’s then disappeared….. then 20 or 25 years later reappeared and in their same building… lol
    And since im on a 70’s tangent flashback
    Zayre had their gas station along barrington rd.
    A&P Supermarket, Woolco Dept.store and trak Auto on Irving park Rd at Wise Rd.
    K mart stood behind where long john Silvers currently is at on Irving pk rd and wise rd.
    Pick n pay drug store on Barrington rd just before lake st.
    Eagle grocery store Irving and Barrington rd.
    Kohl’s grocery store Irving and Barrington rd
    It was amazing to see that entire area go from farms to what it is today and a wonderful place to grow up then thanks to all the people i knew for making it fun!!!

    Ok I’m done.

    • Anthony M. Says:

      Btw-The White Castle was replaced at some point ( late 70’s or early 80’s) by its east coast copy cat …. White Tower and don’t forget Kane Beverage .

      • Glenn S. Says:

        Martini !!! I know it’s you bro, hope life is treating you well. Used to hang together and worked at kohl’s with ya 🙂

      • Anthony M. Says:

        That’s me – Glenn ????? Last name may jog my old memory.

  52. bill Says:

    Restuarant on NE corner of Algonquin rd and meacham????

    • jrozek Says:

      Are you thinking of La Margarita?

      Jane Rozek
      Local History Librarian
      Schaumburg Township District Library

      • Cooki Turner Says:

        Name of the German Restaurant east side of Roselle Rd between Higgins & Golf but closer to Higgins. Around the corner from Jewel. Facing Roselle Rd. Great German food until the owner started cutting corners big time. They eventually closed because of this & the way the food tasted.

      • jrozek Says:

        Is it maybe Black Forest Restaurant at 1129 N. Roselle Road in Hoffman Estates?

        Jane Rozek
        Local History Librarian
        Schaumburg Township District Library

      • Cooki Turner Says:

        Yes that is the name. Living down here in Nogales, AZ area there are no foods like in the Schaumburg/HE area at all.

  53. John Hebda Says:

    Does anyone remember the name of a restaurant ( family type ) restaurant from 1978 which was located on Algonquin Road in Schaumburg, Illinois a little east of the Motorola Campus. If you are driving east on Algonquin Road it would have been on the left hand side of the road? It changed names since 1978 but the building is now torn down and the lot is now a vacant lot.

    Regards, John Hebda

  54. larry Rowan Says:

    May have been the Lancer….corner of Meacham and 62.

  55. John Hebda Says:

    It was further east on Algonquin. Same side of the street as Lancers but further east. Could it have been Kopper Kettle maybe? It was east of the Hot Dog stand. East of La Marguerita.

    John Hebda

  56. john Hebda Says:

    Thank you for helping me on this.

    I have a little more information on this long ago restaurant on Algonquin Road.

    I was mistaken on it’s location.

    It was between Lancer’s which was at 1450 East Algonquin Road and the old Frankly Yours West Hot Dog stand which is now closed at 1580 Algonquin Road.

    It appears a Wendy’s Restaurant is on the location of this old restaurant from 1978. The Wendy’s address today is 1530 East Algonquin Road.

    Thank you ever so much for your help in trying to research this for me.

  57. john Hebda Says:

    Could it have been Denny’s?

  58. Larry Rowan Says:

    Could have been a not so good place called Dakota’s

  59. Cindy Says:

    There was a place called “Thumpers” in the 1980s at that approx. location.

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