We drive on them every day but do you know who the main roads of Schaumburg Township are named for?  The photo to the left is a 1913 era depiction of the intersection of Schaumburg and Roselle Roads looking south down Roselle.

Here’s a list of some of the roads with an explanation of where the names come from!

Biesterfield Road:  This is misspelled and is named for Conrad Biesterfeld, a local farmer who was also Township Highway Commissioner.
Bode Road:  The Bode family operated a tavern in early Hanover Township.
Golf Road:  Named for the tiny village that lies between Glenview & Morton Grove.
Hassell Road:  Paul Hassell, a Chicago lawyer, was a gentleman farmer in the northwestern part of the township.
Higgins Road:  May have been named for F. Higgins who owned land along the road.
Irving Park Road:  Was a plank road at one time and is named for author, Washington Irving.
Jones Road:  Originally named Jahns Road for the Jahn family who lived along the road.  Jahns Road is mentioned in a 1956 precinct list of registered voters.  Some time after that an error or change was made in the name of the road and it was renamed Jones.
Meacham Road:  Brothers Lyman, Harvey, Daniel and Dr. Silas Meacham came from VT and settled near Medinah on the Cook/DuPage County line.
Nerge Road:  Frederick Nerge was a German landowner who insisted the township be named Schaumburg at an early government meeting.
Plum Grove Road:  The road led to Plum Grove, one of the original settlements of Palatine Township.
Rodenburg Road:  An area in Germany where a number of early township residents were from.
Rohlwing Road:  H. Rohlwing was a local farmer, businessman and former Highway Commissioner.
Roselle Road:  Roselle Hough who founded the village of Roselle.
Schaumburg Road:  The area in Germany where many of the early German residents were from.
Springinsguth Road:  The Springinsguth family had farms on both sides of Springinsguth Road.
Wise Road
:  Originally named  for the Wiese family who lived along the road.  During an improvement of the road, the original sign was taken down and upon completion of the work, the new sign was installed with the incorrect spelling.  It continues to go by the name Wise.

Take a look at some of the other older Schaumburg Township road names in Early Schaumburg Township Roadways on the Local History Digital Archive.  You will find it by browsing through the Documents portion of the Archive.

5 Responses to “WHO WAS MEACHAM ANYWAY?”

  1. P. Kennedy Says:

    This blog is very interesting! can’t wait to read more!

  2. M. Sculerati Says:

    This is great! Especially for lazy history lovers like myself! Thanks and I’ll look forward to more.

  3. Linda Engelking Says:

    We knew the Weise family very well and felt very sad they changed the name to Wise road.

  4. Duane S Says:

    I still remember when the intersection of Roselle Road and Higgins Road was a 2-way stop as each road was only 2 lanes wide. My mother got a warning once for a “rolling” stop on Roselle Road from a state trouper. Route 53 was only 2 lanes wide then and it had a warning sign which said “Dangerous Dip” which scared my 5-year-old brain.

  5. Duane S Says:

    Bode Road had a marked-off 1/4 mile length which was popular for drag racing in the 1960’s.

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